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Am I really Normal?

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Don’t you dare

Tell me

That I’m normal

And there’s nothing wrong



Because what kind of normal person

Tears their life apart

For no reason at all?

Lost Smile

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Losing a smile

Is like losing a friend

Your heart

Your soul

Everything that you once poured

Your entire being into



Lost forever.

And you begin to think

That you’ve got nothing



The Cure

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This sickness, how could it be,
When vitamins don’t work on me?
When nothing helps but makes me worse,
This sickness, it is like a curse.

The cure so simple doesn’t help,
Nor any medicine on the shelf,
Nothing will appease this hunger,
A horror that can only linger.

Go away, foul deadly beast,
That eats my happiness like a feast,
Shoo, go on, please do not stay,
Please, oh please just keep away!

I no longer want this plague,
I do not want sadness so vague,
But it keeps coming back, you see,
It won’t get away from me.

I need it somehow, this sadness so dark,
I’m free as a bird, and sing as a lark,
But when I’m happy, it comes for me,
It will not simply leave me be.

Why do I insist on being so sad?
Why must I continue to feel this bad?
I don not quite understand this thing,
Such as makes me sadly sing.

A disease, a sickness, that’s what I believe,
But I don’t think I’ll ever find a key,
A cure for this, does not exist,
A cure for this, is one thing so missed.

In the Darkness of Your Soul

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Layla couldn’t run anymore.  She had surpassed her limits.  She needed to stop, or she was going to kill herself.  But she couldn’t stop.  She had to escape from her demons.  You see, Layla lived in a world full of demons, the things that are born from the darkness in one’s heart.  These demons prey on the heart that they were created by, and never leave it alone.  Someone save me from myself, she mouthed, ever so softly.  She closed her eyes and hoped that she was dreaming, but when she opened them again, she clearly saw that she was not.  Demons were such ugly creatures, with awful, distorted bodies and faces.  The longer you look at them, the uglier they appear.  Layla supposed that this is because they are the ugliness in everyone’s soul.  Layla began to wonder what would happen if someone were to kill their demons.  Would they forever be at peace with themselves, or would new demons just constantly form out of the collective darkness of their heart?  Layla tried to push those thoughts out of her head, though.  It would be less likely than a hamster growing wings and flying.  As far as she knew, no one had ever been able to kill their demons.  “Or maybe, they were just too afraid to,” whispers the shadows. Layla was terrified, but all she could do was blink back her tears and keep on running, in hopes that maybe someday she could outrun the demons of her heart.  “Keep on running little girl, but you can’t run from yourself.”  As hard as Layla tried to deny it, she couldn’t.  The demon was right.  She can’t run from herself.  That’s when she turned around and opened her arms, in a gesture of kindness and love.  The demons, startled, ran right into her outstretched arms, and disappeared in a column of light.  As all the darkness in her soul disappeared, she felt it replaced by a warm flood of love and happiness.  Her demons were gone.


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Sickness that consumes this soul,

Sickness of this heart so cold,

I’ve been sick for so very long,

I am sick, and I’m not wrong.

This sickness is unlike any,

It will always consume many,

It hurts one, then leaps to another,

Spreading from the mouths of each other.

Sickness that no one can heal,

Sickness to which there is no shield,

One more time the sickness strikes,

Yet another soul is wiped.

Run Away

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Run away, run away.  Run away from yourself.  That’s what they all tell me.  But I don’t want to run.  I’m sick of running.  What’s the point?  You’re going to catch up to yourself anyway.  It is only a matter of time.  Running just exhausts me.  I can’t run anymore.  I’ll never be free.  I know that.  It won’t be any different just because I’m running away from the grave truth.  No, I won’t run anymore.  I can’t.  I have to face my past, my future, my present, my everything.  Just face it, and keep going.  That’s life’s lesson, right?  I suppose so, but I’ll never really know if I keep running.

How to Measure a Smile

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A smile is ill humour,

And memories to spare,

When head’s hot as a fever,

And close to despair.

A smile is a medicine,

One to heal the heart,

It takes care of all the sins,

Of the souls that depart.

A smile is for the people that care,

A family or,

The best friend who is there.

A smile is a disguise,

For sadness to wear,

When you’re not feeling wise,

And fate’s hard to bear.

A smile is the sunrise,

For those who have none,

What would not be seen otherwise,

When all else is done.

When all else is through,

And naught’s worth your while,

Then this, is what you do,

To measure a smile.