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Where is Heaven?

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Where is Heaven now?
Now that Hell is here?
The angels take a bow,
The demons, we must fear.

Now Hell has frozen over,
And Heaven’s simply bored,
The demon’s pick the clovers,
The sharpest possible claws.

They sniff at all the flowers,
Which then wilt away,
The angels start to cower,
The demons watch with dismay.

The sun sets on the colder world,
A job done by Hell,
And Heaven’s in a corner curled,
Their hearts beating in a swell.

What do demons truly see?
A world that they could own?
And anything I thought could be,
But Heaven’s not at home.

So where, then, is this force?
When Hell isn’t done,
When we scream with voices hoarse,
Whilst Hell has its fun?

The Grievances of Earth

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Sometimes I think of dying,
Of how awful it must be,
But then I think of the world’s sorrows
That I no longer wish to see.

The sadnesses of murder
Of rape, abuse and more,
The hunger in a child’s eyes,
The grieving of the poor

I see darkness and death,
And evils clear as day’s light,
I see hatred and disgust,
Not much worth the fight.

I think of depression,
That deep, dark cave,
A loneliness from which,
No one can be saved.

I think of tears cried on dead men’s graves,
Soldiers in a war,
The cold hard eyes of battle,
Those who lie on death’s door.

Violence unlike any other,
Killed because religion, race,
Beliefs, and colour,
People who won’t look past a face.

I think of all these terrible things,
The events that fall,
And then I think that dying,
Might not be so bad after all.

Beasts Called Humans

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Murderous, destructive, terrible things,
What a pity angels lost their wings,
To demons, beasts as I recall,
From heaven, so empty made them fall.

They killed and plummeted into life,
And took it all without the knife,
They created wars among the past,
And into Hell the rest were cast.

So full of hatred and covered in spite,
So deadly, and kill they might,
The destroy the angels in this world,
Among all deadly sinners were hurled.

They do not die, they just keep coming,
Without number, no need for running,
They take their prey and claim yet another life,
These beasts are such a terrible strife.

But worst of all, I really must say,
Is that with each passing day,
I wouldn’t care if I turned to sand,
As I’m one of these beasts called humans.

The World’s a Dark and Cold Place

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The dreams no longer die in time,
It doesn’t even matter why,
The memories I had replaced,
With new, less important ones,
Died on the next day.

And I didn’t know, why it wasn’t so,
Why nothing turned out right,
I don’t understand anything anymore,
The world has changed too much.

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been through,
The people come and go,
No one cares, anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.

Who could’ve predicted,
This would happen to us?
And who could see,
The future so dark?

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been though,
The people come and go,
No one cares anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.


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Destroy me,
Kill me,
Everything I’m made of,
See how I care.

Burn down my house,
My family,
Destroy what makes me human,
I don’t care,
I lost that long ago.

Hurt me,
I want to feel pain,
To feel something,
Because I know that I just,
Don’t, anymore.

I want to die,
To end a pain,
That I feel so much,
I feel it no longer.

I am cowardly though,
I cannot end it,
My courage escapes me,
When I take the blade.

I cannot say goodbye,
I will never leave,
Stuck in a world,
In a body I hate.

When the world comes crashing down

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The cold penetrated my skin, freezing me right to the bone.  I wished it would stop.  I wished it would just go away.  I knew that it wouldn’t though.  It wasn’t possible.  There was no one left for me.  Everyone had left me, to freeze in this dark, place.  One by one, they all deserted me, like I was never a big part of their lives.  Maybe I wasn’t.  I will die soon, in this dark cold room, but it won’t be soon enough.  My organs will slowly freeze, and shut down, and then I will die, slowly and painfully.  I’ve only been in here for a few moments, but it is enough for me to wish that I had been smarter about everything.  If only…. what if…. those words had been thought so much that they were meaningless.  Everything began to lose it’s meaning.  I wished that they had chosen a different death for me – maybe burning would have been better.  It would have been faster than this pain.  I think a few hours passed, and that’s when I collapsed on the ground, shivering but still alive.  They always said that everyone needs friends.  “Where are they now?”  I muttered to the cold darkness, through my chattering teeth.  I might just have gone insane in that cold metal box.  It was hard to tell.  All that thinking, all that pondering and mulling over the past, maybe I did.  A few more hours passed, and I could feel my body shutting down, like a malfunctioning computer.  I hoped it was the end.  Then someone or something opened a door somewhere inside there, and white light spilled through the crack.  I’m dying, I thought, I’m finally dead!  Relief poured through my body warming it, and cracking the ice.  I was free from this world.

