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What if I were Dreaming

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What if,
I were to start dreaming

Would you look for me?
Would you try to
Save me?

How would you look at me,
Asleep in my bed,
Stuck in an endless

Would you pretend






Am I really Normal?

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Don’t you dare

Tell me

That I’m normal

And there’s nothing wrong



Because what kind of normal person

Tears their life apart

For no reason at all?

Lost Smile

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Losing a smile

Is like losing a friend

Your heart

Your soul

Everything that you once poured

Your entire being into



Lost forever.

And you begin to think

That you’ve got nothing



I am No Longer Living

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My sadnesses grow,
Such carefully dead pain,
No longer living.

The Cure

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This sickness, how could it be,
When vitamins don’t work on me?
When nothing helps but makes me worse,
This sickness, it is like a curse.

The cure so simple doesn’t help,
Nor any medicine on the shelf,
Nothing will appease this hunger,
A horror that can only linger.

Go away, foul deadly beast,
That eats my happiness like a feast,
Shoo, go on, please do not stay,
Please, oh please just keep away!

I no longer want this plague,
I do not want sadness so vague,
But it keeps coming back, you see,
It won’t get away from me.

I need it somehow, this sadness so dark,
I’m free as a bird, and sing as a lark,
But when I’m happy, it comes for me,
It will not simply leave me be.

Why do I insist on being so sad?
Why must I continue to feel this bad?
I don not quite understand this thing,
Such as makes me sadly sing.

A disease, a sickness, that’s what I believe,
But I don’t think I’ll ever find a key,
A cure for this, does not exist,
A cure for this, is one thing so missed.


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The words that stain my consciousness,
Are more than I can stand.
They drain me out like all the rest,
I sink into the deep quicksand.

They drag me down,
And tear me up,
And beat me round,
And round so rough.

The words take all that I can be,
I don’t understand how or why,
They mask my eyes, I cannot see,
Why they say to die.

They bring their guns,
To sword fights,
I’m told to run,
And run I might.

The words make me move,
Make me run faster than I know,
Always running, that’s all I do,
But they rise up again like snow.

Running won’t do much to help,
The sorrowfulness inside,
It won’t cure the empty yelp,
That comes from in my mind.

Inner thoughts

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Somewhere in these dreams of mine,
There is a sort of deadly kind,
Of memories of past and time,
Where deathly smiles are free to shine.

There is a darkness in the air,
No one else seems to care,
Only I know exactly where,
The line between unjust and fair.

The tears cried for many more,
My heart aches, thoroughly sore,
I hate this to the very core,
I cry as I stare back at the closed door.

Not much left to think about,
When no one hears my lonely shouts,
I am left to my self-doubt,
Alone, and honestly wanting out.