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Sologni; the Ice Forest

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There is a forest that now only lives in our hearts, but once, long ago, was real.  A forest full of ice, and snow, so cold it could freeze even the warmest of hearts.  A forest of one thousand trees, that had been frozen for a thousand years, called Sologni…

OK, lets just skip through the intro.  I think you get the point.  It’s a forest that’s been frozen solid for a long, long time.  I was walking through the iced forest when it all started.  You see, I was a lonely girl, with no one to understand me.  The forest was were I belonged, the one place that only I dared to go.  It belonged to no one, but when I would walk through the forest, I could forget all my troubles.  No, wait, I’m not making sense.  Lets start at the beginning.  My beginning.  My name is Natalia Rose, and according to my friends, I live the ‘perfect’ life.  Yeah right.  As if they’d know.  My parents hate me, and I’m an only child, so I don’t have brothers or sisters I can turn to.  My grades are horrible, and I never sleep, but at least I have a good public image…  but that’s not the point.  My life is probably the worst it can get around here.  And that’s coming from someone who lives in a cursed village.  That was what I always figured.  Anyway, enough about me.  I won’t bore you.

As I strolled at a leisurely pace through the forest, I noticed a single drop of water, coming off one of the trees.  I blink, and it disappears.  Must have been my imagination.  Shrugging it off as too little sleep, I continue walking.  Then there’s another drop.  I frowned as I watched it drop in front of my eyes.  No, I thought, no, it can’t be melting.  Not after a thousand years.  It’s not possible.  As I watched two, then three, then four more drops fall off the trees, I began to panic.  This wasn’t just paranoia.  This was actually happening.  Sologni, the ice forest, was melting.  “No… no… NO!”  My tears mixed with the water drops, adding to them, making it worse.  If the ice melts, then the trees, and all their magic will die.  The trees encased in ice were the only thing protecting my village, from disintegrating into ash, as it should have long ago.  “NO!” I screamed as I watched my home melt away, flooding everything else with it.

Now, as I walk through the forest of dead trees, without any trace of life, I think about all the innocent lives taken the day that the curse was unleashed.  I think maybe it was God’s wrath upon us, for watching all the evil-doers, and not ever trying to stop them.  So what is the village’s curse, you ask?  Well, it’s over now, but it was a terrible thing.  A prophecy foretold that when the forest of one hundred frozen trees melts, the town of Bermuda would become nothing but ash, to be swept away by the winds.  And it came true.  Right in front of my eyes.  My tears were saltier that day, than on any other.  I sit down on the cold, unyielding ground, my dress splayed around me, as I hope to be rescued.


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 Storm clouds, battle, that’s all I see,
In the fog of my mind that’s all it can be,
It’s hard to make out the different thoughts,
It’s hard to see what each one’s brought.

I’m lost in the sanctity of my own head,
I’m lost, and if I think about it, I could be dead,
Inside of me where nothing is right,
I do not even glimpse much light.

It’s blotted out by the darkness, I think,
I can’t see it, not even when I blink,
It’s hard to focus when it’s all bleary,
All this darkness makes me weary.

I just want to go to sleep,
And in that sleep my heart will keep,
Hopefully I will be fine,
Hopefully I won’t be blind.

So as I lay down to rest,
And hope that my sleep has been blessed,
I think of all the precious things,
And the hope that each thing brings.

She Can’t Stop Pretending

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I smile the day away,
Crying myself to sleep,
When really I just need a way,
For a sleep so deep.

I’m wishing for something,
Some help, maybe,
My heart no longer sings,
I can no longer see,

Why I’m important at all,
Why I matter,
Why I can’t just be small,
Why, just why – which is really sadder?

I have an empty patch,
Right where my heart should be,
And an empty mind to match,
That monster is killing me.

I harm myself on the outside,
Even though I know,
The monster’s on the inside,
It’s heart as cold as snow.

I think I need some help right now,
Something I cannot ask from me,
I do not quite know how,
To keep you from saving me.

I don’t deserved to be saved, I don’t,
But you don’t realise that, do you?
If you want me to thank you, I won’t,
And I’ll never understand you.

I cannot stop hating me,
No matter how I try,
There’s nothing I would give to be,
Someone who never cries.

