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It’s been a while since,
I felt cold metal on my skin,
The iciness of the cuts,
The beautiful emptiness.
It’s been a while since,
I looked at my thighs,
and saw art carved
Into my skin.
It’s been a while since,
there was silence so deep
It made my ears hurt.
It’s been a while since,
I last felt the pain,
I’m beginning to miss it.

Blurred Horizons

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I can hear their screaming,
I can hear their pain,
And I know that sorrow,
Has come in again.

I can feel their hunger,
See their burning eyes,
I can feel pained memories,
Blurred behind the lines.

I can see their sadness,
Such a silent force,
I can hear them yelling,
Till their throats are hoarse.

And I can hear the loneliness,
Taken over by time,
A people so entirely alone,
Repeating a tired rhyme.

I Tried

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I tried my hardest to be,
A person to love,
A person to be worth missing,
but I guess I’m not cut out for that.

I tried to be strong,
To not cry because I’m weak,
To be a big girl and not cause,
My family so much pain.

I tried to be who you wanted me to be,
To be worth it,
To be needed by someone,
But I guess I can’t be.

So I’m finally done trying,
Because I’m tired,
And weak,
And I look in the mirror,

And realise that I’m not strong at all.

Beasts Called Humans

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Murderous, destructive, terrible things,
What a pity angels lost their wings,
To demons, beasts as I recall,
From heaven, so empty made them fall.

They killed and plummeted into life,
And took it all without the knife,
They created wars among the past,
And into Hell the rest were cast.

So full of hatred and covered in spite,
So deadly, and kill they might,
The destroy the angels in this world,
Among all deadly sinners were hurled.

They do not die, they just keep coming,
Without number, no need for running,
They take their prey and claim yet another life,
These beasts are such a terrible strife.

But worst of all, I really must say,
Is that with each passing day,
I wouldn’t care if I turned to sand,
As I’m one of these beasts called humans.


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Constantly drawn into
A hypnotising sadness,
Never ending,
It has the power
To draw me in
To lure me out
Into the open

I’m scared
Of this

I am No Longer Living

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My sadnesses grow,
Such carefully dead pain,
No longer living.

Just End It

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I try to remember the things that I said,
To make so many hate me,
Including me,
The words won’t come back,
No matter how I scream,
They’ll stay there forever,
And ever it seems.

Make it stop, the pain I feel,
Let it go forever,
I cannot breathe no more,
It’s killing me.

It’s darkness, it’s demons,
Wash them all away,
Chase it all down with some liquor,
Maybe not,
Although I tried,
I cannot be brave enough,
I’ll always be weak,
Weaker than them.

Please, end this,
Even if I must myself,
Perhaps I’ll be better,
Maybe someday.


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The mountains grow between the gaps,
Inside my heart, dividing it into two,
I can’t quite figure it out,
But the mountains are too big now.

They grow and grow, just like the trees,
Leaving no room for anything else,
They crush my soul like vines choke a tree,
And leave me gasping for air.

They divide me, halve me,
Till I can no longer see who I am,
They become me, insist to me,
That they are for the best.

I need these mountains, these great big rocks,
They tear my mind to pieces,
But they hold the pieces carefully,
So carefully I cannot climb them.

Mountains will not move away,
Mountains will not crumble,
They will not disappear into thin air,
The mountains will always be there.

When the Sky Fell Down

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Then the sky fell into the emerald sea,
Made man and mermaid alike gasp in awe,
And all who witnessed such beautiful sight,
Would only suffer by the hand of a claw,
No sadness would be worth the fall,
No such awful pain beknown,
The terror of the deathly thrall.
So the sea and the sky became one,
United in the pitch blackness of the night,
Nothing could escape such blunder,
Not even the birds that took flight.
For under their wings, black feathers grew,
Till they flew no longer,
Yet as the darkness spread and flourished,
It could only grow even stronger.
A light, a single lantern, lit the night,
The night it was no more,
It shined brighter than any mere candle,
And that’s when the sky hit the floor.
It came down with a thud,
And no more pain could befall,
The day the sky fell down to the floor,
Oh, such a terrible thrall.

My Demons; the Monsters Inside

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The demons, they say they’re my friend,
The demons, they say, when all this ends,
They’ll be there again tomorrow,
They’ll be there to end these sorrows.

The demons care more than anyone,
More than any person to come,
They tell me things so honestly,
The truth is what the demons see.

I need the demons to take pain away,
At least that’s what the demons say,
The demons claim the want the best,
The demons never seem to rest.

The demons feed off my sadness, eat up my pain,
They are not sunshine, they are the rain,
The demons are not in fact my friend,
They do not matter at all in the end.