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Sadness is found

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Sadness is found at 3 am,

Between the covers of a book

You couldn’t bear to put down,

for fear that it would attack again.

Sadness hides in memories,

Livid as sea foam,

Something you wouldn’t dare to destroy.

Sadness lies in sleeping heads,

haunting their dreams,

Their one freedom.

And sadness lies in it’s victim’s hearts,

Cold as a stone devoid of sunlight,

Making them scared of ever

Returning to light.

The World’s a Dark and Cold Place

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The dreams no longer die in time,
It doesn’t even matter why,
The memories I had replaced,
With new, less important ones,
Died on the next day.

And I didn’t know, why it wasn’t so,
Why nothing turned out right,
I don’t understand anything anymore,
The world has changed too much.

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been through,
The people come and go,
No one cares, anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.

Who could’ve predicted,
This would happen to us?
And who could see,
The future so dark?

Now I see the truth of the path that’s been laid out for us,
But I don’t understand what it’s been though,
The people come and go,
No one cares anymore,
The world’s a dark and cold place now.


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I’m always on the brink,
The tears,
I’m drowning,
From the inside,
In the unshed memories.

I can’t remember when,
It all started,
I don’t want to,
The memories are too,
Painful for me to bear.

Thoughts, I can’t escape,
Not now,
I’ll never be freed,
From this feeling,
But it’s all over now.

It’ll be OK,
Everything will be fine,
Just lies to tell yourself,
So you can keep on,
How sad.

The Skies’ Memories

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The sun shines down,
On this empty town,
It tries to escape,
A more brutal fate.

The skies are shrouded,
But not clouded,
They seem darker than dark,
And starker than stark.

I remember a time,
When skies shined,
That is no more,
And all skies pour.

The memories fall,
Down as the skies call,
To its friends,
Now and again.

The sun shines down,
On this town,
It remembers not,
The things it forgot.

Sick and Tired

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I’m so tired of crying,
Tired of sighing,
Sick of hoping,
Tired of coping.

Can’t help but feel,
Like this isn’t real,
And I’m sick of pretending,
It’s so never ending.

I hate this feeling,
My head is reeling,
I think I’ll go mad,
From this heartbreaking sad.

I’m sick of trying,
Sick of buying,
Stories untrue,
About me, or you.

So I think that I’ll rest a while,
Maybe even stop my smile,
And while I think about my heart,
I’ll keep in mind the memories I part.


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Confusion, it is like a fog, a battle to be fought internally.  It covers our ears with cotton, our eyes masked with cloth, and it leaves us wondering how we got there in the first place.  It is what makes us human, when faced with horror and pain, and sadness.  It is-

“UGH!  Why can’t I ever finish this in peace?”  Shouted Alissa, more frustrated than she could ever remember being.  “What?  I just wanted to see what you’re up to, that’s all,” said her brother defensively.  Alissa rolled her eyes.  “Get out Ian!”  He was probably the most annoying creature  on earth.  Ian was older than her by four years, and she’s already caught up to him, in height and in mind.  “You’re such a cute little sister, especially when you get annoyed.  Is ‘wittle Alli getting annoyed?”  He smirked.  “”Get out!”  Alissa yelled, knowing full well that she was only feeding his immature gags.  “Awwwwwww.”  he swooned teasingly.  Alissa pursed her lips and stood up, facing her brother.  Ian raised his eyebrows in an expression of mockery.  “You think you can take me?”  He said sarcastically.  “Yes, but I’m simply getting up in order to show you where the door is.  You seem to have lost your way.”  she said.  You could cut yourself on the razor sharp edge of sarcasm in her tone.  “Ok, ok fine.  You win.  But you know what that means, right?”  Alissa shook her head.  “No.”  “I get to embarrass you as much as I want in front of your friends,”  he said smugly.  “What the hell?  How does that even remotely make sense?”  exclaimed Alissa, in annoyance.  “It just does.”  murmured Ian, and with that he left the room with the air of someone who has just a little too much confidence.

