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Sweet Nothing

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Tea in the morning,
Sweet winter smiles,
Long sleeves,
Worn to carefully conceal,
Our darkest secrets.
Rolled off the tongue,
Sweet as honey,
They sting like bees,
Then die as quickly as they were born.
And through all of this,
I am painfully aware,
That I am slowly fading,
Into sweet nothing.


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Whispers, whispers in the dark,
Travel straight towards my heart,
Whispers, whispers, in the day,
Make me think I’ll be okay.

Whispers, whispers, in my ear,
Even they don’t make me think clear,
Whispers, whispers, maybe lies?
What words can make me see clear skies?

Whispers, whispers, shape my mind,
Tell me I am one of a kind,
Whispers, whispers, don’t be mean,
Because then my heart would be wiped clean.

Whispers, whispers, in the air,
Guide me well without a care,
Whispers, whispers, leave a scar,
Prove you’re here, just leave a mark.

How Dare They

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So many people tell me,
That I am pretty,
But do they hear,
What the mirror says?
They tell me these things,
They must be lies,
They do not see what I do,
Not when I look to the mirror.
They all claim knowledge,
Of what I endure,
But they don’t know me!
Not really.
They do not see the
I become when I am alone.
How dare they say I am pretty.
How dare they tell me that.


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Hurt lurks in the shadows,
Dark and unseen,
Behind a smile of lies,
It hides.

Hurt dwells in the memories,
Past and the present,
In a shell of anger,
It lives.

It hides in the eyes,
A lonely little tear,
Unable to be seen,
Unable to be feared.

It feeds on our sadness,
It thrives on despair,
But it’s quite invisible,
Like a strand of hair.

When you think it’s far away,
It returns to you again,
Hope banishes, but then hurt comes,
And destroys every now and then.

The Angels Won’t Guide Me.

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The angels hate me,
I know they do,
They must despise me,
That much is true.

They won’t watch over,
Nor will they guide,
And they will leave me there,
All happiness aside.

They really must hate me,
If they refuse to hear my cries,
But maybe they think they’ll be,
My quietest lies.

I am alone,
And the angel’s aren’t there,
All love has been thrown,
But the angels don’t care.

No angels to guide me,
No angels to understand,
No angels to see,
That this I can’t handle.


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A dark twisted world awaits,

While we idly think about dates,

In a world so hungry like a beast,

It preys on humans, for a feast.

The fear in our darkened eyes,

The sadness in our sighs,

I love this crazy dark life,

Where anywhere in this world I fly.

Without an emotion, this world moves on,

It devours things before thinking it’s wrong,

With great power comes great destruction,

I think I’m imagining things, a fraction.

Tears spring forward, terrified, worried,

Like precious stones, rocks that were quarried,

Their precious worth is more than worthless,

Quite like that smile that lives in mirthless.

For a smile that is sad is no smile at all,

The smiler of that smile should be appalled,

That smile it shall be the death of sadness,

Does it not know to hope for what is best?

A lost world in submerged in darkness,

A secret to leave the skin mark-less,

A dream of love and heartbreak and lying,

You are not the only crying.

I Sent My Heart Somewhere that Day

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I sent my heart somewhere that day,

Somewhere very far away,

I threw my heart away that day,

That day, the very same.

I willed my heart to go that day,

To make my feelings go, they say,

I told my heart to stay away,

That horrible, bashful day.

I haven’t a heart to this day,

Where in the flower fields I lay,

I lost my heart so long, that day,

Without feelings I stayed awake.

My heart disappeared, in a way,

From myself, feeling very grey,

My emotions went somewhere too, that day,

Now I don’t trust what they say.

When my heart went away that day,

A terrible lie they did say,

I don’t believe them, now I’m a ray,

Of beautiful sunshine throughout the dark grey.

I sent my heart away that day,

Oh, that wonderful fateful day!

My heart would never stay away,

Not till this very day.

Little Birdy

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Little birdy in the nest,

Tucked in safe, just like the rest.

The little birdy had a dream,

Of love and peace and to be free.

It sang as high as it could sing,

And dreamed of being a fitful king.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Birdy’s on my shoulder,

Pecking my ear to a smoulder.

Whispering secrets it never meant,

Hushing sighs and off it went.

It had some lies under its wing,

A nice little lie song it would sing.

The little birdies will sleep well tonight.

Whispers never go unheard,

Stories that are quite absurd,

A string of lies by a little bird.

And the  little birdies

Will sleep well tonight.

Call Me a Name

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Call me a name,

See how I care,

Seeing me cry is in fact very rare.

Call me stupid,

I know that you’d lie,

Just to try and see me cry.

To those of you who’d try to break me,

You’d be such a nuisance, you see.

You’ll never break me,

Never again,

Because I have someone who I call a friend.