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Darkness Be My Friend

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Darkness, lead me through the light,
Darkness, get me through the night,
Get me past all the lies,
Hug me when I never cry.

Give me hope when there is none,
Let me never see the sun,
Don’t let me die in this way,
Let me die another day.

Don’t go, darkness, don’t leave me here,
All alone my thoughts unclear,
Take me back to better days,
When I enjoyed all the sun’s rays.

Darkness, you’re my only friend,
My best one, you will never end,
You never completely disappear,
Darkness, take me away from here.

Sadness is found

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Sadness is found at 3 am,

Between the covers of a book

You couldn’t bear to put down,

for fear that it would attack again.

Sadness hides in memories,

Livid as sea foam,

Something you wouldn’t dare to destroy.

Sadness lies in sleeping heads,

haunting their dreams,

Their one freedom.

And sadness lies in it’s victim’s hearts,

Cold as a stone devoid of sunlight,

Making them scared of ever

Returning to light.

The Darkness Here

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There’s darkness here,
It shines so bright,
So very near,
To Heaven’s light.

Darkness flows,
Into my soul,
The seeds it sows,
Are very cold.

I cannot breathe,
The darkness suffocates,
My soul just seethes,
For me it’s too late.

The darkness returns,
In a dark sort of way,
It starts to burn,
My smiles away.

When Angels Die

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Darkness, darkness, darkness,
In my heart and in my mind,
Oh please let there be no more darkness,
For that’s when angels die.

When the sky of all is black as night,
I know it seems untrue,
I think you’ll find angels no longer fly,
And the only angel left is you.

But you are a dark sort of angel,
Darker than dark it may seem,
And when you think it’ll be okay,
The sky darkens every sunbeam.

Every light and all the sun,
Until all has become undone,
How will you survive this darkness?
To the light you can no longer come.

No more darkness at the end,
Please bring a bright blue sky,
And when there is no longer hope,
That’s when the angels die.

I am Free

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January 12th, 1995

Dear Diary,

This dream, this painful dream.  Why can’t I escape from the expanding universe that has become my dreams?  I cannot seem to find a way out.  There is no light to guide me, nothing to get me through this awful black tunnel.  Save me, save me, I try to scream, but no words will come out.  I feel as though I will never wake, like I’m going to be stuck like this forever, my lips frozen in a silent scream of horror, body stiff as it tries to run, but fails.  There is no way out.  There is no hope left for me anymore.  I am stuck forevermore in this terrible dream that I myself created.  And then, I see it.  A tunnel, the light, basking me in the sunshine again.  And it is beautiful.  The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Then I scream.  It was so confusing.



Forgive Me

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Darkness.  Darkness everywhere.  You try to run, but there is nowhere to go.  There is no light, only pure and terrible darkness.  There is nothing you can do but succumb to the lonely feeling of the dark.  You are reminded of death, and blood.  All these things you associate with the darkness, but perhaps it isn’t so bad?  Eternal darkness is sort of comforting in a way.  Give up, give up.  You cannot win this  battle.  You won’t find that light that you so desire.  You are lost in the darkness of your soul and there is nothing you can do about it, whispers the dark Then hope speaks: No.  You are stronger than this.  It will get better.  Keep trying and you will succeed over all darkness.  The dark is stronger than hope though.  You want to give in, try to give in, but Hope won’t let you.  It is the only thing that prevents you from blissful failure.  To fail, would be so good.  You would finally be free, freer than any living being.  You are suddenly sick of Hope ruling out your life telling you what to do.  You can’t win this war and you know that.  There is nothing left now, but the desire for forgiveness.  Forgive me….   

I Cannot See the Light

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What is wrong with me that I cannot see the light,

That beautiful thing I have forgotten?

Why can I only see the dark, that consumes my past,

My present, my future?

If light is in all hearts, why not in mine?

Why does it not creep it’s way into my heart and in my mind?

Sight means nothing unless you can prove it,

But what is the thing that will prevail over all?

I do not want this consuming darkness,

This cover, this dampening of all light,

Only blissful peace and silence,

and hope that things will get better.

Perhaps then some light may find its way,

One way or another.