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Here Comes the Sun

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Here comes the sun,
Razing down the sky,
Touching the Earth,
It’s hand now gentle.

Here comes the sun,
Peeking past mountains,
Through the tendrils of time,
And in branches of trees.

Here comes the sun,
Battling the moon,
For every glory,
That the Earth owns.

Here comes the sun,
the light on our faces,
The longest joy, and yet,
Our darkest heart.

Here comes the sun,
Blasting the heavens,
With golden strings of light,
As it blesses the dreamers.

Heavens Above

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What happens to the sun,
When it falls every night?
Like an angel from Heaven,
When the moon takes flight?

What happens to the stars,
When the sun chases them away?
Where do they run to,
By night or by day?

What happens to the moon,
That sinks into sunrise?
Does it drown every morning,
┬áBefore God’s eyes?

The Broken’s Cry

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It was a dark and rainy night
The sky falling into ruins
Hopelessness befalling the broken
As they tried once more to feel something.
Screaming at the lowly skies
They whisper softly of sadness
Of loneliness
Of despair.
The broken are not the lonely
It’s something more than that
A sort of sadness
That can’t be felt
By unbroken souls.
They cry out
And scream
Their calls are but a whisper
To the ones who
Do not break.
Those lucky

Endless Sky

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I don’t
Understand why
the Sea
Is equated to drowning
I cannot count
The times
Have drowned in
The Sky.

The Sky

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As the moon rises in the obsidian sky,

I look to the heavens and start to cry,

Then the skies’ tears begin to fall,

As if it could possibly understand me at all.

The sky has nothing to cry for and yet,

That only causes it to continue to fret,

It doesn’t want to be lonely again,

But then, it doesn’t know who to call it’s real friend.

The sky is alone, it almost never smiles,

But when the blue comes, a sun so bright beguiles

us with it’s beautiful brilliance.

The sky is strong, there are many worlds it holds,

Worlds that scream in pain from the cold,

Worlds crying out to a man that’s not here,

Worlds that are crying with a single tear.

When the Sky Fell Down

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Then the sky fell into the emerald sea,
Made man and mermaid alike gasp in awe,
And all who witnessed such beautiful sight,
Would only suffer by the hand of a claw,
No sadness would be worth the fall,
No such awful pain beknown,
The terror of the deathly thrall.
So the sea and the sky became one,
United in the pitch blackness of the night,
Nothing could escape such blunder,
Not even the birds that took flight.
For under their wings, black feathers grew,
Till they flew no longer,
Yet as the darkness spread and flourished,
It could only grow even stronger.
A light, a single lantern, lit the night,
The night it was no more,
It shined brighter than any mere candle,
And that’s when the sky hit the floor.
It came down with a thud,
And no more pain could befall,
The day the sky fell down to the floor,
Oh, such a terrible thrall.

The Skies’ Memories

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The sun shines down,
On this empty town,
It tries to escape,
A more brutal fate.

The skies are shrouded,
But not clouded,
They seem darker than dark,
And starker than stark.

I remember a time,
When skies shined,
That is no more,
And all skies pour.

The memories fall,
Down as the skies call,
To its friends,
Now and again.

The sun shines down,
On this town,
It remembers not,
The things it forgot.