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A Prayer for all the Broken Hearts

Posted in Poems, Prayers with tags , , , , , , , , on December 15, 2012 by Myra's Circle

I pray for the cruelly slaughtered,

The sad hearts in the aftermath,

The once bright futures destroyed.

I pray for the life to be that never was,

The lonely souls that were left behind,

The once perfect hearts broken.

I pray for the dreams that have been lost,

The memories of someone who was little but great,

The futures that were taken from us.

I pray for the minds that have been killed,

The seamless dreams that were destroyed,

The love of many lost loved ones.

I extend this prayer to all the lonely people, the dead, the dying, and those who suffer because of it, especially the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  May their souls rest in peace, and may the burden less on their families.

Myra M.

The Day You Got Away

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My pain is stronger than you killed.  Than that terrible day.  I know now that you didn’t mean to hurt me, but it still hurts worse than anything else I’ve ever felt.  You escaped from me, and left me here, alone and seething.  Terrible thoughts flashed through my devastated mind, but even then I knew it wasn’t your fault.  I scolded myself for what could only be my fault, but that just made the pain worse.  I think that this pain will always be here, but it won’t be so terrible later in the empty shell that was my life.  I can’t sleep, for every time I try, the loneliness of my mind is ravaged by dreams of you, dreams so terrible that I can’t even explain them.  Every night in bed, I think of you, of the day you disappeared from my life, and I cry myself to sleep, only to wake up five minutes later, screaming.  Sometimes I really wish you would come back.  I tried writing a letter to you, but no words came out of my pen.  Eventually, I gave up, realising that you would never come back, that’s why you left me.  I can’t remember anymore, anything of that sorrowful day.  Of the day you got away.