Sighing in relief and irritation, Alissa went back to work, but something was bugging her.  Something in her brother’s tone just wasn’t right.  She pushed the thought back, but it sat there just on the edge, taunting her like some people might taunt a dog with a treat.  In the end, she just gave up and went out to the kitchen to make a snack.  Her ebony hair flowing out behind her she runs out to the kitchen, aiming to get there, get some food, and then get back to her room as quickly as possible without her brother seeing her.  As it turned out, she didn’t need to run.  The house was… quiet.  “How strange,” she whispered to herself.  She always talked to herself when she was scared.  It was a way of reassuring herself that if no one else was there for her, then at least she still was.  “Ian?  A-are you there?”  she stuttered.  Looking around her, she realised that the house wasn’t right.  It had a dark sort of air around it, like something wasn’t right.  “Ian?”  She called again.  No answer.  The house was as silent as a book, not speaking, or creaking, or making any noise at all that would have been considered normal.  It was too quiet.  Alissa suddenly understood what that meant.  It’s almost… supernaturally quiet.  She has no idea where that thought came from, but it terrified her.  It terrified her, because she knew that it was true.  Something was going on.  Something scary, and dark.  Something that no one could possibly predict.  “Ian?  Please come out.  I’m scared,”  she called.  Those last two words echoed through the walls of the silent house.  I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared.  “I will not cry.  I won’t,” she convinced herself.  Then she heard a snapping noise, and turned around almost automatically. “Who are you?  What are you?  What’s going on?”  A figure stepped out of the shadows, menacing and dark, and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”  It was a rich, creamy sounding voice, like melted dark chocolate, and it made Alissa’s body shake with fear.  Just five words, and she was practically on the ground convulsing with terror.  He, for she was sure that was what it was, came closer, and Alissa gasped as she saw his face.  It was her brother, but not her brother.  He wore a dark, sinister smile, not unlike that of an insane criminal.  “I-Ian! Are y-you alright?”  She asked, fear and concern evident in her voice.  “Ian?  Oh you must mean the possessor of this body that I seem to have overtaken…  yeah he probably won’t be alright by the end of this.”  He laughs cruelly.  Alissa glanced around, frantically searching for something she could use as a weapon.  The fear had taken   over, and now it was acting for her, her body was just a puppet for the fear to use.  His laugh reverberated through every bone in her body, making her shake uncontrollably.  She couldn’t find a single item that even vaguely resembled a weapon in close proximity to her.  The only option she had left was to stall him.  “Wh-who are you?  What do you want with me?”  she demanded, scrambling to her feet as she tried to look brave.  It only made him laugh even harder.  “Who are you trying to impress?”  he asked, full of amusement.  “Tha-that’s not an answer!”  she said, trying to sound courageous, but failing due to her fearful stutter.  One eyebrow raised, the face that was once her brother’s twisted into an amused smile.  “Still clueless?  Let me give you a hint.  I come from a place of darkness and fires.”  Alissa frowns at him, disbelievingly.  “Wait, darkness and fires?  You mean h-Hell?  That would make you a-”  “A demon, yes.  how clever of you.  Took you long enough to figure out.  What do they teach you at school these days?”  His laid back demeanor confused Alissa.  He seemed so in control of everything, and he walks around like he owns the place.  “Wha-what do you w-want with me?”  Her voice shook with the weight of that new information.  It seemed to make this thing in front of her even more terrifying.  “What do I want with you?  Well, you could say there is a slight umm… price on your head.”  he laughed as he said that.  The creep finds it funny.  He finds this whole thing funny.  Alissa squinted her eyes closed as she desperately tried to keep her promise to herself and not cry.  “What exactly d-do you m-mean?”  She asked cautiously.  The demon smiles as he says, “I’ve already said too much.  Come with me.”  “Oh no.  There’s no way I’m ever going to follow you anywhere.  “How cute.  She thinks she has a choice,” he murmured to himself.  Alissa threw a pot of pens at him, and took that opportunity to run down the hallway, fumbling for the side door.  The demon recovered quickly, and before Alissa knew it, her legs had frozen to the spot, and were buckling beneath her.  As her now dead weight legs dragged her to the floor, she felt a bag being thrown over her head, and she suddenly can’t see a thing.

It is a long time before the bag is removed from her head, and she is finally able to breathe.  “Even a demon should at least have the decency to knock me out first if he knew the trip would take that long,” she muttered vehemently.  The demon with her brother’s face just ignored her, and prodded her forward.  Alissa refused to move.  “I won’t move any further if you won’t tell me anything.  At least tell me your name,” she said stubbornly.  The demon chuckled.  “Alright.  If you must know, and if it keeps you from whingeing, my name is Chronyx.”  “Chronyx?  That’s a strange name.”  Chronyx doesn’t reply.  He just prods her forward, and Alissa complies, seeing that she doesn’t have much choice.  Not another word is spoken until they reached a room, and Chronyx forced her inside of it.  It wasn’t an ordinary room, it didn’t have much in it, except for a crystal ball about the size of her living room, glowing a serene shade of blue.  It looked eerie, like a scene in a movie, and Alissa was already certain that she didn’t want to be trapped in a room with that thing.  “W-what’s that?”  she asked.  Chronyx smiled then said very seriously, “I was hoping maybe you’d be able to tell me.”  That’s when the memories hit her as hard as a wall of rocks and she collapsed for a second time, this time making her lose consciousness.

