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Hello friends

You still with me?

Sorry for not updating in so long, I’m pretty busy…

Anyways, could you maybe check out my youtube channel?  I would really appreciate it.  I do covers of songs and today I posted an original song.

Link to my channel:

Thank you!



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I live and die, as time parts,
Into two separate things,
It becomes music,
And Wisdom.
It parts so gently, you cannot see,
How beautiful,
How wonderful,
The gap so small.
I wonder how the time is bought,
How is it we all dream
Of saving time?
What’s the point in saving time?
Where does it go?
What becomes of it?
It leaves only a broken wreck,
Of shattered dreams,
And torn hearts.
How do we justify,
The decisions we make
To save time,
Like droplets of
Precious water?
How do we know when
We’ve saved enough?
Time is Wisdom,
And Wisdom is money,
How strange the turn of things,
When you think about,

The World’s a Dark and Cold Place

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The dreams no longer die in time,
It doesn’t even matter why,
The memories I had replaced,
With new, less important ones,
Died on the next day.

And I didn’t know, why it wasn’t so,
Why nothing turned out right,
I don’t understand anything anymore,
The world has changed too much.

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been through,
The people come and go,
No one cares, anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.

Who could’ve predicted,
This would happen to us?
And who could see,
The future so dark?

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been though,
The people come and go,
No one cares anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.

Music Understands

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Music is the centre,
Of my very soul,
Of my very being,
It casts aside the cold.

Music is the beginning,
And the end of everything,
There is nothing in between,
It’s music that makes us sing.

Music makes us smile a little,
When everything goes astray,
When all our problems come alive,
And even we have lost our way.

Music always guides us,
Through our past and through our present,
It’ll guide us to our future,
Safe, if only a little bent.

Music listens and understands,
All our sorrows and our pains,
It knows what we are feeling,
Every hope, fear, and disdain.

The Beauty of Music

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The beauty of music is never to be taken for granted or underestimated, for it lodges itself in your mind and stays there, reminding you of your long forgotten past.  It takes hold and refuses to let go, and in the long run, it’s always for the better.  Music has the ability to twist or change you into a whole different person, making you more confident, or more kind.  It makes you see the pains this world has been submerged in, or the love that a single person has died for.  Even if you forget it, you will never forget it’s influence on you, because it will always be there, never to disappear.  Never underestimate music, for it has a strange sort of power to change even the most twisted person into someone to look up to.  Only monsters refuse to truly listen and realise how beautiful music really is, for, what kind of monster hates music?

Little Birdy

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Little birdy in the nest,

Tucked in safe, just like the rest.

The little birdy had a dream,

Of love and peace and to be free.

It sang as high as it could sing,

And dreamed of being a fitful king.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Birdy’s on my shoulder,

Pecking my ear to a smoulder.

Whispering secrets it never meant,

Hushing sighs and off it went.

It had some lies under its wing,

A nice little lie song it would sing.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Whispers never go unheard,

Stories that are quite absurd,

A string of lies by a little bird.

And the  little birdies

Will sleep well tonight.