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Heavens Above

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What happens to the sun,
When it falls every night?
Like an angel from Heaven,
When the moon takes flight?

What happens to the stars,
When the sun chases them away?
Where do they run to,
By night or by day?

What happens to the moon,
That sinks into sunrise?
Does it drown every morning,
 Before God’s eyes?

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun, and YOU

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You look at the stars and wonder where the times went,
When love and happiness were no mere dissent,
When you were for once a glad soul,
And your sanity was no longer on hold.

You stare at the moon, at all of it’s holes,
And remember that that’s what makes it’s full soul,
That yours will soon, of all, be complete,
And then you’ll be going again with all the speed of fleet.

No more will the stars and the moon,
Have what you want, so near and so soon,
You, you shall be happy again,
And when you should be happy, my friend, that’s when,

The stars and the moon will lose their own glimmer,
The sun so bright, will forget how to shimmer,
And you will shine, as a light so bright,
And you might be happy again, oh how you might.


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The lights are too bright,

For me to see,

They blind my sight,

Show me what I believe.

The lights shine,

In my eyes,

I cannot feel fine,

When I only hear lies.

These words feel as if,

They are destroying my heart,

And is it a myth,

When my life just restarts?

Stars do not shine,

The lights are too many,

I know I shouldn’t whine,

It wouldn’t help any.

Is this a Dream?

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Am I dreaming if I think of something way too much,

And don’t concentrate on other things as such?

Is it counted when I wish for something that never comes,

Or when I think my luck is so strong that it thrums?

I don’t know if it is wishful thinking when I hope for another thing,

And is it that bad, when only smiles it can bring?

Will I be hurt when everything comes to an end,

This dreaming, that only time can rend?

Will I wish that I had wished for so much more,

Or will I just wonder what good dreaming is for?

Will all my dreams come true if I hope enough,

And will everything work out if I wish on stars and stuff?

I don’t know if I can do,

This and hope enough for two,

And have plenty of smiles put out on show,

I guess I’ll just have to hope more than you could know.

Painless Life

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You cannot let me die,

No, not from this sorrowful life,

Where ups and downs do play their part,

From my life you will never depart.

You cannot let me be,

Who YOU want to see,

When nothing here at all makes sense,

Sometimes you can be so dense.

You cannot let the pain,

Wash away foolishness with rain,

Mistakes so easy for you to make,

They put all of our lies at stake.

You cannot let me know why,

Why you had to lie,

‘Bout the painless way of life,

A day of sadness, sorrow and strife.

You cannot let the sun go down,

To give the earth a golden crown,

As it sets, another day,

On a bed of ashes I lay.

You cannot let your loneliness leave,

Though it’s more than I believe,

That this heart holds many, many scars,

As many as the distant scars.

If I Had a Final Wish

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Kel loved stars.  She found them so enchanting.  She could look up at the night sky and gaze at them for hours.  One night her papa asked her, “If you could only have one wish, what would it be?”  Kel gazed up at the sky and thought long and hard.  “If I had a final wish,” she began thoughtfully, “It would be to visit the stars.”  Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.  “Do you think I would be able to, Papa?”  she asked softly.  Her father smiled, and ruffled her hair affectionately.  “Of course.  You will be the first person to ever visit a star.”  Kel giggled.  To visit a star!  she thought, how wonderful!