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“Fly Wind, fly!  You’re free now!  Fly to the edge of the earth and back, and tell me of your amazing adventures.”  whispered the little girl to her Giant Sky Eagle.  Nearly everyone in Wind Valley had one, mostly for transport or for a pet.  Wind didn’t budge.  The little girl could tell he wouldn’t go anywhere without her, so she said, “It’d just be for a little while.  You could come back for me.”  she told him soothingly.  “GO!” she shouted when that didn’t work, tears springing to her eyes as she watched her friend fly away.  “I’ll see you when you come back for me,” she whispered loudly, “When you come to take me to a better place than here.”  The little girl stayed on the ledge until Wind disappeared from her sight.  She shouted some parting words to her swiftly departing bird, “Remember me.”


Years had passed before she saw Wind again.  The girl was now fifteen.  It was a clear day above Wind Valley, but not underneath.  Underneath Wind Valley, fluffy white clouds floated harmlessly from place to place as Wind Valley stayed in it’s place in the sky.  No one walked the earth below anymore, as the air was too toxic.  The air up in Wind Valley was beautiful, and not polluted, as there were no factories or cars.  The girl was standing on the same cliff that she had ten years ago, when she had released Wind.  She closed her eyes, letting a westerly breeze blow through her hair, filling her nostrils with the sweet scent of flowers.  The girl had come here every day since then, hoping Wind would come back and take her somewhere else, on an adventure.  She hated Wind Valley, as beautiful as it was.  She was to rule as queen when she turned sixteen, but she was afraid of ruling.  She was never able to do all of the fun things that other teenagers were.  Wind, in other words, was her only way to escape that bleak life, and that dark future.  The girl figured that if she could escape, then no one would be able to tell her to be a queen anywhere.   The girl looked down, watching the clouds drift.  Somewhere above the clouds, she saw a blue shape shifting.  She squinted, trying to make out what it was.  It was coming towards her at an alarming rate.  She blinked, unable to believe what she was seeing.  Wind had come back to her!  As it plunged into her, she could have sworn it squawked her name.  KAIRI!

Lost in the Road

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I cycled round and round and round,

I pedalled faster, homeward bound,

I tried to find my way back home,

But unsuccessful, unlike some.

Some people have it easy,

Never feel queasy,

‘Bout being lost,

No matter the cost.

And as I rode and rode and rode,

I thought about how I’d been lost in the road.

Live Again

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I listen unfeeling,

to the tree bark un-peeling,

My mind is reeling,

I’m tired of dealing,

My body is keeling,

From the rough sealing,

Of my coffin feeling.

I breathe in the scent of trees,

The world is all I see,

There’s nowhere else to be,

I feel ever-so-free,

To be me,

Is my final decree.


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Hello, my name is Carli. I live in a small country town called Iril, possibly the smallest in all of Charrei, the cruel, beautiful country I live in. I have brown shoulder length hair, which covers my left eye, light skin, and iridescent blue eyes. I didn’t ask for my life to be like this, I didn’t ask for any of this confusion. I always knew I was different. At school I was always ignored, because I wasn’t meant to be born, and then I met Blaire. She didn’t care that I wasn’t supposed to exist. But then we were separated.

Okay, so I guess I should start at the beginning. My father was a disgusting monster. I was the result of a rape. I was an only child (well, I guess there was my brother, but he died at birth), and a couple of years later, my father was jailed because of his deed. That’s why I wasn’t meant to be born. When I was seven, my mother was forced to disown me. I didn’t understand why, but later I realized that I was unwanted. The kids at the orphanage often teased me, and I was in a dormitory all alone. I spent a year there, and that woman adopted me. I never speak her name, because I’ve always been afraid of her. She adopted me saying, “Sad that it should end this way, yet completely fitting.” I never knew what she meant, and I hoped I never would.

I think my life has always been hopeless. The woman who made my life miserable always treated me as if I wasn’t important.

I always thought that were true, until I went to Iril Primary, when I was ten. That exact day, I met Blaire. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She made me feel wanted, needed. I suppose that woman just enjoyed seeing me miserable. I suppose she thought it was funny, because as soon as she heard about my new friend, she decided to send me far away, to Glen to study there. I was heart-broken. By that time, I had completely forgotten to think about what had become of my mother. To be honest, I didn’t really care. She disowned me, made me suffer. Because of her, I met that woman.

It was horrible in Glen. No-one acknowledged my existence. I was only noticed when Natalia, the most popular girl there, decided to pick on me. It was horrible, with her taunting me about not mattering, and wishing that I dropped dead. Every night in my dorm room, I cried myself to sleep. Even though the school was full of people, I felt so alone, as if the school had been abandoned for a hundred years.

As the days gradually became longer, I dreamed of escape more and more. Then, one night, I had the most peculiar dream. It was about a girl called Kalyx. It told me she was in the Cara Desert, and she needed help. Unfortunately, I had to endure one more day of torture. Naturally, it had to be the worst so far. Eventually, night fell, and I began to make my escape.

Luckily, there weren’t any guards posted at night, although the government had pleaded, the school principal was just too stubborn. Even so, I decided to go out the back way. It was easier, plus it was closer to the Cara Desert. Before I got out of school grounds, I sneaked into the kitchen and stole a bottle of water, bread, cheese, and an apple. I escaped the school easily, but I hid in every shadow, and crept into every crevice. Soon, all I saw was golden sand. I was finally in the Cara desert.

