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When I’ll Stop Loving You

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When oceans dry up,
And the stars fall to the sea,
I’ll stop loving you.

My Smile

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Beauty and colours,
For the first in a long while,
I can’t sleep at night,
I don’t want to miss a second of my smile.

Sunshine, and warm embraces,
Warm upon my shoulders,
The warmth spreads further,
Squashes the sadness like boulders.

Mindlessness and silence,
That’s my state of mind,
It feels so good right now,
Happiness of a kind.

The world feels beautiful again,
Now my smile is here,
It feels so different,
From the ones that cover tears.

No longer faked, no more pretend,
I know my smile is real,
It no longer needs to cover up,
All the troubles that I feel.

This Angel Saved my Life

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Lost and lonely,
I searched,
For some sort of savior,
To rescue me.

I screamed louder,
No one came,
No one aided,
The lost, lonely one.

I asked for help,
You didn’t come running,
You couldn’t or wouldn’t,
I don’t know which.

Louder and louder I tried to scream,
It was the end,
But then something miraculous happened.

White light, brighter than the sun,
An angel appeared and saved me,
She whispered quietly, “It’ll be fine,”
And I took her hand and flew far away.

Escape, finally, someone came to my aid,
I was free from this burden, and all else,
For this angel, she saved me,
She saved me from my darkness.

Mixed Emotions

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I remember I said long ago,
I wouldn’t ever fall from up high,
But how, back then could I know,
That I’d need this to get by?

I remember my promises to myself,
Such empty promises I can now see,
I fell, so far and without much help,
For something I can’t even be.

I know it seems so distant now,
I told myself never to dream this way,
All I need to know is HOW,
How I manage with each day.

Now dare I say, I think I’m in love,
Maybe, just maybe I am,
But how would I know? The word fits like a glove,
Something, I might just understand.

I feel happy and sad, both at the same time,
I don’t know which I’d prefer,
I can’t exactly start to whine,
Or whinge about how my life’s ‘over’.

So I think I’ll just keep quiet,
Say not a thing, I swear,
The inside of my mind is a riot,
I’m just glad I can keep on my hair.

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun, and YOU

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You look at the stars and wonder where the times went,
When love and happiness were no mere dissent,
When you were for once a glad soul,
And your sanity was no longer on hold.

You stare at the moon, at all of it’s holes,
And remember that that’s what makes it’s full soul,
That yours will soon, of all, be complete,
And then you’ll be going again with all the speed of fleet.

No more will the stars and the moon,
Have what you want, so near and so soon,
You, you shall be happy again,
And when you should be happy, my friend, that’s when,

The stars and the moon will lose their own glimmer,
The sun so bright, will forget how to shimmer,
And you will shine, as a light so bright,
And you might be happy again, oh how you might.

One Day

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One day,

When I am strong,

I will be able,

To bear this burden,


One day,

When I am happy,

I will be able,

To smile forever,


One day,

When I am lonely,

I will be able,

To sing like I had lost none,


One day.


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I am fine,

I am happy,


But why?

Why me?

What did I do,

to deserve this?

No one deserves,

this agony you put me through.


Tears would stream,

Down my face,

each day,

At night,

I would pretend,

to be fast asleep,

Crying silently

into my old pillow.

I hated



that mattered once

Does not anymore.

You made me,


of coming back,

I didn’t tell anyone.

They didn’t deserve

to feel the pain

I suffered.

They were

So happy,

I pretended,

For them.

Someone needs to

Be strong,

put on a mask

of happiness,

and pretend

everything is okay.

And I guess,

that person

has to be,