Imagine a World

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Imagine a world where all was pretty,

And all was intelligent and clever and witty,

Where flowers bloomed at all times,

And the lovely birds’ singing was not a crime.

Imagine a world where all knew everything,

And even the saddest soul could sing,

Where no one ever felt upset or sad,

And no one said, “I wish I had.”

Imagine a world full of adventure,

The kind that everyone could endure,

Of endless fun and times to be had,

A place where not a person could be bad.

Imagine a world of infinite excitement,

And away was a place where no one was sent,

A place of happiness and granted wishes,

Of hopes and dreams and unplanted kisses.

Imagine a world where all dreamed fitfully,

And no one was teased by a big mean bully,

Sleep was something easily acquired,

And a gun was never, ever to be fired.

If only… this dream world is not enough,

If only… the real world is much more rough,

If only this world did exist,

This world where everyone and anyone would be missed.

Death by Sleep

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I sleep, immersed in good beliefs,

Some dreams can be very brief,

But darkness lurks in all of them,

There’s no need to pretend.

I put my heart and soul and leap,

In this darkened death by sleep.

My breathing’s shallow as my heartbeat,

Eyes shine like a lamp-lit street,

A sadness like a tiny spark,

Lights these eyes in the dark.

I close my eyes, plunge into the deep,

Into this darkened death by sleep.

Sighs die on my lips before I can say,

A fairytale, a dream of day,

I close my eyes and cry some more,

A beautiful day, my heart still soars.

The teasing dawn slowly creeps,

Away with this, dark death by sleep!


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Tiredness overwhelms me,

Pain hard to bear,

Sleeping is evermore impossible.


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Dreams are funny things, they are.  They make no sense.  People say that some dreams mean something, but I don’t believe them.  Dreams don’t mean anything.  They’re just dreams.  People say that bad dreams are signs of anxiety.  I suppose they are, when they are about what is making you anxious.  My name is Clara and I guess you could classify me as a professional dreamer.  Every night I dream a different dream.  I don’t really get dreams.  I once had a dream that I was on top of the Eiffel Tower, which was swaying like a balloon man you sometimes see outside stores.  There were three chipmunks with me, but I don’t know why.  For some reason, I had sunscreen on my hands, which meant I couldn’t hold onto the tower to keep my balance.  The tower tilted rapidly and I fell and next moment I woke up in my bed.  See what I mean?  Dreams are just so unpredictable.  Another time, when I was six, I dreamt of going to a hotel, where behind some curtains there was a yeti, which I befriended.  At the time, that dream was terrifying, but as it turns out, I got the yeti from a movie.  Anyway, I just love dreams.  They make you believe anything is possible.  I wish that were true sometimes, like when you’re upset and you just want to fly away from everything.  But I don’t know where you get dreams.  Maybe more creative people dream more than others?  But I dunno.  I’m just a kid, not a professional psychologist.

A Friendship That was Never Born

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You ate me up inside,

Made sure my tears never dried,

You hungrily ate every sigh,

Every exasperation of mine.

You created something fake,

Just for the sake,

Of trying to make,

Me cry a lake.

We never truly got along,

You never made me sing a song,

What I thought was friendship, I was wrong,

You were my ‘friend’ for so very long.

The length it took to say you’re sorry,

You never truly did worry,

About our ‘friendship’, you weren’t concerned,

All that is left has now been burned.

Not a single photo now is kept,

No memories will have leapt,

For now I have very soundly slept,

And very gladly have I dreamt.

I promise you now that you are gone,

Your disappearing presence I will not mourn,

You always treated me with lots of scorn,

Now with a friendship that was never born.

Little Birdy

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Little birdy in the nest,

Tucked in safe, just like the rest.

The little birdy had a dream,

Of love and peace and to be free.

It sang as high as it could sing,

And dreamed of being a fitful king.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Birdy’s on my shoulder,

Pecking my ear to a smoulder.

Whispering secrets it never meant,

Hushing sighs and off it went.

It had some lies under its wing,

A nice little lie song it would sing.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Whispers never go unheard,

Stories that are quite absurd,

A string of lies by a little bird.

And the  little birdies

Will sleep well tonight.