As soon as I got there, the voice I heard in my dream, told me where I’d find Kalyx, as if the desert was some sort of trigger. I journeyed on for hours, but I eventually had to stop to rest. I sat down on a rock, drank some water and ate the bread and cheese. I was glad that I thought to steal food and water from the kitchen. I stopped for a while, but I finally stood up and started walking again. By mid-morning, I discovered two figures in the distance. At first, I thought they were a mirage. Even though I thought it was a mirage, I ran closer.

I saw as I moved closer, that it wasn’t a mirage, as it wasn’t disappearing. Eventually, I saw that the girl on the right looked exactly as the dream described her, (it MUST be Kalyx) and the girl on the left was… Blaire?

I felt like running up and hugging her. Instead, I said, “Hey Blaire, I didn’t expect to see you here!” “Carli!” she exclaimed to Kalyx’s clear astonishment. “What brought you here?” “I dreamt of her, Kalyx? A voice told me that she needed help, and it also told me she was here. But I didn’t know you were helping her Blaire.” I replied. It turned out that Kalyx was on a journey to save Charrei. It was a good thing too. The place was literally in ruins. That day, we walked in silence, until I couldn’t stand to keep the secret of my life from her anymore. I told her everything up to that day. Soon, night fell.

I was in charge of lighting the fire, while Blaire and Kalyx shared out the food I had brought. The fire was burning when I saw it. A blood viper. It’s the deadliest type of snake in all of Charrei. Kalyx and Blaire were completely unaware of the danger. I had to get that viper away from them. Not knowing that blood vipers hate to be poked, I foolishly poked it with a nearby stick. Of course, it attacked, and I fought valiantly to try and save my friends. By that time, Kalyx and Blaire had seen the viper and started screaming. Their screaming surprised me so much, I turned to look at them. The snake cleverly chose that moment to attack. It bit into my ankle, and I fell to the ground, wailing with pain. I heard Blaire say, “That’s a blood viper! It’s the deadliest snake in all of Charrei! Carli’s going to die!” I suddenly understood what that woman meant, and my last words were, “Sad that it should end this way, yet completely fitting.” I saw my brother, except, a twelve year old version of him. He held out his hand and I took it.

Daddy’s Special Day

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Dear Daddy,

Happy 50th Birthday!  What’s it like in Florida?  I can’t wait to come see you there!  Mummy says I can come next holidays.

I’m doing great with school and I’m bursting to show you my excellent grades.  Mummy is really proud of me and I hope

you are too!

What next?  Kaylie struggled with letters to her Dad.  She had only met him once and that was when he came over for Christmas last year.  Kaylie had a small, impish face, with curly blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes to die for.  She was only in her second year of school, but she was excelling in all areas.  Kaylie thought as hard as she could, trying desperately to come up with another two sentences at least.

5o years is a long time to live.  Do you think I would live that long?  As I’m only seven, I have a long way to go!

Love Kaylie.

She finished in her messy scrawl and held up her letter proudly.  “Mummy!  Mummy!”  she shouted, running down the stairs to show her Mum the letter.  Kathryn Crispt was a beautiful woman, only thirty-five, with blonde curly hair and big blue eyes.  She laughed and her blonde curls bounced up and down.  “I finished the letter to Daddy!”  “Okay then, lets see it.”  said Kathryn, searching the bench for her reading glasses.  She quickly read it and passed it back to Kaylie.  “That’s excellent sweetie.  Now don’t forget to find an envelope to seal it with.”  Kathryn smiled.  Kaylie beamed proudly and bounced off to find an envelope.  When she did, she stuffed the letter into it and licked it to seal the envelope.  A few days later, a letter arrived from her Dad.  Kaylie could only read out loud, very slowly, but she always enjoyed reading letters from Daddy.

Dearest Kaylie,

Thank you for that beautiful letter.  Florida is amazing.  I’m right on the beachfront.  I can’t wait until you finally come.  

I’m proud to hear that your grades are good.  I think you will make it to 5o years.  I’m very proud of you.  I might be able

to make it this weekend, for my birthday.

Love Daddy.

Kaylie’s Dad was always travelling.  From Spain, to France, to Florida, he was never home.  It was news to Kaylie when she read the last sentence and she started squealing uncontrollably.  Her Mother came in to see what the fuss was about and Kaylie handed her the letter.  Kathryn scanned it and smiled, glad.  She missed Kaylies father Mitchel terribly.

At school, Kaylie couldn’t concentrate.  All she could think about was her Father’s visit.  When the last bell sounded finally, she grabbed her bag and rushed out.  She came home to find her Dad, as promised.  “Daddy!”  she squealed, hugging him tight.  She made her Daddy’s special day was even more special.

Last Night I Saw a Ghost

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Last night I saw a little ghost,

Boy, it looked so sad.

Sadder than most,

But it wasn’t bad.

I cried all night with the poltergeist,

And weeped with the spectre.

But now I look in hindsight,

And see the little trekker.

I’ll travel with him in my dreams tonight,

I thought, leaving a lecture,

About how to do what’s right,

When there’s a ghost tonight.

Elephant Feet

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Hello little elephant,

Stomping its massive feet,

Your eyes full of wisdom,

Your feet full of exhaustion.



Here you come,

Shaking the earth,

With tired feet.

Your skin  is weathered,

From time in the sun,

Only occasionally your feet will run,





Why do you seem so sad?

Your wise eyes remind us,

Of your strong elephant feet.