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The Skies’ Tears

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There are fears in me,
I cannot see,
I feel them though,
Heavier than a blow.

They come at night,
And blind my sight,
They take my feelings,
In a cruel dealing.

It captures my heart,
I can’t tear, nor part,
From this most awful spell,
On which I must dwell.

Forgive me my sorrows,
The sins of tomorrow,
I start again in pain,
Awaiting the cold of rain.

The skies pour down,
I am hell bound,
I try to scream,
But no one hears me.

And as I die,
In tears of sky,
I no longer care,
Just wish I weren’t there.

End this suffering

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Tear it apart,
My heart,
So I cannot feel.

This sadness inside,
I cannot hide,
For much longer,
At all.

Kill this side of me,
Just do it, please,
Leave nothing left but,

I’m begging you,
End this,
This mindless suffering,
I don’t want to feel anymore.

Mashed Up Feelings

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I know that one day,
Some day,
You will destroy me,
You will rip out my heart,
And shatter it with your pitiless soul,
And leave me broken,

As I once was.
Though I know this,
I cannot help but feel,
So happy, inside,
But part of me,
Oh, that awful part of me,
Cries out in endless pain.

Perhaps it is because I am scared,
Of the pain I may feel,
When I’m close to the end,
And you destroy me completely.

You will tear apart my soul,
Leave it in tatters,
And brutally murder me,
But I do not care.

Is it fear, or perhaps something else?
Something much worse,
Much, much more deadly,
Then a terror worse than death,
Much more than loneliness,
Just like regret.

Regret is the voice that sings louder than most,
I know this, though I haven’t known,
What it feels like,
To regret to live.

I am only a child,
Not worth much now,
I don’t know anything,
About myself,
Or about anything, really.

Make it Stop

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 Make it stop,
Make the rain inside my head,
Die out,
And don’t leave me out for dead.

Finish it,
And don’t leave me alone,
I don’t care,
As long as my life I own.

Don’t let me die,
Please stay with me forever,
Even when,
You’ve lost all reason to care.

Don’t leave me,
I need you most when I don’t say,
Just stay,
And maybe I will be okay.

I Miss These Words

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I miss those beautiful words,
The core of my heart,
The innermost part of my feelings,
The memory of something greater.

I miss those tragic words,
That speak of tragedy and death,
Of smiles that have gone,
And friends that were lost.

I miss those spiteful words,
That colour my soul,
As black as hatred and betrayal,
The kind that was once a good friend.

I miss those promised words,
Ones whispered in the dead of night,
Resolutions never to be kept,
But to be dwelled on.

I miss these memories of words,
Of a longing that I have forgotten,
Full of tears for what I have lost,
And never obtained again.

I Sent My Heart Somewhere that Day

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I sent my heart somewhere that day,

Somewhere very far away,

I threw my heart away that day,

That day, the very same.

I willed my heart to go that day,

To make my feelings go, they say,

I told my heart to stay away,

That horrible, bashful day.

I haven’t a heart to this day,

Where in the flower fields I lay,

I lost my heart so long, that day,

Without feelings I stayed awake.

My heart disappeared, in a way,

From myself, feeling very grey,

My emotions went somewhere too, that day,

Now I don’t trust what they say.

When my heart went away that day,

A terrible lie they did say,

I don’t believe them, now I’m a ray,

Of beautiful sunshine throughout the dark grey.

I sent my heart away that day,

Oh, that wonderful fateful day!

My heart would never stay away,

Not till this very day.

Love is a Drug

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Love is a drug,

A nasty little bug,

Bites you when you think you will never fall,

Even if you try to build a wall.

Love is a bug,

Makes you feel safe and snug,

Gets you when you least expect,

Easier to find than to erect.

Love is snug,

As a bug in a rug,

See if you can escape,

Go on, try, for pity’s sake.

Love is strange,

Like the colour orange,

Hurts you when you just want more,

Leaves you with your heart feeling sore.

I Feel Alone

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“I feel so alone sometimes…”

— Unknown

Dead Inside

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I look elated,


But I am deflated,

I am baffled.

To be raffled,

By such cruelty.

Outside I am glad,

Inside I still dead feelings,

Rising from the deep of my subconscious mind,

Tossing, turning,

Reeling, reaping.

why, oh why can’t my feelings be hopeful?

Instead, I am dead inside.