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Satomi closed her eyes, and wished with all her tiny heart, wished with everything she had, on a single star.  It wasn’t a particularly bright star, nor was it specifically memorable to many, but it was her star.  “Please, oh please, Akari.  Please let me be happy tomorrow,” she would wish.  Akari stayed there, night after night, and was her only friend.  Even when everyone else thought she was weird, she still had Akari, the beautiful, small star.  She thought of the meaning of the name that the owner of the orphanage gave her when she arrived on that cold stormy night – wise beauty.  It only partly suits her, she thinks.  She remembers from when she was very little, littler than she is now, how the women would always say, “Oh look at little Satomi, such a sombre child.  She doesn’t complain.  How her name suits her.”  Every time Satomi heard that she went off and cried, because she knew she wasn’t like all the other girls.  All the other girls laugh and play together.  They all get excited when the charity truck comes, and they all choose out new dolls.  All the other girls fight about little things like which doll is the best, but Satomi just sits in the corner and watches, her serious eyes blank and expressionless.  Satomi knows there is something wrong about her, but she doesn’t know why.  As she wishes so desperately on Akari, she is interrupted by Risa, one of the girls who shared a room with her.  “What are you doing?”  she asks, her eyes narrowing in suspicion.  Satomi doesn’t answer.  She just looks out the window, and silently prays to Akari.  “I said, what are you doing?”  She demands, louder this time.  Satomi looks at her, and says one word, “Prayer.”  Outraged, Risa grabs Satomi by the collar and shouts, “What the hell is wrong with you?  Why do you never talk?  You’re such a freak!  You must be some sort of demon!”  Satomi doesn’t react.  She doesn’t even cry.  Shocked at what she had just done, Risa lets go and Satomi falls to the floor.  “I- I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean-”  “I forgive you,” interrupts Satomi.  She looked out the window at Akari and whispered, “Tonight, Akari, I hope that I can join you, up there in the sky so full of stars.  I hope I can shine for others, the way you did for me.”  As she jumped from the window, and into the starry sky, her last words are uttered, barely loud enough to hear. Risa stares after her and cries, as Satomi’s last words echo in her mind: “Thank you for giving me enough courage to end this.”

She Can’t Stop Pretending

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I smile the day away,
Crying myself to sleep,
When really I just need a way,
For a sleep so deep.

I’m wishing for something,
Some help, maybe,
My heart no longer sings,
I can no longer see,

Why I’m important at all,
Why I matter,
Why I can’t just be small,
Why, just why – which is really sadder?

I have an empty patch,
Right where my heart should be,
And an empty mind to match,
That monster is killing me.

I harm myself on the outside,
Even though I know,
The monster’s on the inside,
It’s heart as cold as snow.

I think I need some help right now,
Something I cannot ask from me,
I do not quite know how,
To keep you from saving me.

I don’t deserved to be saved, I don’t,
But you don’t realise that, do you?
If you want me to thank you, I won’t,
And I’ll never understand you.

I cannot stop hating me,
No matter how I try,
There’s nothing I would give to be,
Someone who never cries.

My Wish for You

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I wish for you always,
Smiles instead of tears,
For the rest of your days,
And all through these years.

I wish for you, warm hugs,
When nothing is right,
And when you feel like pulling the plug,
When times turn darker than night,

And happiness to be,
The wind behind your back,
No sadness left to see,
No tears left on the track,

I wish for you some sunshine,
On the darkest of your days,
And for sight when you are blind,
To see the sun’s beautiful rays.

I wish for laughter and mirth,
To forever be your friends,
And whenever you feel hurt,
They’ll pick you up again.

I wish for a sort of happiness,
Now and forever,
If you had that you would be blessed,
And that is my endeavour.

I cannot

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I cannot promise,

You a thing,

I cannot hope,

For more to bring.

I cannot dream,

Up anything,

I cannot wish,

For a single thing.

I cannot see,

For I am blind,

I am not me,

Or so you’ll find.

I know that this,

Might sound so shallow,

I think that this,

Means more seeds to be sown.

Is this a Dream?

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Am I dreaming if I think of something way too much,

And don’t concentrate on other things as such?

Is it counted when I wish for something that never comes,

Or when I think my luck is so strong that it thrums?

I don’t know if it is wishful thinking when I hope for another thing,

And is it that bad, when only smiles it can bring?

Will I be hurt when everything comes to an end,

This dreaming, that only time can rend?

Will I wish that I had wished for so much more,

Or will I just wonder what good dreaming is for?

Will all my dreams come true if I hope enough,

And will everything work out if I wish on stars and stuff?

I don’t know if I can do,

This and hope enough for two,

And have plenty of smiles put out on show,

I guess I’ll just have to hope more than you could know.

The Day You Got Away

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My pain is stronger than you killed.  Than that terrible day.  I know now that you didn’t mean to hurt me, but it still hurts worse than anything else I’ve ever felt.  You escaped from me, and left me here, alone and seething.  Terrible thoughts flashed through my devastated mind, but even then I knew it wasn’t your fault.  I scolded myself for what could only be my fault, but that just made the pain worse.  I think that this pain will always be here, but it won’t be so terrible later in the empty shell that was my life.  I can’t sleep, for every time I try, the loneliness of my mind is ravaged by dreams of you, dreams so terrible that I can’t even explain them.  Every night in bed, I think of you, of the day you disappeared from my life, and I cry myself to sleep, only to wake up five minutes later, screaming.  Sometimes I really wish you would come back.  I tried writing a letter to you, but no words came out of my pen.  Eventually, I gave up, realising that you would never come back, that’s why you left me.  I can’t remember anymore, anything of that sorrowful day.  Of the day you got away.