I woke up on a bed, it must have been days later.  The room was simple; white, clean, and not much decoration.  I didn’t know what to make of it.  I was angry, and regretful, that I wasn’t dead.  I was angry that someone had saved me, when I was so desperately close to the end.  Only fate would have it that way.  The only question was, who had saved me?  “I did,” whispered a voice, from the door.  I turned hastily, I recognised that voice.  It was the voice of my sister, the first one to abandon me, the one who led all the others to hate me.  “But why?”  I asked, sure that it was some mistake.  “Because you’re my sister, and sisters love each other.”  I cried, and ran to her, and she hugged me, and gently rocked me back and forth, whispering, “It’s OK, it’ll all be OK,” just like she used to.  Before the world came crashing down on me.

In the Darkness of Your Soul

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Layla couldn’t run anymore.  She had surpassed her limits.  She needed to stop, or she was going to kill herself.  But she couldn’t stop.  She had to escape from her demons.  You see, Layla lived in a world full of demons, the things that are born from the darkness in one’s heart.  These demons prey on the heart that they were created by, and never leave it alone.  Someone save me from myself, she mouthed, ever so softly.  She closed her eyes and hoped that she was dreaming, but when she opened them again, she clearly saw that she was not.  Demons were such ugly creatures, with awful, distorted bodies and faces.  The longer you look at them, the uglier they appear.  Layla supposed that this is because they are the ugliness in everyone’s soul.  Layla began to wonder what would happen if someone were to kill their demons.  Would they forever be at peace with themselves, or would new demons just constantly form out of the collective darkness of their heart?  Layla tried to push those thoughts out of her head, though.  It would be less likely than a hamster growing wings and flying.  As far as she knew, no one had ever been able to kill their demons.  “Or maybe, they were just too afraid to,” whispers the shadows. Layla was terrified, but all she could do was blink back her tears and keep on running, in hopes that maybe someday she could outrun the demons of her heart.  “Keep on running little girl, but you can’t run from yourself.”  As hard as Layla tried to deny it, she couldn’t.  The demon was right.  She can’t run from herself.  That’s when she turned around and opened her arms, in a gesture of kindness and love.  The demons, startled, ran right into her outstretched arms, and disappeared in a column of light.  As all the darkness in her soul disappeared, she felt it replaced by a warm flood of love and happiness.  Her demons were gone.

Dear that Person I met Today

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Dear That Person I met Today,

Is this a dream when you look at me, right into my eyes?  Like I’m not invisible?  Like I do exist?  It must be.  It can’t be anything but a dream, for those who see me must already be dead.  Are you dead?  Are you lonely?  I’m not.  I get to see people a lot.  But being dead isn’t easy, is it?  It’s not fun at all, especially when you talk to someone who can’t talk back.  I sometimes feel like I’m talking to walls.  Do you ever feel like that?  I suppose I do get lonely sometimes, but don’t we all?  Don’t we all feel so lonely, like we are not supposed to be here?  I guess the main difference is, I’m not.  I shouldn’t exist.  Some stupid person dreamed me up and now I’m stuck here forever in this world.  Maybe that person was you.  Was it?  Or don’t you know?  I have so many more questions, but somehow I know I cannot ask them, for you cannot answer, so, I suppose this is my goodbye to you.  This is my way of getting closure on this world, saying farewell.

So, farewell, I guess.

From, Me.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandi.


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I feel like I’m ever falling, falling, falling,

Body can’t keep up with mind,

And my spirit it comes calling, calling, calling,

For a hope I’m left to find.

These tears that I’ve been crying, crying, crying,

They only slow me down,

Inside I think I’m sighing, sighing, sighing,

Yet my mouth makes not a sound.

A tear escapes its prison, prison, prison,

A very dry and desperate eye,

I am no longer a person, person, person,

Some say I should just die.

But determination takes over, over, over,

And I know I can’t give up,

Knowing I will never have a lover, lover lover,

Nor a hater that will sup.

I scream a little louder, louder, louder,

Hoping somebody will hear,

But all is just a doubter, doubter, doubter,

No one’s ears will my screams pierce.

I think that now the end’s here, end’s here, end’s here,

My life has stretched too far,

 No darkness there is left to fear, to fear, to fear,

Now I am just a scar.

Goodbye, the world I dreamed in, dreamed in, dreamed in,

Such a long, long time ago,

This dark world I screamed in, screamed in, screamed in,

Now I’m just a silent echo.