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The Grievances of Earth

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Sometimes I think of dying,
Of how awful it must be,
But then I think of the world’s sorrows
That I no longer wish to see.

The sadnesses of murder
Of rape, abuse and more,
The hunger in a child’s eyes,
The grieving of the poor

I see darkness and death,
And evils clear as day’s light,
I see hatred and disgust,
Not much worth the fight.

I think of depression,
That deep, dark cave,
A loneliness from which,
No one can be saved.

I think of tears cried on dead men’s graves,
Soldiers in a war,
The cold hard eyes of battle,
Those who lie on death’s door.

Violence unlike any other,
Killed because religion, race,
Beliefs, and colour,
People who won’t look past a face.

I think of all these terrible things,
The events that fall,
And then I think that dying,
Might not be so bad after all.


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I believe this sadness,
Has taken over me,
It’s some sort of badness,
And it’s killing me.

I believe it when it tells me,
I have to just give up,
I find I can no longer see,
Beauty beneath messed up.

It’s harder every day,
How do I even wake?
I can’t keep this darkness at bay,
Not even for others’ sake.

They smile stays on,
A glue so thick,
The tears upon,
A candle’s wick.

Hard to control it,
This sad fate,
This war can’t be won with wits,
Not when I’m the bait.

A Trail of War

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Soldiers marched along the trail,

Feeling tireder by the minute,

They all looked a little pale,

Their pain infinite.

Soldiers marched never ending,

A war to go on forever,

Enemies never rending,

A war to stop, never.

A trail of war, a deadly place,

Soldiers’ faces white,

Not a race,

Oh, what a sight!

Everyone wants a piece,

Of the dying soldiers’ screams,

No one forgot at least,

Their sad lost dreams.

Lest we forget, you may say,

But that wasn’t entirely true,

For nobody forgot the day,

That soldiers marched with rue.


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A war is all around us,

A wall, that surrounds us,

I know that we must,

Try not to fuss,

For in this war around me,

An angry beast they feed,

I hurt and wish for it to stop,

But no-one in this war ends on top.

My pain is more, my sorrow worse,

Deepening in this horrible curse.

They’re everywhere, I tried to plead,

With this horrible war engulfing me.