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Don’t Judge Me

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Don’t judge me,

You can’t judge me,

Not unless you,

Have experienced my pain,

My hurt,

My tears,

Endured with fake smiles,

Pretended for others,

Killed yourself inside,

Destroyed your soul,

Thought about things,




Losing everything,



Revenge on yourself.

So stop judging,

Start seeing,


And not who you think I am.

Because until you,

Have seen through my eyes,

Have seen through my soul,

You’ll see why I die,


Maybe Someday You’ll See Me

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No one sees this part of me,

This broken, shattered destiny,

And no one even wants to see,

My tears, or what’s left of me.

None dare to glance into my soul,

None would dare to be that bold,

And no one even tries to look,

Towards that writing hand that shook.

Blind to all my troubled endeavors,

Or broken hearts from those that severed,

My pretty dreams are all that remain,

They are all that keeps me sane.

But darkness does dwell here,

In this pitiful soul so dear,

To so many that do not know,

Who I am or where I’ll go.

Maybe I’ll just disappear,

To finally get away from here,

Someday, maybe, you will see,

Finally, finally, you’ll see me.


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Are you really here right now?

Can I see your face?

Are you right in front of me,

Or is that empty space?

Am I really here right now?

Who am I to judge?

Maybe I’m not here at all?

Maybe I’m a smudge.

Is this really happening?

Do you really care?

Am I really listening,

To you who’s always there?

I don’t know if,

You can see,

I can’t see if,

You know me.

See that Girl?

Posted in Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , , , , on March 10, 2013 by Myra's Circle

See that girl?

See how she smiles?

How she wastes,

Her time awhile?

See that girl?

The way she cries?

Of course you don’t,

That’s why she smiles.

See that girl?

Those little sighs?

Those things you wouldn’t,

Hear otherwise?

See that girl?

The way she suffers?

The one whose pillow,

With tears is smothered?

See that girl?

Do you really at all?

I don’t think so,

The way she’s sprawled.

You are Beautiful

Posted in Happy Poems, Poems with tags , , , , , , on January 8, 2013 by Myra's Circle

You look in the mirror,

At your ordinary face,

Never did you once guess,

That you are beautiful,

Beyond comparison.

You see your reflection,

Not good enough,

But never once did you see,

The beauty that’s there,

Staring back at you.

You judge by what other people are,

Too skinny, too fat,

And never once did you see,

How beautiful you are,

How talented.

You never once realised,

You are beautiful,

And never did you ever see,

That simple fact,

Staring you in the face.

You see a reflection,

But do you see yourself?

For the beauty that is you?


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I glance down at the papers,

Held firmly in my hand,

Then suddenly they taper,

Then dissolve into sand.

I stare in wonder when I see,

When that wondrous thing occurred,

Something I know couldn’t be,

When that puppy dog sadly purred.

I run towards that picture,

High upon the wall,

When creatures give me lectures,

Sounding quite appalled.

All this seems so strange to me,

I’m no good at off-hand,

Then I very suddenly see,

That I’m stuck in Dreamland.

Even You Can See the Springtime

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Even you can see the springtime,

Without the sun to shine,

Even you can see beyond the dark world,

Even through an abyss of dark swirls.

Even you, as twisted as you are,

Can see the world without the scars,

Even you can see another day,

Brighter than the lips can say.

Even you can see a hope of tomorrow,

A day without sadness, or sorrow,

Even you, as blind as you may be,

See the world as others may see.

Even you can see the flowers, dancing in the wind,

Pure flowers who’ve never sinned,

Even you, as oblivious as is possible,

In specks of dust sees something not so dull.

Though, it all seems to be true,

Even blind people see better than you.

Live Again

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I listen unfeeling,

to the tree bark un-peeling,

My mind is reeling,

I’m tired of dealing,

My body is keeling,

From the rough sealing,

Of my coffin feeling.

I breathe in the scent of trees,

The world is all I see,

There’s nowhere else to be,

I feel ever-so-free,

To be me,

Is my final decree.