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What’s the point?

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I can’t dream

or hope

or wish


What’s the point

of dreaming

of hoping with





They only

add up to


A Silent Cry for Help

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You cry,
When no one’s home,
With no one to hear you silent pleas,
Your tears fall,
Without any hope.
Your dreams are but simply that, dreams.
How don’t they see,
How can they not know how you suffer?
But you smile,
A pretense,
It doesn’t really exist,
But no one knows really cares.

The Last Dance

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The girl who saw the ghost lives here,
She cries  alone a lot,
She lives her life in awful fear,
Of all that she forgot.

The girl who remembers angels,
You may remember her,
She cannot stand all that befell,
Those strange and beautiful blurs.

The girl who took her life remains,
In this abandoned lot,
In order for her to remain sane,
She had to lose the lot.

She couldn’t stay, she couldn’t leave,
Not the best deal, she had,
Finally with courage and grief,
She was lost by her own hand.

That’s the story of the girl,
Who lost everything at once,
Everything to her bright red curls,
In her final grieving dance.


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The words leap off the page as I stare,

Replaced by pictures; a three dimensional lair,

Imagination grabs my mind,

Not letting go of it’s own kind.

I see the bad guys, their genius plans,

The good guys’ deadline, an hourglass of sands,

I see their world, just as they see,

The tiniest details, the flowers, and bees.

I hear their laughs and see their smiles,

I laugh along with them for a little while,

I hear the world bustling around,

Yet reality never makes as much as a sound.

Their fear is mine, striking my heart,

Striking straight through, like a poisoned dart,

I freeze, stop, stare the bad guys down,

And then I remember and feel such a clown.

For hear I am, alone in my home,

Fear goes away, my excitement has grown,

I look back to the page in front,

And in my mind I’m on a tree stump.

Hopeless Souls

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So many hopeless souls,

Seeking so very desperately,

A place they called ‘home’.

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I smiled at her as I sat down next to her.  She rolled her eyes.  “You’re digging your own grave,” she growled.  I shrugged.  “I know.”  We didn’t talk much after that.  She looked so lonely sitting here all by herself.  She was one of the ‘unpopular’ girls that were always ridiculed for absolutely no reason at all, and I didn’t like how girls like her were treated like that.  I wanted to show everybody that everyone should be included in everything, but some of the girls at our school didn’t really take to that idea.  I guess that they just wanted to continue their glamourous shallow lives.  I also think that some people may think that I’m a hippie or something, but that’s just a stereotype.  I hate stereotypes.  Trying to make polite conversation, I said, “Do you like this school?”  She spat on the table to show her appreciation for the school and said, “Like it? Pah!  I don’t think anyone could like this school!  It’s full of dumb cliques and shallow dimwits!  The few nice people in the school who were my friends moved away months ago.  At least they have sense.  And if you had any sense, you would have left this school the very first day you came!”  I decided that it was best not to tread on delicate subjects like school.  Maybe talking about her home life wouldn’t be a great idea either.  “So… what are your hobbies?”  I asked politely.  “I don’t really have any hobbies.”  she grumbled.  “But there must be something you like to do!”  I persisted.  She thought for a minute.  “Well,” she began thoughtfully, “I do kind of like sports.  Like, swimming and stuff.  What about you?”  I think she was just being polite with the ‘what about you’ part, because when I said, “Singing and dancing,” she looked like she wasn’t listening.  Actually, she looked like she was listening to someone else.  To get her attention, I asked, “Are you okay?”  She nearly jumped out of her skin.  I must have startled her, but she didn’t reply.  “Okay then, bye.”  I said.  Usually, I wouldn’t move away so soon, but the way she acted was just weird.  One horrible thought that entered my mind was, no wonder she doesn’t have any friends.  I tried to dismiss that thought, because I didn’t want to become as shallow as all of those other girls at this school.  As I walked away, I heard her mutter, “Was somebody just here?”  I felt truly sorry for her.

Lost in the Road

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I cycled round and round and round,

I pedalled faster, homeward bound,

I tried to find my way back home,

But unsuccessful, unlike some.

