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Crushed by such weightlessness,
My heart yearns,
For all the pain,
That it has learnt.

Destroyed by happiness,
My heart won’t seek,
It doesn’t want,
It doesn’t need.

Left in ruins,
Colder than time,
Older than man,
As harsh as a whine.

Hardened by tears,
Dripping to the soul,
Made into a curse,
Of that heart so cold.

Made from old dreams,
In a graveyard of rust,
One cannot undo,
This most sacred of trust.

But do not dare bother,
And do not dare wake,
And do not dare cover,
That piercing wail of heartbreak.

Is That What a Smile Becomes?

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Is that what a smile becomes,

That awful broken thing?

So quickly unnoticed in some,

“They’re fine,” is all you’d think.

Is that laugh a broken one,

So sad and full of heartbreak?

When all is good and done is done,

What difference does a friend make?

Are those all your words will be,

When nothing more can live?

Is that just another part of me,

Me, just that kid?

What of all things is my smile,

Is it even worth a thing?

I worry for a little while,

What more will sadness bring?


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A dark twisted world awaits,

While we idly think about dates,

In a world so hungry like a beast,

It preys on humans, for a feast.

The fear in our darkened eyes,

The sadness in our sighs,

I love this crazy dark life,

Where anywhere in this world I fly.

Without an emotion, this world moves on,

It devours things before thinking it’s wrong,

With great power comes great destruction,

I think I’m imagining things, a fraction.

Tears spring forward, terrified, worried,

Like precious stones, rocks that were quarried,

Their precious worth is more than worthless,

Quite like that smile that lives in mirthless.

For a smile that is sad is no smile at all,

The smiler of that smile should be appalled,

That smile it shall be the death of sadness,

Does it not know to hope for what is best?

A lost world in submerged in darkness,

A secret to leave the skin mark-less,

A dream of love and heartbreak and lying,

You are not the only crying.