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Where is Heaven?

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Where is Heaven now?
Now that Hell is here?
The angels take a bow,
The demons, we must fear.

Now Hell has frozen over,
And Heaven’s simply bored,
The demon’s pick the clovers,
The sharpest possible claws.

They sniff at all the flowers,
Which then wilt away,
The angels start to cower,
The demons watch with dismay.

The sun sets on the colder world,
A job done by Hell,
And Heaven’s in a corner curled,
Their hearts beating in a swell.

What do demons truly see?
A world that they could own?
And anything I thought could be,
But Heaven’s not at home.

So where, then, is this force?
When Hell isn’t done,
When we scream with voices hoarse,
Whilst Hell has its fun?

When I fell from Heaven

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When I fell from Heaven,
And landed here on Earth,
Pain multiplied by seven,
I began to lose my worth.

I did not fall so soft,
My heart shattered in my chest,
I gave the smallest cough,
And laid back down to rest.

They found me in the morning,
They found me in the noon,
My sadness it came pouring
Out underneath the moon.

For though they had all seen me,
Not only once; but twice,
All they did was leave me be,
An angel trapped in ice.

Heavens Above

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What happens to the sun,
When it falls every night?
Like an angel from Heaven,
When the moon takes flight?

What happens to the stars,
When the sun chases them away?
Where do they run to,
By night or by day?

What happens to the moon,
That sinks into sunrise?
Does it drown every morning,
 Before God’s eyes?

The Darkness Here

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There’s darkness here,
It shines so bright,
So very near,
To Heaven’s light.

Darkness flows,
Into my soul,
The seeds it sows,
Are very cold.

I cannot breathe,
The darkness suffocates,
My soul just seethes,
For me it’s too late.

The darkness returns,
In a dark sort of way,
It starts to burn,
My smiles away.

Heaven and Hell

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I scream and die as hell rebounds,
For all it’s glory gone,
All I hear are heaven’s sounds,
Yet still I sing hell’s song.

Demons cry throughout the night,
Knowing all my pain,
They know my weakness for the light,
Am I really that insane?

Why do the heavens taunt me so,
If only I could tell,
Through heaven and hell there’s nowhere for me to go,

My soul is all to sell,
To the demons of my past,
They know that now I must do this, at last,
At last.

Tell me now, what must I do,
To leave the gates of Hell,
You left me here without a clue,
My future I must dwell.

Why do the heavens taunt me so,
If only I could tell,
Through heaven and hell there’s nowhere for me to go,

My soul is all to sell,
To the demons of my past,
They know that I must do this, at last,
At last.

And you will haunt me,
Don’t you see?
If you shall haunt me,
Just leave me be.

And now I know,
Why the heavens taunt me so.

Why do the heavens taunt me so,
If only I could tell,
Through heaven and hell there’s nowhere for me to go,

My soul is all to sell,
To the demons of my past,
They know that I must do this, at last,
At last.

Here is Heaven

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Here is Heaven,

A world for all the souls,

Who lived and died,

And now reside,

Their hearts like burning coals.

Here is Heaven,

A dream for all the minds,

Who hoped and wished,

And now we miss,

Those loved ones Heaven finds.

Here is Heaven,

A memory for those lost,

Whom hell has found,

All those renowned,

For evil’s deadly cost.

Here is Heaven,

A wish for all the hearts,

The strong and failing,

The weak and flailing,

That’s where Heaven starts.

Here is Heaven,

A smile for all the hopeless,

Who cried and cried,

With smiles of sighs,

Whose lives get less and less.

Here is Heaven,

The hopes of the innocent,

The ones who smiled,

All through tough times,

With all the help they lent.

Here is Heaven,

And light of all its glory,

That loved ones found,

And now abound,

And this is Heavens story.

Behind the Sunrise

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There is a rainbow there, behind that sunrise.  It lies there, unreachable, waiting for the time when people will finally see it, recognise it.  The beauty of it is unfathomable, for no one has seen its true beauty.  This rainbow is beyond destruction, beyond the hope that the sun will rise today, and every day.  Sometimes we catch glimpses of it, but, like a puzzle, we can not piece together the whole picture.  Here, beauty is a matter so trivial, and vanity is ever so pointless.  A paradise, a place to go to escape fears, memories of the past.  Here, angels sing, and a smile is as precious as a jewel.  Beyond that sunrise lies the hopes of the world, that peace might one day be possible, that people may get along.  A dream, as real as you and me, never reveals itself.  Money is foreign, for there is no need for it here.  All you have to do to give endless joy, is a smile.  It costs nothing more.  You may ask, “If it is so beautiful, why not show itself?”  but deep inside, you know the answer.  It is afraid that if it shows itself, we humans would destroy it too, like all other beautiful things.  Eventually, our hands will destroy all that is, or once was, beautiful.  Nothing fights there, and nothing ever dies there.  A place bathed in light, bright as the sun, yet never blinding.  What is this place, you may ask, well, the answer is: Heaven


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I ran through the fields of flowers, a streak of joy flowing through me.  The smell of fresh flowers penetrated my nostrils.  They smelt like summer.  I loved summer.  The days were always longer, so you could always seem to fit everything into daytime.  The day was bright and sunny, and drops of perspiration trickled down my cheek from the intensity of the heat.  I am not completely carefree though.  I question my every thought, every move.  I couldn’t seem to feel as calm and collected as others thought I was.  Inside I was screaming.  I was confused, angry even.  I hated that part of myself, that part that was always asking questions.  I stopped running and lay down in a bed of flowers with a particularly strong, sweet aroma.  I closed my eyes and drifted.  In my thoughts I drifted to my special place, a small white room I could no longer go to.  My study.  I saw the beautiful, intricate white desk, with a chair to match.  There wasn’t much else in the room.  The figure of me in my mind placed a pale hand onto the desk longingly.  The long white dress ‘I’ was wearing was in tatters.  I loved this little room, my sanctuary.  Whenever things didn’t go right anywhere else, I would escape up here, where I would write until my hands ached and cramps gathered in my legs from lack of exercise.  Sadly, I could no longer come here.  I watched through sad eyes as friends and family members came up here and said, “Her presence still lingers here.  It’s almost like she’s watching us from above like an angel.”  Every single person who came here said that, and it made me very lonely and sad to be referred to as a mere presence.  I was glad that they were moving on, though.  I was also glad that I no longer live there, in that world.  This world I now live in, is full of love and warmth.  Every night at dusk, I would hear angels sing.  It was beautiful.  But I was lonely in this new life.  I had no one to talk to, to confide in.  To quell my loneliness, I would visit my study and watch all of those people stroll through there daily, to mourn me.  Everyone knew that my death was inevitable but I was well missed.  I miss my friends too.  Now, I dream of a time and a place, where I can be with my friends and family again, where they can see me and not just sense my presence.  When I entered, I was greeted by bright light and choirs of angels.  This is what heaven feels like.