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Some Mornings

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There are mornings,
When everything’s quiet,
Silent, as blank as a new canvas,
And it is beautiful.
There are mornings,
When no one asks,
Why I’m crying,
No one questions,
The little comments,
I make to myself.
There are mornings,
When there is nothing at all,
But silence,
Painted in the lonely sky,
When the sun forgets to rise.

What’s the point?

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I can’t dream

or hope

or wish


What’s the point

of dreaming

of hoping with





They only

add up to


Lost and Lonely

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I’m lost and lonely, with nowhere to go,
Alone and lost there in the snow,
No one quite knows what to do,
I seem to be waiting for some kind of cue.

Give a little to get a little, what else is new?
Nothing goes right for just one of the few,
But everything turns out in the end, right?
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to take flight.

I have to fly away from here,
Away from all my friends so dear,
But I’ll be lost and lonely again,
Lost and lonely without any friends.

Who cares for the lost, lonely one?
Who on Earth would be so dumb?
Whoever you are, you must not know,
Who I am or where I’ll go.

But then again, neither do I,
I have no idea where I’ll fly,
Far away, I have to hope,
Somewhere where I will not have to mope.

Sologni; the Ice Forest

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There is a forest that now only lives in our hearts, but once, long ago, was real.  A forest full of ice, and snow, so cold it could freeze even the warmest of hearts.  A forest of one thousand trees, that had been frozen for a thousand years, called Sologni…

OK, lets just skip through the intro.  I think you get the point.  It’s a forest that’s been frozen solid for a long, long time.  I was walking through the iced forest when it all started.  You see, I was a lonely girl, with no one to understand me.  The forest was were I belonged, the one place that only I dared to go.  It belonged to no one, but when I would walk through the forest, I could forget all my troubles.  No, wait, I’m not making sense.  Lets start at the beginning.  My beginning.  My name is Natalia Rose, and according to my friends, I live the ‘perfect’ life.  Yeah right.  As if they’d know.  My parents hate me, and I’m an only child, so I don’t have brothers or sisters I can turn to.  My grades are horrible, and I never sleep, but at least I have a good public image…  but that’s not the point.  My life is probably the worst it can get around here.  And that’s coming from someone who lives in a cursed village.  That was what I always figured.  Anyway, enough about me.  I won’t bore you.

As I strolled at a leisurely pace through the forest, I noticed a single drop of water, coming off one of the trees.  I blink, and it disappears.  Must have been my imagination.  Shrugging it off as too little sleep, I continue walking.  Then there’s another drop.  I frowned as I watched it drop in front of my eyes.  No, I thought, no, it can’t be melting.  Not after a thousand years.  It’s not possible.  As I watched two, then three, then four more drops fall off the trees, I began to panic.  This wasn’t just paranoia.  This was actually happening.  Sologni, the ice forest, was melting.  “No… no… NO!”  My tears mixed with the water drops, adding to them, making it worse.  If the ice melts, then the trees, and all their magic will die.  The trees encased in ice were the only thing protecting my village, from disintegrating into ash, as it should have long ago.  “NO!” I screamed as I watched my home melt away, flooding everything else with it.

Now, as I walk through the forest of dead trees, without any trace of life, I think about all the innocent lives taken the day that the curse was unleashed.  I think maybe it was God’s wrath upon us, for watching all the evil-doers, and not ever trying to stop them.  So what is the village’s curse, you ask?  Well, it’s over now, but it was a terrible thing.  A prophecy foretold that when the forest of one hundred frozen trees melts, the town of Bermuda would become nothing but ash, to be swept away by the winds.  And it came true.  Right in front of my eyes.  My tears were saltier that day, than on any other.  I sit down on the cold, unyielding ground, my dress splayed around me, as I hope to be rescued.

Don’t be lonely

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Don’t be lonely,
There’s always,
Something left,
The remains.

Don’t be angry,
We all make,
Some are just bigger.

Don’t be sad,
No one wants,
To be trapped in sadness,

Don’t lose hope,
Everyone needs,
That little glow of,
Warm sunshine.

Don’t remember,
The bad things stay in the past,
They belong there,
And that is the end.

I’m Nothing Special

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I know that I’m no genius,
And that I’m not much of a sight,
Of me, please don’t make a fuss,
If I disappear in the night.

I know I’m not that great,
I know I’m not important,
But of all, it’s me I hate,
In the very last possible instant.

I can’t do anything much without help,
I’m ugly, shy and dumb,
I can’t explain to you how I’ve felt,
Suffocated under my own thumb.

I can’t hear your voice through the fog of my mind,
I know I must seem so thick,
And I also must be a little blind,
Just a little bit.

I can’t see how ‘beautiful’,
Everyone says I am,
All I see is something dull,
I don’t understand.

So goodbye to those who swear I’m happy,
Goodbye, I want no more,
Goodbye, I no longer want to see,
Anything but the approaching floor.

I am Me

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I am me,

I am not who,

You think I am,

Not fake,

But not pretty,

Not lonely,

But still unhappy.

I am me,

I disappear,

When you look at me,

Like I am a burden,

Too big for you,

To carry.

I am me,

I am self-conscious,

And terrified,

Of the fear that consumes

All my self-esteem.

I am me,




But I cannot think,

Of someone,

I’d rather be.

A Nobody’s Song

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I am Nothing,

From me you run,

And scream at night,

From me you cry,

With Nothing to comfort you.

I am Nothing,

No one has seen me,

And Everyone too,

Everyone sees me,

Except maybe for you.

I am Nothing,

I am the whisperer of thoughts,

Through the nights,

Hoping you’ll hear me,

Once in a while.

I am Nothing,

Worthless but for one,

Nothing can take me,

Nothing will cower,

Until the day of all will come.

I am Nothing,

I hear your tears,

Your secret wishes,

I am lonely,

But I’m only Nothing.

I am Nothing,

Not worth a thing,

I do not matter,

I cannot sing.

Nothing is gone,

Nothing is wrong,

Except maybe me,

And this is my song.


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I am a wolf,

I roam alone,

In the woods,

When no one’s home.

I cry at moons,

And gaze at stars,

You would assume,

I’m free; unbarred.

But I am trapped,

In my own prison,

My strength is sapped,

My pain arisen.

I am lonely,

I have no one,

But one and only,

I have the sun.

I have the moon,

I have the stars,

I have my doom,

That’s all that matters.

I tell myself,

Not to listen,

Not to watch you,

Whilst you glisten.

I try not to,

But I cannot,

I cannot, it’s true,

I just can’t stop.

I can’t stop jealousy,

I can’t stop sadness,

I only feel lousy,

When trapped in this madness.

One Day

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One day,

When I am strong,

I will be able,

To bear this burden,


One day,

When I am happy,

I will be able,

To smile forever,


One day,

When I am lonely,

I will be able,

To sing like I had lost none,


One day.