Some people have it easy,

Never feel queasy,

‘Bout being lost,

No matter the cost.

And as I rode and rode and rode,

I thought about how I’d been lost in the road.

Daddy’s Special Day

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Dear Daddy,

Happy 50th Birthday!  What’s it like in Florida?  I can’t wait to come see you there!  Mummy says I can come next holidays.

I’m doing great with school and I’m bursting to show you my excellent grades.  Mummy is really proud of me and I hope

you are too!

What next?  Kaylie struggled with letters to her Dad.  She had only met him once and that was when he came over for Christmas last year.  Kaylie had a small, impish face, with curly blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes to die for.  She was only in her second year of school, but she was excelling in all areas.  Kaylie thought as hard as she could, trying desperately to come up with another two sentences at least.

5o years is a long time to live.  Do you think I would live that long?  As I’m only seven, I have a long way to go!

Love Kaylie.

She finished in her messy scrawl and held up her letter proudly.  “Mummy!  Mummy!”  she shouted, running down the stairs to show her Mum the letter.  Kathryn Crispt was a beautiful woman, only thirty-five, with blonde curly hair and big blue eyes.  She laughed and her blonde curls bounced up and down.  “I finished the letter to Daddy!”  “Okay then, lets see it.”  said Kathryn, searching the bench for her reading glasses.  She quickly read it and passed it back to Kaylie.  “That’s excellent sweetie.  Now don’t forget to find an envelope to seal it with.”  Kathryn smiled.  Kaylie beamed proudly and bounced off to find an envelope.  When she did, she stuffed the letter into it and licked it to seal the envelope.  A few days later, a letter arrived from her Dad.  Kaylie could only read out loud, very slowly, but she always enjoyed reading letters from Daddy.

Dearest Kaylie,

Thank you for that beautiful letter.  Florida is amazing.  I’m right on the beachfront.  I can’t wait until you finally come.  

I’m proud to hear that your grades are good.  I think you will make it to 5o years.  I’m very proud of you.  I might be able

to make it this weekend, for my birthday.

Love Daddy.

Kaylie’s Dad was always travelling.  From Spain, to France, to Florida, he was never home.  It was news to Kaylie when she read the last sentence and she started squealing uncontrollably.  Her Mother came in to see what the fuss was about and Kaylie handed her the letter.  Kathryn scanned it and smiled, glad.  She missed Kaylies father Mitchel terribly.

At school, Kaylie couldn’t concentrate.  All she could think about was her Father’s visit.  When the last bell sounded finally, she grabbed her bag and rushed out.  She came home to find her Dad, as promised.  “Daddy!”  she squealed, hugging him tight.  She made her Daddy’s special day was even more special.


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Once upon a time,

In a place far far away,

There was a girl they said could climb,

So high that she may,

Fall down, one day,

For her hands were aching,

Her heart was breaking.

In her mind she was making,

A map.

As elaborate as a thunder clap.

She cries,

“Why was I forsaken?”

With a truly ghastly sigh,

She says,

“What a truly horrid gift!

To be forced to climb till my hands are red,

And my heart contains a large rift!”

Her mind was a wreck,

Her heart was sick.

She was lost.

Not caring what it cost.

A Promise of Friendship

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I promise that:

I will be your friend no matter what,

I will love you a whole lot.

I will care for you in times of trouble,

Through floods and storms and household rubble.

I would risk my life to save yours,

I will know you to the very core.

I promise that:

I will never leave you alone,

I’ll go through your troubles too, despite my own.

I will be there for you,

Through black and blue.

I will let you shine,

Through mud and grime.

I will light your way,

Through darkest day.

I promise that:

I will love you more than anything,

I will be with you through thick and thin.

I will never hurt you,

I will stick with you like glue.

I will love you unlike any other,

Unlike any sister, mother, or brother.

I promise that:

I will let you be yourself,

And share with you all my wealth.

You’ll never be alone, you see,

I will never let you to be.

I promise this and many more,

For I love you to the very core.

I wish you luck in the years to come,

I wish you to prosper under the sun.

For all my friends, especially Louise.