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Blurred Horizons

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I can hear their screaming,
I can hear their pain,
And I know that sorrow,
Has come in again.

I can feel their hunger,
See their burning eyes,
I can feel pained memories,
Blurred behind the lines.

I can see their sadness,
Such a silent force,
I can hear them yelling,
Till their throats are hoarse.

And I can hear the loneliness,
Taken over by time,
A people so entirely alone,
Repeating a tired rhyme.

The Loneliness of Dark

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When all else fails,
My final regret,
My only escape,
My only freedom is dark.
When darkness comes,
It comes alone,
Free of others’ dark influence,
Taking everything,
Leaving me lonely.
It takes my dreams,
Renders me lost,
I can’t breathe,
But somehow,
I don’t want to.
The only thing I ever wanted,
The only life I needed,
The only escape I had,
The empty loneliness of dark.

The Broken’s Cry

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It was a dark and rainy night
The sky falling into ruins
Hopelessness befalling the broken
As they tried once more to feel something.
Screaming at the lowly skies
They whisper softly of sadness
Of loneliness
Of despair.
The broken are not the lonely
It’s something more than that
A sort of sadness
That can’t be felt
By unbroken souls.
They cry out
And scream
Their calls are but a whisper
To the ones who
Do not break.
Those lucky

The Pedestal Girl’s Cry

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Up on a pedestal
Above all she stands
A wall she built
With her own two hands
Keeps others out
And the sadness in
But she can’t destroy
Or let the wall win.
The pedestal looms high
And on top of it she waits
On dead hopes higher than the sky.
Her tears drop into the clouds
Which reach out to grab
Her empty, rotting shrouds.
She won’t let them hurt her again
Her pedestal will no longer
Be weak enough to bend.
On top of a pedestal,
Higher than the sky
She stands
And then
With tears
In her eyes,
As she whispers so quietly,
“I’m sorry.”

No more

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No more forgiveness,

No more pain,

No more pretending,

It’s just not the same,

But you know who I am,

And not who I have become,

You can see through the mask,

That would fool some.

No more anger,

No more sadness,

No one is lonely,

From this tired madness,

But you don’t see,

What I want to to,

And this part of me,

Just wants to be so blue.

No more fear,

Of what I have become,

No more hurt,

It just sounds so dumb,

For this wish of mine,

Is impossible, unreachable,

Signed with a sigh,

This pain so unpreachable.

I was there

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When you think that you’ve gone crazy,

And all has gone to waste,

When good times seem so hazy,

And you ran from them with haste,

When life turns away from you

But you don’t quite know why,

And all the crowd does is boo

You, even though all you did was try.

When sadness rips your life apart

And hope has turned to despair,

When you’re so lonely in your heart,

And your mind’s in disrepair,

When good times happen without trouble,

And life is just a dare,

When you come out of your little bubble,

Just remember; I’ll be there.

When determination turns to dust,

And anger’s in the air,

When metal friendships begin to rust,

And no one seems to care,

When no one wants to be your friend,

And loneliness steals your heart,

When you feel you don’t belong again,

I was there right from the start.

I was the friend that you’d forgotten then,

For you, I was still there,

The rules and problems I would bend,

To keep you in my care,

I stayed your friend through everything,

And you didn’t even know,

So when you think,  I’m no king,

I was there through rain and snow.

I’m lonely 2

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I want to scream.  I want to say, “I’m lonely.”  But I must suffer alone, it seems.  My fingers rip at my skin, leaving it burning, prickling.  If only, oh, if only they would understand.  The fear I feel is not fear of the dark, but fear of the madness that lurks within.  I need a little bit of hope, a pinprick of light to burst through this terrifying cover of darkness.  These thoughts in my head aren’t mine.  They are not voices, just angry, hateful thoughts.  I don’t want to tell anyone, they will just worry.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’M LONELY!  Screams my mind.  I can’t help these thoughts.  They are happening more frequently now, but I must pretend I do not have them.  Must pretend everything is okay.  I don’t want anyone to worry about me.  I’m not worthy of their worry.  I take a deep breath, but it doesn’t help.  If anything, it makes everything ten times worse.  Tears won’t come, which makes me suffer more.  I’m lonely.  I must be suffering for a sin I have committed.  I don’t want to suffer.  I just want to tear myself apart.  It would probably be better for everyone.  I’m useless.  Useless.  Useless and lonely.  Help me.  Save me from myself.  That’s what I would say if I could.  But how could I tell anyone?  I’m weak.  So worthless.  I can’t describe the deepness of what I’m feeling, nor how terrifyingly real it is.  It is anger, fear, frustration, hate, sadness, self-pity, hopelessness, loneliness.  Depression?  Maybe so.  Maybe everything would be easier if I just ended.  But maybe that’s just selfish.  I must continue living, even if it is full of empty sadness, for those I love.  Maybe this is what it means when they say that love is the ultimate sacrifice?  But whatever it is, I’m lonely.

I’m Lonely

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I angrily wipe tears with my hand backs,

And try to muster knowledge I lack,

Who has awoken this angry beast?

That’s all I can say, the very least.

My heart confuddles what my mind cannot,

Leaping into a thought-bound trot,

The anger that this beast has arisen,

Will surely be slain for high treason.

I think of how things used to be,

When happiness was what used to be me,

But anger meddles with my lonely heart,

Fear mingles in; that’s only the start!

Cold winds blow from one place to another,

And the white blanket that falls is more than a cover,

For the dead, dry earth that is my soul,

The bare patch of grass that winter stole.

Can one live in a place of cold wonder,

Without a single stumble, nor even a blunder?

I don’t think so, not in the least,

For that’s what lies at the heart of the beast.

When my fingers rip at the fabric of me,

They leave scars only I can see,

But the pain is more than hard to bear,

Not that anyone would really care.

I know my life is worth none,

A worthless price, at least for some,

I will destroy myself, I think, one day,

When on my worthless back I lay.

No tears spill, worthless too,

How could they with no one for comfort, not even you?

No one can bear this pain alone,

Not even a wolf, alone, he roams.

I wish I could trade my life for another,

I have no one, not even a lover,

To share my dreams, my secret worries,

No one to ever say, “I’m sorry.”

But perhaps one day, maybe this one,

A death suitable for me will come,

And I will roam the earth once more,

As a lonely soul, yes, of the Earth’s core.

Silence is my Music

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Silence is my music,

While I lie there alone,

Feeling but a little sick,

Listening to silence’s drone.

Sadness is the background,

Of my dying wishes’ glory,

All that’s left is the sound,

Of silent remains of a story.

Loneliness is the soundtrack,

Of my sick and failing heart,

I can never turn my back,

Without turning back to the start.

Memories are my lighting,

Showing me what’s left,

Of my life quickly unravelling,

My undoing will be deft.

Those eyes that died so long ago,

See something that I don’t,

When love was just a forgotten show,

A memory of what I won’t.

Lost in Thoughtlessness

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Lost days in my dreams,

I feel pain, or what it seems,

Loneliness in my heart,

It finishes, but it’s a start.

Sadness, I feel no more,

My heart ripped open, which you tore,

I know that there’s no more to see,

In this terrible world so very bleak.

I wander around in my mind,

Not a scrap of memory did I find,

For all that I once remembered,

Only made my fingers tremble.

No one knows what is wrong,

With this terrible heart of song.

Memories scatter endless,

No more rising stress,

My pain now is already here,

Down my cheek flows a tear.

Another one, perhaps two,

For when I’m feeling especially blue.