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Sadnesses Inside of Me

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The dreams of the past,
Haunt my future,
Leaves me lonely,
A target for wolves.

They scratch at the door,
Wanting to be free,
I can’t escape,
Their dark embrace.

They die, slowly,
One by one,
And all hope leaves,
I must succumb.

To a darkness darker than time,
To a time of horror,
Of madness,
And worst of all to leave all sadness mine.

I cannot breathe,
I am prisoner to this sadness,
Hard to hold on,
To life much longer.

And yet I continue,
I can’t do much more,
Too much of a coward,
To end all of this.

God Help Everyone but Me

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God give me mercy,
God give me strength,
God give me courage,
To hold on for this length.

God give me friendship,
God give me hope,
God give me happiness,
When with sadness I can’t cope.

God give me wonder,
God give me awe,
God give me peace,
To the very core.

God give me love,
God please, smile on me,
God give me a break,
Because this is killing me.

God give me light,
God chase the darkness,
And God don’t forget,
The darkest recess.

God guide the hopeless,
God help the sad,
God help the lonely,
The ones who’ve gone mad.

God help the shelterless,
God help the starving,
God help everyone,
Except for me.

I’m Nothing Special

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I know that I’m no genius,
And that I’m not much of a sight,
Of me, please don’t make a fuss,
If I disappear in the night.

I know I’m not that great,
I know I’m not important,
But of all, it’s me I hate,
In the very last possible instant.

I can’t do anything much without help,
I’m ugly, shy and dumb,
I can’t explain to you how I’ve felt,
Suffocated under my own thumb.

I can’t hear your voice through the fog of my mind,
I know I must seem so thick,
And I also must be a little blind,
Just a little bit.

I can’t see how ‘beautiful’,
Everyone says I am,
All I see is something dull,
I don’t understand.

So goodbye to those who swear I’m happy,
Goodbye, I want no more,
Goodbye, I no longer want to see,
Anything but the approaching floor.

You Don’t Know Me

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You don’t know the pain I suffer,
You don’t know how sad I am,
You don’t know I want to disappear,
You don’t know me.

You don’t know I want to die,
You don’t know I hate myself,
You don’t know how fake my smile,
You don’t know me.

Why don’t you see this,
These little things,
Become big things,
And I’m lonelier than ever.

Why don’t you,

I am Me

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I am me,

I am not who,

You think I am,

Not fake,

But not pretty,

Not lonely,

But still unhappy.

I am me,

I disappear,

When you look at me,

Like I am a burden,

Too big for you,

To carry.

I am me,

I am self-conscious,

And terrified,

Of the fear that consumes

All my self-esteem.

I am me,




But I cannot think,

Of someone,

I’d rather be.

I can Only Be Me

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I am who I am,

And not who I’ve become,

I am a little differrent,

But of a person, I’m one.

I am my own person,

Not who you want me to be,

Whoever you think I am,

I can only be me.

Whatever you take me for,

What person I am,

I think that you’ll find,

I don’t give a damn.


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Beauty is here,

In the skies, in the trees,

A thing so very dear,

To people like me.

Beauty is here,

In the hills and the flowers,

There is not much left to fear,

When none dare to cower.

Beauty’s in the air,

In the eyes of a stranger,

And all it can bear,

Will hold no danger.

Beauty is here,

When nothing is certain,

When all you hear are leers,

For your sadness’s curtain.

If everyone is beautiful,

Why can’t I see?

How beautiful the single flower,

The prettiness of me?

A Friendship That was Never Born

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You ate me up inside,

Made sure my tears never dried,

You hungrily ate every sigh,

Every exasperation of mine.

You created something fake,

Just for the sake,

Of trying to make,

Me cry a lake.

We never truly got along,

You never made me sing a song,

What I thought was friendship, I was wrong,

You were my ‘friend’ for so very long.

The length it took to say you’re sorry,

You never truly did worry,

About our ‘friendship’, you weren’t concerned,

All that is left has now been burned.

Not a single photo now is kept,

No memories will have leapt,

For now I have very soundly slept,

And very gladly have I dreamt.

I promise you now that you are gone,

Your disappearing presence I will not mourn,

You always treated me with lots of scorn,

Now with a friendship that was never born.