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It’s been a while since,
I felt cold metal on my skin,
The iciness of the cuts,
The beautiful emptiness.
It’s been a while since,
I looked at my thighs,
and saw art carved
Into my skin.
It’s been a while since,
there was silence so deep
It made my ears hurt.
It’s been a while since,
I last felt the pain,
I’m beginning to miss it.

Prayers for the Helpless

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To all the sadness in the world,
When happiness inside, is curled,
Comfortably, warmly by the flames,
I pray, whilst all happiness shames.

For all the lonely people left,
The sad and lonely people, ever so deft,
The ones which pain is indebted to,
I pray for every single one of you.

The ones who’s lives were taken with haste,
To those whose tears are thicker than paste,
I pray your hearts will heal someday,
Someday not so long away.

To the cruelty in your eyes,
Of a past pain it signifies,
I pray for whatever makes you mean,
The hurts that shall remain unseen.

For all the people, present and past,
Who try to get through life so fast,
Hurting won’t reduce the pain,
It only makes you feel insane.


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Hurt lurks in the shadows,
Dark and unseen,
Behind a smile of lies,
It hides.

Hurt dwells in the memories,
Past and the present,
In a shell of anger,
It lives.

It hides in the eyes,
A lonely little tear,
Unable to be seen,
Unable to be feared.

It feeds on our sadness,
It thrives on despair,
But it’s quite invisible,
Like a strand of hair.

When you think it’s far away,
It returns to you again,
Hope banishes, but then hurt comes,
And destroys every now and then.


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Fear nibbles at my veins,
Stings my blood unlike nothing else,
Destroys my soul, and all it’s pains,
Hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt.

It courses through my heart and mind,
And never lets me escape to rest,
In strength and terror it does bind,
A final safe place would make me blessed.

But no more, the terror strengthens,
Tears threaten at my eyelids,
The time of which my pain is lengthened,
When my troubled times I hid.

Through fear it was that kept me sane,
Twas’ fear that made me keep in mind,
The feeling rushing through my veins,
Is a feeling to which I  am blind.


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Pressure builds,

Pain rises,

Blood boils,

Terror fills,

Burning heart,

Sadness hurts,



Bury pain,

Hide hurt,

Inside dies,

Tears stream,

Smiles fade,


Burn out,

Forget all,

One hope,

Hateful sneers,

Try to cope,

Too much,


Lose hope,

Find despair,

More pain,

Death’s presence,

Can’t breathe,

Blood trickles,

Pouring out,


No more

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No more forgiveness,

No more pain,

No more pretending,

It’s just not the same,

But you know who I am,

And not who I have become,

You can see through the mask,

That would fool some.

No more anger,

No more sadness,

No one is lonely,

From this tired madness,

But you don’t see,

What I want to to,

And this part of me,

Just wants to be so blue.

No more fear,

Of what I have become,

No more hurt,

It just sounds so dumb,

For this wish of mine,

Is impossible, unreachable,

Signed with a sigh,

This pain so unpreachable.

That’s When

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When happiness takes my unfeeling heart,

And when a mountain moves with a start,

When the dead resume their life again,

That’s when I will be your friend.

When smiles mean nothing but “I’m okay,”

And tears just mean, “Good luck today,”

When people smile over their lost dreams,

That’s when you will hear my screams.

When rivers flow backwards, and a whisper’s worth a shout,

And people speak back to front, leaving no doubt,

When death is only a symbol of love,

That’s when I’ll smile on you from above.

When people never lose their way,

And the ocean turns against the bay,

When memories turn to dust once more,

That’s when you, I will adore.

When quantity is more than quality,

And every person achieves equality,

And when there’s nothing left to do,

That’s when I’ll stop loving you.