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Sweet Nothing

Posted in Hopeful Poems, Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , , on November 10, 2013 by Myra's Circle

Tea in the morning,
Sweet winter smiles,
Long sleeves,
Worn to carefully conceal,
Our darkest secrets.
Rolled off the tongue,
Sweet as honey,
They sting like bees,
Then die as quickly as they were born.
And through all of this,
I am painfully aware,
That I am slowly fading,
Into sweet nothing.

A Nobody’s Song

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I am Nothing,

From me you run,

And scream at night,

From me you cry,

With Nothing to comfort you.

I am Nothing,

No one has seen me,

And Everyone too,

Everyone sees me,

Except maybe for you.

I am Nothing,

I am the whisperer of thoughts,

Through the nights,

Hoping you’ll hear me,

Once in a while.

I am Nothing,

Worthless but for one,

Nothing can take me,

Nothing will cower,

Until the day of all will come.

I am Nothing,

I hear your tears,

Your secret wishes,

I am lonely,

But I’m only Nothing.

I am Nothing,

Not worth a thing,

I do not matter,

I cannot sing.

Nothing is gone,

Nothing is wrong,

Except maybe me,

And this is my song.

Nothing’s Grave

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I know no pain, but hurt another,

I pay no heed to sadness smothered,

No hate ails me, nor will I forget,

The day my pain became regret.

I am not real, not anymore,

I feel no hate to those who soar,

And sadness you cannot control,

Becomes another needy soul.

I am a universe, yet nothing at all,

I am no fun while having a ball,

My existence may be unbeknown,

 In the moans of these old bones.

I am the destroyer of those held dear,

Yet I am the memory of hope’s peer,

You do not know me, nor I you,

Of your identity, I don’t have a clue!

I am the bravest of them all,

I am the tallest of the tall,

I am the voice inside your head,

I am the one that is already dead.

You do not know me, I am not here,

I am not close, I’m not even near,

I live not, nor do I die,

And this is the place where Nothing lies.

Nothing Matters When You’re Alone

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Tears don’t spill,

No emotions will,

Fill the void of her empty mind,

Not a single thought to find.

Searching for lost memories,

There is no remedy,

For nothing matters when you’re alone.

Eyes are dry,

Emits a robotic sigh,

From a body devoid of emotion,

There is no magic potion, nor lotion.

No pain penetrates her,

Her world is just a blur,

For nothing matters when you’re alone.

Bones are heavy,

There is no levy,

To pay for this glorious loneliness,

Nor something near as blessed.

Love means nothing anymore,

Her heart will never again be sore,

For nothing matters when you’re alone.

Pain knows but one limit,

One seemingly infinite,

Lonely, wandering mind,

It is one of a kind.

Sadness means nought,

Wars have been fought,

But nothing matters when you’re alone.

Wild thoughts are erased,

She never was fazed,

For madness means nothing when you’re alone,

No sound comes out, not even a groan.

Voices don’t talk,

Visions don’t stalk,

For nothing much matters when you’re alone.

Death is Gone

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Death is gone,

Out of sight,

No more song.

Death is gone,

No more tears,

Nothing wrong.

Death is gone,

Tears still hurt,

Still more pain.

Death is gone,

No more hurting,

Cry harder.

Death is gone,

Someone’s smiling,

Death is here.

Death is here,

Nothing left,



Posted in Poems, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , , on July 25, 2012 by Myra's Circle

School’s out,

Day’s end,



Hurt more,

Pain gone,



Feel dead,

Eyes red,

Tears spill,



Cry out,

None left,