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The Cure

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This sickness, how could it be,
When vitamins don’t work on me?
When nothing helps but makes me worse,
This sickness, it is like a curse.

The cure so simple doesn’t help,
Nor any medicine on the shelf,
Nothing will appease this hunger,
A horror that can only linger.

Go away, foul deadly beast,
That eats my happiness like a feast,
Shoo, go on, please do not stay,
Please, oh please just keep away!

I no longer want this plague,
I do not want sadness so vague,
But it keeps coming back, you see,
It won’t get away from me.

I need it somehow, this sadness so dark,
I’m free as a bird, and sing as a lark,
But when I’m happy, it comes for me,
It will not simply leave me be.

Why do I insist on being so sad?
Why must I continue to feel this bad?
I don not quite understand this thing,
Such as makes me sadly sing.

A disease, a sickness, that’s what I believe,
But I don’t think I’ll ever find a key,
A cure for this, does not exist,
A cure for this, is one thing so missed.


Posted in Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , on May 18, 2013 by Myra's Circle

Sick, like nothing will brighten my day,
Sick, like I am getting in my own way,
Frustrating, horrible, unable to bear,
This sickness so protected, that nobody cares.

I can’t breathe properly like I could years ago,
I can’t, as they say, just ‘go with the flow’,
If only this, one thing I could do,
I would stop having to think about you.

I know that you are cured of your sickness,
And mine you will simply dismiss,
I can’t say I don’t deserve such a terrible fate,
That shall befall this once smiled upon date.

Remembering times that made up for my sorrow,
I coughed and I called up for more than this hollow
Of a woman I have become,
And I know that this day is unsavory for some.