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Am I really Normal?

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Don’t you dare

Tell me

That I’m normal

And there’s nothing wrong



Because what kind of normal person

Tears their life apart

For no reason at all?

The Truth about Beauty

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She is beautiful
Filled with hopes for the future
Beauty will kill her.

Sologni; the Ice Forest

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There is a forest that now only lives in our hearts, but once, long ago, was real.  A forest full of ice, and snow, so cold it could freeze even the warmest of hearts.  A forest of one thousand trees, that had been frozen for a thousand years, called Sologni…

OK, lets just skip through the intro.  I think you get the point.  It’s a forest that’s been frozen solid for a long, long time.  I was walking through the iced forest when it all started.  You see, I was a lonely girl, with no one to understand me.  The forest was were I belonged, the one place that only I dared to go.  It belonged to no one, but when I would walk through the forest, I could forget all my troubles.  No, wait, I’m not making sense.  Lets start at the beginning.  My beginning.  My name is Natalia Rose, and according to my friends, I live the ‘perfect’ life.  Yeah right.  As if they’d know.  My parents hate me, and I’m an only child, so I don’t have brothers or sisters I can turn to.  My grades are horrible, and I never sleep, but at least I have a good public image…  but that’s not the point.  My life is probably the worst it can get around here.  And that’s coming from someone who lives in a cursed village.  That was what I always figured.  Anyway, enough about me.  I won’t bore you.

As I strolled at a leisurely pace through the forest, I noticed a single drop of water, coming off one of the trees.  I blink, and it disappears.  Must have been my imagination.  Shrugging it off as too little sleep, I continue walking.  Then there’s another drop.  I frowned as I watched it drop in front of my eyes.  No, I thought, no, it can’t be melting.  Not after a thousand years.  It’s not possible.  As I watched two, then three, then four more drops fall off the trees, I began to panic.  This wasn’t just paranoia.  This was actually happening.  Sologni, the ice forest, was melting.  “No… no… NO!”  My tears mixed with the water drops, adding to them, making it worse.  If the ice melts, then the trees, and all their magic will die.  The trees encased in ice were the only thing protecting my village, from disintegrating into ash, as it should have long ago.  “NO!” I screamed as I watched my home melt away, flooding everything else with it.

Now, as I walk through the forest of dead trees, without any trace of life, I think about all the innocent lives taken the day that the curse was unleashed.  I think maybe it was God’s wrath upon us, for watching all the evil-doers, and not ever trying to stop them.  So what is the village’s curse, you ask?  Well, it’s over now, but it was a terrible thing.  A prophecy foretold that when the forest of one hundred frozen trees melts, the town of Bermuda would become nothing but ash, to be swept away by the winds.  And it came true.  Right in front of my eyes.  My tears were saltier that day, than on any other.  I sit down on the cold, unyielding ground, my dress splayed around me, as I hope to be rescued.

This Angel Saved my Life

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Lost and lonely,
I searched,
For some sort of savior,
To rescue me.

I screamed louder,
No one came,
No one aided,
The lost, lonely one.

I asked for help,
You didn’t come running,
You couldn’t or wouldn’t,
I don’t know which.

Louder and louder I tried to scream,
It was the end,
But then something miraculous happened.

White light, brighter than the sun,
An angel appeared and saved me,
She whispered quietly, “It’ll be fine,”
And I took her hand and flew far away.

Escape, finally, someone came to my aid,
I was free from this burden, and all else,
For this angel, she saved me,
She saved me from my darkness.

The Demons of the Past

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She looks around,

Life goes on,

Around her,


She can’t catch up,

Or maybe,

She doesn’t

Want to.

Maybe she,

Will never win,

This war of hope,

This battle

of despair.

Life too fast,

For her,

To catch up

to alone.

I will be dead

before I


She thinks.

She cannot,


Where she

Went wrong.

Where did she

Lose life to

The demons of

Her past?


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Life is a wonder,

One to behold,

One that is better,

Than any tenfold.

A smile is a wonder,

Rarely ever seen,

For the truth of it is,

It hides the obsene.

A tear is a wonder,

But a sad a one at that,

If you ever see it,

Please, dare to look back!

A dream is a wonder,

Too great to see,

For the wonder it is,

The wonder to be.

And Death is a wonder,

It is one, you see,

No matter how sad,

This sombre decree.

God’s Toy

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You are my dream,

You are dead and alive,

In the moon’s faithful beam,

In the sun’s careless stride.

You are my light,

In the darkness prevailed,

In the bird that takes flight,

Under the clouds’ gentle veil.

You are my darkness,

When light’s not enough,

All my distress,

When things get too tough.

You are my smile,

When I have but none,

Just for that while,

When me, they all shun.

You are my life,

My care and joy,

You protect me from strife,

You are God’s little toy.

This Place

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There were people in this town,

Now so dull and very bare,

And they always took for granted,

The kindness they found there.

The people from this place,

They are not anymore,

They have gone without a trace,

With their own hearts so torn.

There was some beauty here,

This place so full of life,

It was held so very dear,

By a terrible strife.

Now it’s beautiful again,

But at the same time is not,

The broken friendships had to mend,

All that they had forgot.

Your Smallest of Small

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I am dead,

and I am dying,

I am sad,

but I’m not crying,

I am lost

and I don’t know,

Where I am

Or where to go,

I have a life,

But I’m not living,

I have possessions,

But I’m not giving,

I am everything,

Or nothing at all,

I am YOU,

I am your smallest of small.

When the Life Force Forgets

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I was a dreamer,

Far, far, back in time,

A rememberer, a seer, a fantasist,

These were my titles,

My titles they are still,

Until one day,

Long, long ago, in time,

I had a vision, a memory,

Of what I was before,

I was a beauty, a spirit,

Alive and well,

Pulled by the life force,

To move on and join it,

In a beautiful river, as a beautiful memory,

I will stay as good,

And beautiful, and caring,

I am a memory now,

But isn’t that all we are?

Aren’t we all just memories,

Made of them, making them?

This stream, my strength,

Pulls all like a magnet,

From it we are born,

And to it we shall return,

Until one day we are forgotten,

One day, a very long, long time away,

Forget me, dear life force,

Release me from your spell,

Let me pass unto the eternal darkness,

And let me forget,

Pains of past lives,

Dreams that remain undreamed,

Lost forever,

When the life force forgets.