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The Sky

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As the moon rises in the obsidian sky,

I look to the heavens and start to cry,

Then the skies’ tears begin to fall,

As if it could possibly understand me at all.

The sky has nothing to cry for and yet,

That only causes it to continue to fret,

It doesn’t want to be lonely again,

But then, it doesn’t know who to call it’s real friend.

The sky is alone, it almost never smiles,

But when the blue comes, a sun so bright beguiles

us with it’s beautiful brilliance.

The sky is strong, there are many worlds it holds,

Worlds that scream in pain from the cold,

Worlds crying out to a man that’s not here,

Worlds that are crying with a single tear.

A Silent Cry for Help

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You cry,
When no one’s home,
With no one to hear you silent pleas,
Your tears fall,
Without any hope.
Your dreams are but simply that, dreams.
How don’t they see,
How can they not know how you suffer?
But you smile,
A pretense,
It doesn’t really exist,
But no one knows really cares.


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I believe this sadness,
Has taken over me,
It’s some sort of badness,
And it’s killing me.

I believe it when it tells me,
I have to just give up,
I find I can no longer see,
Beauty beneath messed up.

It’s harder every day,
How do I even wake?
I can’t keep this darkness at bay,
Not even for others’ sake.

They smile stays on,
A glue so thick,
The tears upon,
A candle’s wick.

Hard to control it,
This sad fate,
This war can’t be won with wits,
Not when I’m the bait.

Inner thoughts

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Somewhere in these dreams of mine,
There is a sort of deadly kind,
Of memories of past and time,
Where deathly smiles are free to shine.

There is a darkness in the air,
No one else seems to care,
Only I know exactly where,
The line between unjust and fair.

The tears cried for many more,
My heart aches, thoroughly sore,
I hate this to the very core,
I cry as I stare back at the closed door.

Not much left to think about,
When no one hears my lonely shouts,
I am left to my self-doubt,
Alone, and honestly wanting out.

The Skies’ Tears

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There are fears in me,
I cannot see,
I feel them though,
Heavier than a blow.

They come at night,
And blind my sight,
They take my feelings,
In a cruel dealing.

It captures my heart,
I can’t tear, nor part,
From this most awful spell,
On which I must dwell.

Forgive me my sorrows,
The sins of tomorrow,
I start again in pain,
Awaiting the cold of rain.

The skies pour down,
I am hell bound,
I try to scream,
But no one hears me.

And as I die,
In tears of sky,
I no longer care,
Just wish I weren’t there.

Soul-wrenching sadness

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It tears at my soul,
Yet still I want more,
This feeling, it’s strange,
I need it, somehow.

It whispers to me,
Quiet but sure,
Takes away what’s left of me,
In the hours of night.

It kills off the goodness,
Feeding the dark,
It’s trapped me forever,
In it’s glossy enfolds.

This feeling won’t end,
Now I need freedom,
I don’t think I’ll survive,
Through it’s awful sorrows.

The girl who wasn’t there

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She watches when nobody’s home,
She sees all, with a sad little stare,
She cannot help but feel alone,
That girl who wasn’t there.

You don’t listen to her cries,
You don’t really care,
She turns her face towards the skies,
That girl who wasn’t there.

Her tears fall scarlet down her face,
It’s all too much to bear,
Stains her dress made of lace,
The poor girl who wasn’t there.

She isn’t there again today,
So don’t try to stare,
She is gone; she couldn’t stay,
That girl who wasn’t there.

Little Girl, Why do you hate yourself?

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Little girl,

Why do you smile even though you’re crying?
And pretend you’re OK, when inside you are dying?
Why do you wish that you were something else?
Why do you always hide the pain you’ve felt?

Why do you laugh at things that hurt you inside?
Why do you cover all the tears you have cried?
Why do you hate yourself, and why cause yourself such harm?
Why do you always pretend to be so calm?

Don’t Judge Me

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Don’t judge me,

You can’t judge me,

Not unless you,

Have experienced my pain,

My hurt,

My tears,

Endured with fake smiles,

Pretended for others,

Killed yourself inside,

Destroyed your soul,

Thought about things,




Losing everything,



Revenge on yourself.

So stop judging,

Start seeing,


And not who you think I am.

Because until you,

Have seen through my eyes,

Have seen through my soul,

You’ll see why I die,


See that Girl?

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See that girl?

See how she smiles?

How she wastes,

Her time awhile?

See that girl?

The way she cries?

Of course you don’t,

That’s why she smiles.

See that girl?

Those little sighs?

Those things you wouldn’t,

Hear otherwise?

See that girl?

The way she suffers?

The one whose pillow,

With tears is smothered?

See that girl?

Do you really at all?

I don’t think so,

The way she’s sprawled.