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Do you see her?

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Have you ever seen her cry,
Her tears so fresh upon her face?
Have you seen the way she hides
In the smiles of her disgrace?
Have you seen her secret sorrows?
Or how she dreams of new tomorrows?
Do you see her at worst of times?
Her hopelessness when she needs you most,
Do you see the mountains she climbs,
The biggest secrets she kept so close?
Do you see when she’s all alone?
When smiles she can no longer condone?
Her silent struggles; her very worst sins,
Do you see when the demons win?
Do you see her, so fragile, so small?
Do you really see her?
Even a little bit?
Even at all?

The Darkness Here

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There’s darkness here,
It shines so bright,
So very near,
To Heaven’s light.

Darkness flows,
Into my soul,
The seeds it sows,
Are very cold.

I cannot breathe,
The darkness suffocates,
My soul just seethes,
For me it’s too late.

The darkness returns,
In a dark sort of way,
It starts to burn,
My smiles away.

See that Girl?

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See that girl?

See how she smiles?

How she wastes,

Her time awhile?

See that girl?

The way she cries?

Of course you don’t,

That’s why she smiles.

See that girl?

Those little sighs?

Those things you wouldn’t,

Hear otherwise?

See that girl?

The way she suffers?

The one whose pillow,

With tears is smothered?

See that girl?

Do you really at all?

I don’t think so,

The way she’s sprawled.


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Life is a wonder,

One to behold,

One that is better,

Than any tenfold.

A smile is a wonder,

Rarely ever seen,

For the truth of it is,

It hides the obsene.

A tear is a wonder,

But a sad a one at that,

If you ever see it,

Please, dare to look back!

A dream is a wonder,

Too great to see,

For the wonder it is,

The wonder to be.

And Death is a wonder,

It is one, you see,

No matter how sad,

This sombre decree.

Is this a Dream?

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Am I dreaming if I think of something way too much,

And don’t concentrate on other things as such?

Is it counted when I wish for something that never comes,

Or when I think my luck is so strong that it thrums?

I don’t know if it is wishful thinking when I hope for another thing,

And is it that bad, when only smiles it can bring?

Will I be hurt when everything comes to an end,

This dreaming, that only time can rend?

Will I wish that I had wished for so much more,

Or will I just wonder what good dreaming is for?

Will all my dreams come true if I hope enough,

And will everything work out if I wish on stars and stuff?

I don’t know if I can do,

This and hope enough for two,

And have plenty of smiles put out on show,

I guess I’ll just have to hope more than you could know.

Fear’s Next Meal

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Unshed tears sting my eyes,

My heart is dead, life full of sighs,

Sadness penetrates my soul,

Filling it with a sorrowful mould.

Evil fills the cold, dark earth,

Smiles that were once full of mirth,

Laugh back sadly for not the first time,

Feelings are a horrible crime.

I myself am not the same,

As the very day I came,

I know today is like no other,

Why else would I dare to bother?

Tears come swiftly, now I see,

The people held so dear to me,

I also know the danger’s real,

I could be fear’s next meal.

I Promise to Smile

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I promise to smile,

Even just for a little while,

I promise to laugh an awful lot,

And that my smiles will never rot,

In a cold dark prison oblivious to the stars,

Unable to slip through the bars.

I promise to never cry,

About a matter as trivial as a lie,

I promise to try to be myself,

And never hide up on a shelf,

Where I will never truly see,

A beauty quite as deep as thee.

I promise to sing quite a bit,

Even if I am a ditz,

I promise to never lie,

Never again, not even try,

To lie a lie to make you cry,

A lie so bad to make you die.

I promise I’ll be your very best friend,

Our friendship to be sowed, but not to rend,

It would be cruel, it would be dire,

Of me even to tire,

For your presence will never truly die,

Like a friendship so heavy as a sigh.

Try to Put on a Smile

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I hurt,


Try to paste on a smile.

I cry,

Feel disdainful,

Cannot paste on a smile.

I try,

Tears are a rainfall,

Smiles are impossible now.

I smile,


Now my smile is real.

Smiles are Painful

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I cry inside,

Smile cheerfully,



I feel betrayed,

Sob painfully,



I turn and scream,

“Why bother?”



I hope it’s not real,

But it is,


My Little Sanctuary

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If I could hide inside myself,

Each and every day,

If I could put you on a shelf,

All locked away,

If I could find a sanctuary,

As small as it may be,

If I could call it my own,

If I could never be alone

If I could be with you I’d just be glad.

For in this little sanctuary,

You and I will be together.

If we find this little sanctuary,

We’ll be safe from all bad weather.

So I offer this small prayer now,

In hope that it will be received,

With listening ears and happy smiles,

To offer me reprieve.