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It’s been a while since,
I felt cold metal on my skin,
The iciness of the cuts,
The beautiful emptiness.
It’s been a while since,
I looked at my thighs,
and saw art carved
Into my skin.
It’s been a while since,
there was silence so deep
It made my ears hurt.
It’s been a while since,
I last felt the pain,
I’m beginning to miss it.

A Love

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Searching for beginnings,
But finding only endings,
Thinking in the dark of night,
No time to sit here mending.

My heart is stitched together,
After my memories broke,
It bled it out, the pain and tears,
In blood my hands are soaked.

I smile a simple smile,
Sad, to say the least,
I try to recall a memory,
A love that never ceased.

A love, such a shame,
What a try awful thing,
For it makes you yearn and long for more,
But breaks before you sing.

Blurred Horizons

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I can hear their screaming,
I can hear their pain,
And I know that sorrow,
Has come in again.

I can feel their hunger,
See their burning eyes,
I can feel pained memories,
Blurred behind the lines.

I can see their sadness,
Such a silent force,
I can hear them yelling,
Till their throats are hoarse.

And I can hear the loneliness,
Taken over by time,
A people so entirely alone,
Repeating a tired rhyme.

What Is Beauty?

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Beauty is sadness,
Of imperfection,
The same old madness,
Going the same direction.

Beauty is costly,
You’re never enough,
To satisfy the softly,
Old cry of the heart.

Beauty is never skinny enough,
Pretty enough,
Good enough.

Beauty is never being


I don’t Want to Go Back

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I can feel it

In my bones

And I know in my heart

That the dreaded moment is coming

and soon

I’ll have to

Go back there again

And I really




Sadness is found

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Sadness is found at 3 am,

Between the covers of a book

You couldn’t bear to put down,

for fear that it would attack again.

Sadness hides in memories,

Livid as sea foam,

Something you wouldn’t dare to destroy.

Sadness lies in sleeping heads,

haunting their dreams,

Their one freedom.

And sadness lies in it’s victim’s hearts,

Cold as a stone devoid of sunlight,

Making them scared of ever

Returning to light.

The Grievances of Earth

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Sometimes I think of dying,
Of how awful it must be,
But then I think of the world’s sorrows
That I no longer wish to see.

The sadnesses of murder
Of rape, abuse and more,
The hunger in a child’s eyes,
The grieving of the poor

I see darkness and death,
And evils clear as day’s light,
I see hatred and disgust,
Not much worth the fight.

I think of depression,
That deep, dark cave,
A loneliness from which,
No one can be saved.

I think of tears cried on dead men’s graves,
Soldiers in a war,
The cold hard eyes of battle,
Those who lie on death’s door.

Violence unlike any other,
Killed because religion, race,
Beliefs, and colour,
People who won’t look past a face.

I think of all these terrible things,
The events that fall,
And then I think that dying,
Might not be so bad after all.

The Dream

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One day

I had a dream

of beauty

And sadness

Of hope

and of love.

One day

I had a dream

of reminders

of the past.

Twas a dream of a dream

not much more,

won’t add to much

only actions

Only words.

Words that will destroy

so many ugly things

bring hope






This dream is

what I am

Who I am

and what I will


The Mirror

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The mirror, it yells at me,
Every second of the day,
All I could ever see,
Was sadness, hate and shame.

The girl who stared so blankly back,
She hated me, my face, my body,
Then one day her mind went black,
That’s how she ended, I suppose.

Now the mirror whispers sad things,
Whispers them with force,
And every blow the mirror brings,
Breaks me into millions of little pieces.

And I broke.

The Loneliness of Dark

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When all else fails,
My final regret,
My only escape,
My only freedom is dark.
When darkness comes,
It comes alone,
Free of others’ dark influence,
Taking everything,
Leaving me lonely.
It takes my dreams,
Renders me lost,
I can’t breathe,
But somehow,
I don’t want to.
The only thing I ever wanted,
The only life I needed,
The only escape I had,
The empty loneliness of dark.