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Words In Sand

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Words written in sand,
Never fade,
They float to people’s hearts,
Carried by the winds and the oceans.
Words written on stone,
While away with time,
The oceans wearing the tired rock,
Into something small and meaningless.
But words written on paper,
Fade slowly and beautifully,
Unashamed of their short lifespan,
Their meaning burnt into our hearts.

These words

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These words, I think,
Are the reason,
That I know,
How sad I truly am.
These words are the proof,
That I’m more alone
Than ever.

The Dream

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One day

I had a dream

of beauty

And sadness

Of hope

and of love.

One day

I had a dream

of reminders

of the past.

Twas a dream of a dream

not much more,

won’t add to much

only actions

Only words.

Words that will destroy

so many ugly things

bring hope






This dream is

what I am

Who I am

and what I will



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The words that stain my consciousness,
Are more than I can stand.
They drain me out like all the rest,
I sink into the deep quicksand.

They drag me down,
And tear me up,
And beat me round,
And round so rough.

The words take all that I can be,
I don’t understand how or why,
They mask my eyes, I cannot see,
Why they say to die.

They bring their guns,
To sword fights,
I’m told to run,
And run I might.

The words make me move,
Make me run faster than I know,
Always running, that’s all I do,
But they rise up again like snow.

Running won’t do much to help,
The sorrowfulness inside,
It won’t cure the empty yelp,
That comes from in my mind.

Words of Hope

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Words of hope, whispered to the heart,

These words make for beautiful art,

You cannot see them, but they are there,

Whispered silently to those who really care.

They make me smile when nothing is right,

They give me hope with all nature’s plight,

What is the magic of these beautiful words,

The way they soar through my heart like birds?

I listen to them quietly, they are music in my ears,

I whisper them so softly, so nobody hears,

If you listen even harder, to what I have to say,

You’ll hear those words, more and more with each passing day.

So pay more attention to these words I may mutter,

And ask yourself if you listened to a single word I uttered.

My Words will only Be Blown Away

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Blown away by the breeze,

Just words,

Sweet words,

Lovely words.

Carried away on cold shoulders,

No words,

Sad words,

Silent words.

Taken away by tears,

Choked words,

Lost words,

Dying words.

Destroyed by one’s own loneliness,

Screamed words,

Cried words,

Dangerous words.

Lost in an abyss of wonder,

Lied words,

Sighed words,

Thoughtless words.

Ruined by death’s last wish,

Dead words,

Dull words,

Scary words.

Attacked by anger’s first touch,

Scarred words,

Marred words,

Wasted words.

But these words,

Last words,

Daring words,

Will only be blown away.

Love is Poison

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Words are poison;

Seeping through our souls,

Blinding us,

Binding us.

Hate is poison,

Reaping what good is left,

Seeking us,

Finding us.

Beauty is poison,

Blinding and deafening with it’s innocence,

Leaving us,

Ageing us.

Sadness is poison,

Filling our heads with dark clouds,

Destroying us,

Killing us.

Kindness is poison,

Always winning our affections,

Twisting us,

Pushing us.

 Love is poison,

Destroying all in it’s path,

Winning us,

Hurting us.

The Dream that Lost

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I dream of times that don’t exist,

I think there’s something reality missed,

Dark words muttered into my mind’s core,

Until my dreams shout, “NO MORE!”

Evil does not listen to dreams,

But I don’t know; that’s just what it seems,

When words weigh down more heavily,

Dreams feel so silly.

Only a dream so desperate,

Would dream a reality so desolate,

It tried as hard as it dared, no matter the cost,

But sadly, that was the dream that lost.

Dreams never win, evil prevails,

While evil sings darkly, dreams sadly quail,

An evil as dark as time itself,

Will always defeat dreams in all their wealth.

I feel a darkness heavier than most,

An abyss, a large coast,

An evil covered in the coldest frost,

The evilest evil was the dream that lost.

I Miss These Words

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I miss those beautiful words,
The core of my heart,
The innermost part of my feelings,
The memory of something greater.

I miss those tragic words,
That speak of tragedy and death,
Of smiles that have gone,
And friends that were lost.

I miss those spiteful words,
That colour my soul,
As black as hatred and betrayal,
The kind that was once a good friend.

I miss those promised words,
Ones whispered in the dead of night,
Resolutions never to be kept,
But to be dwelled on.

I miss these memories of words,
Of a longing that I have forgotten,
Full of tears for what I have lost,
And never obtained again.

English is a Funny Language

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English is very funny, see,

Where B can be a little bee,

Where two means to or too means two,

And do can mean “how do you do?”

A bruise could look black and blue,

And a shoe is the same as shoo.

To fly is fast, like the little bug,

And ‘like a bug in a rug’ can mean snug.

A deer is often very dear,

See what I mean about English, dear?