The memories came slowly at first; a bridge, over waters clear and blue, a smile, belonging to someone she almost remembered.  Then more vividly, she saw images of fire and demons and creatures more horrible than one could even begin to imagine.  Warm arms encircled her, and a familiar feeling of warmth and love flooded into her, only to be taken away again by a cold darkness.  Someone laughing cruelly, the crystal ball glowing red.  Then she heard her own voice, chanting softly, and the globe returned to it’s usual, serene colour.

Soothsayer.  That word played over and over again in her mind, and she remembered who she was, and what she was meant to do.  The word held the entire meaning of the world in it, and yet at the same time was as silent as a tomb.  She was meant to awaken the dead.  She was meant to lead the army into the ordinary world, and kill billions of innocent people.  She smiled at the thought of fresh blood.  “Alissa?”  whispered Chronyx, and she turned quickly to face him.  “That was her name.  I am no longer that girl.  I am Aschella, the Soothsayer, and I will bring our new world back.”  Chronyx smiled.  “Finally.”  The word seemed to echo off the silence between them.


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Hurt lurks in the shadows,
Dark and unseen,
Behind a smile of lies,
It hides.

Hurt dwells in the memories,
Past and the present,
In a shell of anger,
It lives.

It hides in the eyes,
A lonely little tear,
Unable to be seen,
Unable to be feared.

It feeds on our sadness,
It thrives on despair,
But it’s quite invisible,
Like a strand of hair.

When you think it’s far away,
It returns to you again,
Hope banishes, but then hurt comes,
And destroys every now and then.

I’m Different

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I sing though happiness does not come,

I laugh but it is a laugh not happy for some,

I smile but it’s a disguise for my pain,

I tease, but none will remember my name.

I smile though it’s hard through all the tears,

I smile though it’s hard through all these years,

I remember things that others forget,

And smile upon memories that many regret.

I’m different from them, that much is clear,

No one there will find me dear,

But if I try I’ll get strange looks,

I think I’ll go back to reading my books.


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Fly high,

In a beautiful bright blue sky,

And don’t be afraid of falling,

Falling to the ground that’s calling,


That memories are all we have become,

And don’t be afraid of awakening,

Awakening in a room that’s darkening,


Your hopes and dreams beyond the horizon,

And don’t be afraid of the darkness,

The darkness of a losing heart,

Free fall,

Too busy to answer the sky’s call,

And don’t be afraid of your memories,

Memories that are getting glimmery,

Don’t ask,

For a sunshine just after dusk,

And don’t be afraid of the light,

The light of your first flight.

When people disappear

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I look around the room, confused and shocked because of all the vibrant colours.  I’d just been kidnapped, and I was in a room of bright colours.  Kidnappers were usually bad, weren’t they?  So then why was I lying in a friendly looking area?  There’s no door.  Was I even kidnapped?  I don’t remember.  I look at my watch, but it didn’t help much.  My watch had stopped working the moment I was dumped here.  In fact, none of the electronics I had on me would work.  Something was happening.  Something serious.  No one came in.  Nothing happened.  It was almost as if I was stuck in a time pocket, and the rest of the world had gone on and forgotten about me.  Maybe it had.  I tried to escape that daunting thought, but it kept haunting my otherwise empty mind.  What if no one ever comes?  What if I never existed in the first place?  Do I even exist now?  What if –no.  I have to stop thinking like that.  No more self pity.  All it does is cause more pain.  More confusion.  More despair.  No, I’ll just lie here and hope that something will happen.  I can’t do much else.  Actually, I don’t think I can move anymore.  I try to lift my head, my arm, a finger.  I can’t.  Despair and realisation dawns on me.  I accept that I must be dying.  I don’t know anymore.  My memories are disappearing.  I’m disappearing.  Memories are all we are made of, aren’t they?  My memories are disappearing at a rapid rate.  If they keep disappearing this quickly, then in minutes I’ll be but an empty shell.  Or maybe, it just feels like minutes.  Maybe, this is happening over centuries, millennia even.  It was a terrifying thought.  It was true.