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Lost and Lonely

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I’m lost and lonely, with nowhere to go,
Alone and lost there in the snow,
No one quite knows what to do,
I seem to be waiting for some kind of cue.

Give a little to get a little, what else is new?
Nothing goes right for just one of the few,
But everything turns out in the end, right?
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to take flight.

I have to fly away from here,
Away from all my friends so dear,
But I’ll be lost and lonely again,
Lost and lonely without any friends.

Who cares for the lost, lonely one?
Who on Earth would be so dumb?
Whoever you are, you must not know,
Who I am or where I’ll go.

But then again, neither do I,
I have no idea where I’ll fly,
Far away, I have to hope,
Somewhere where I will not have to mope.


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So I guess I gotta fly away,
From all the hassle and commotion,
I think that more and more each day,
No matter what the devotion.

Fly, fly away from all your troubles and sorrows,
Fly, fly away, and just hope for better soon,
Fly far away, and return only tomorrow,
Just in time to see the moon.

I’ll forget all the little things,
The things that make me cry,
The things that make me want to sing,
Are all I’ll need to get by.

Fly, fly away from all your troubles and sorrows,
Fly, fly away, and just hope for better soon,
Fly far away, and return only tomorrow,
Just in time to see the moon.

I want to fly forever, to never have to return,
I wish that of all things my memories to burn,
And than maybe, just maybe, it will all be fine again,
And that’s when,

I’ll Fly, fly away from all your troubles and sorrows,
Fly, fly away, and just hope for better soon,
Fly far away, and return only tomorrow,
Just in time to see the moon.

You Don’t Know

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You smile at me, but you don’t have a clue,

You don’t even know what I’ve been through.

All those years sitting quiet and smiling,

All the while, my sadness was piling.

When I was crying alone in my room,

You had no idea of my impending doom.

I always, always felt so alone,

Always listening to my mind’s sombre tone.

My sadness some day, will catch up to me,

Always at the door, without a key.

I’m trapped forever and ever, I cry,

But free as the birds that fly in the sky.

My sadness, it does not make sense,

My tears will always be this dense.

You never did see all those tears,

Not through all those heavy years.

But when I lost the battle I fought,

I didn’t know the pain I wrought.


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I spread my wings,

Ready to leap,



Can I make it?

Will I fly?


Without bounds?

I look back to the edge,

The place I’m imprisoned,



I don’t want to be,

The one left behind,



I can do it,

I open my wings,


As night.

I close my eyes,

Oh, those beady black eyes,




Silent Suffering

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Close your eyes.  Calm down.  Breathe.  These were all things the more sensible part of my brain had told me that dreary night.  On that night, I hated myself.  I just wanted to tear myself apart.  And I almost did.  I thrashed around in my bed, when everyone else thought I was sleeping, tearing at my skin with my nails.  I didn’t care as I saw blood bloom out of the red marks my nails had raked across my arm.  Tears didn’t come; I just felt empty inside.  I wanted to scream, but I knew I couldn’t.  I had become so used to suffering silently by myself, but it never became any easier.  I didn’t expect it to.  And yet, I still hated myself.  Hated myself for no other particular reason, other than the fact that I was human, and destroyed things, without even meaning to.  Hated myself because, I, like so many others, destroy almost everything I touch, and I cannot help it; it is part of being human.  I don’t want to be a human anymore.  I want to be a bird, a songbird.  Then at least, I wouldn’t have to keep destroying things.  Then, I could just fly away from all of my troubles and sing until my throat was sore.


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“Fly Wind, fly!  You’re free now!  Fly to the edge of the earth and back, and tell me of your amazing adventures.”  whispered the little girl to her Giant Sky Eagle.  Nearly everyone in Wind Valley had one, mostly for transport or for a pet.  Wind didn’t budge.  The little girl could tell he wouldn’t go anywhere without her, so she said, “It’d just be for a little while.  You could come back for me.”  she told him soothingly.  “GO!” she shouted when that didn’t work, tears springing to her eyes as she watched her friend fly away.  “I’ll see you when you come back for me,” she whispered loudly, “When you come to take me to a better place than here.”  The little girl stayed on the ledge until Wind disappeared from her sight.  She shouted some parting words to her swiftly departing bird, “Remember me.”


Years had passed before she saw Wind again.  The girl was now fifteen.  It was a clear day above Wind Valley, but not underneath.  Underneath Wind Valley, fluffy white clouds floated harmlessly from place to place as Wind Valley stayed in it’s place in the sky.  No one walked the earth below anymore, as the air was too toxic.  The air up in Wind Valley was beautiful, and not polluted, as there were no factories or cars.  The girl was standing on the same cliff that she had ten years ago, when she had released Wind.  She closed her eyes, letting a westerly breeze blow through her hair, filling her nostrils with the sweet scent of flowers.  The girl had come here every day since then, hoping Wind would come back and take her somewhere else, on an adventure.  She hated Wind Valley, as beautiful as it was.  She was to rule as queen when she turned sixteen, but she was afraid of ruling.  She was never able to do all of the fun things that other teenagers were.  Wind, in other words, was her only way to escape that bleak life, and that dark future.  The girl figured that if she could escape, then no one would be able to tell her to be a queen anywhere.   The girl looked down, watching the clouds drift.  Somewhere above the clouds, she saw a blue shape shifting.  She squinted, trying to make out what it was.  It was coming towards her at an alarming rate.  She blinked, unable to believe what she was seeing.  Wind had come back to her!  As it plunged into her, she could have sworn it squawked her name.  KAIRI!