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Here Comes the Sun

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Here comes the sun,
Razing down the sky,
Touching the Earth,
It’s hand now gentle.

Here comes the sun,
Peeking past mountains,
Through the tendrils of time,
And in branches of trees.

Here comes the sun,
Battling the moon,
For every glory,
That the Earth owns.

Here comes the sun,
the light on our faces,
The longest joy, and yet,
Our darkest heart.

Here comes the sun,
Blasting the heavens,
With golden strings of light,
As it blesses the dreamers.

Some Mornings

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There are mornings,
When everything’s quiet,
Silent, as blank as a new canvas,
And it is beautiful.
There are mornings,
When no one asks,
Why I’m crying,
No one questions,
The little comments,
I make to myself.
There are mornings,
When there is nothing at all,
But silence,
Painted in the lonely sky,
When the sun forgets to rise.

Darkness Be My Friend

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Darkness, lead me through the light,
Darkness, get me through the night,
Get me past all the lies,
Hug me when I never cry.

Give me hope when there is none,
Let me never see the sun,
Don’t let me die in this way,
Let me die another day.

Don’t go, darkness, don’t leave me here,
All alone my thoughts unclear,
Take me back to better days,
When I enjoyed all the sun’s rays.

Darkness, you’re my only friend,
My best one, you will never end,
You never completely disappear,
Darkness, take me away from here.

Heavens Above

Posted in Hopeful Poems, Nature Poems, Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , on October 23, 2013 by Myra's Circle

What happens to the sun,
When it falls every night?
Like an angel from Heaven,
When the moon takes flight?

What happens to the stars,
When the sun chases them away?
Where do they run to,
By night or by day?

What happens to the moon,
That sinks into sunrise?
Does it drown every morning,
┬áBefore God’s eyes?

The Skies’ Memories

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The sun shines down,
On this empty town,
It tries to escape,
A more brutal fate.

The skies are shrouded,
But not clouded,
They seem darker than dark,
And starker than stark.

I remember a time,
When skies shined,
That is no more,
And all skies pour.

The memories fall,
Down as the skies call,
To its friends,
Now and again.

The sun shines down,
On this town,
It remembers not,
The things it forgot.

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun, and YOU

Posted in Angry Poems, Hopeful Poems, Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , , , on May 18, 2013 by Myra's Circle

You look at the stars and wonder where the times went,
When love and happiness were no mere dissent,
When you were for once a glad soul,
And your sanity was no longer on hold.

You stare at the moon, at all of it’s holes,
And remember that that’s what makes it’s full soul,
That yours will soon, of all, be complete,
And then you’ll be going again with all the speed of fleet.

No more will the stars and the moon,
Have what you want, so near and so soon,
You, you shall be happy again,
And when you should be happy, my friend, that’s when,

The stars and the moon will lose their own glimmer,
The sun so bright, will forget how to shimmer,
And you will shine, as a light so bright,
And you might be happy again, oh how you might.

When Angels Die

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Darkness, darkness, darkness,
In my heart and in my mind,
Oh please let there be no more darkness,
For that’s when angels die.

When the sky of all is black as night,
I know it seems untrue,
I think you’ll find angels no longer fly,
And the only angel left is you.

But you are a dark sort of angel,
Darker than dark it may seem,
And when you think it’ll be okay,
The sky darkens every sunbeam.

Every light and all the sun,
Until all has become undone,
How will you survive this darkness?
To the light you can no longer come.

No more darkness at the end,
Please bring a bright blue sky,
And when there is no longer hope,
That’s when the angels die.