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Music Understands

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Music is the centre,
Of my very soul,
Of my very being,
It casts aside the cold.

Music is the beginning,
And the end of everything,
There is nothing in between,
It’s music that makes us sing.

Music makes us smile a little,
When everything goes astray,
When all our problems come alive,
And even we have lost our way.

Music always guides us,
Through our past and through our present,
It’ll guide us to our future,
Safe, if only a little bent.

Music listens and understands,
All our sorrows and our pains,
It knows what we are feeling,
Every hope, fear, and disdain.


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Fear nibbles at my veins,
Stings my blood unlike nothing else,
Destroys my soul, and all it’s pains,
Hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt.

It courses through my heart and mind,
And never lets me escape to rest,
In strength and terror it does bind,
A final safe place would make me blessed.

But no more, the terror strengthens,
Tears threaten at my eyelids,
The time of which my pain is lengthened,
When my troubled times I hid.

Through fear it was that kept me sane,
Twas’ fear that made me keep in mind,
The feeling rushing through my veins,
Is a feeling to which I  am blind.

No more

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No more forgiveness,

No more pain,

No more pretending,

It’s just not the same,

But you know who I am,

And not who I have become,

You can see through the mask,

That would fool some.

No more anger,

No more sadness,

No one is lonely,

From this tired madness,

But you don’t see,

What I want to to,

And this part of me,

Just wants to be so blue.

No more fear,

Of what I have become,

No more hurt,

It just sounds so dumb,

For this wish of mine,

Is impossible, unreachable,

Signed with a sigh,

This pain so unpreachable.

I’m Afraid

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I am afraid of the shadows that lurk from within,

Of the demons that feed on the darkness of sin,

I’m afraid of losing to the worst of death,

Of the fear eating away at me till my last breath.

I am afraid of little things like tears and sadness,

Of losing the fight between sanity and madness

i’m afraid of smiling when I just want to die,

And of returning to lie the same tired lie.

I’m afraid of the words, “I’m okay,”

Of uttering them over and over with each day,

I’m afraid of the fear that comes after the fall,

Of the tears that come after phone calls.

No tears, no sadness, forevermore.

I’m lonely 2

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I want to scream.  I want to say, “I’m lonely.”  But I must suffer alone, it seems.  My fingers rip at my skin, leaving it burning, prickling.  If only, oh, if only they would understand.  The fear I feel is not fear of the dark, but fear of the madness that lurks within.  I need a little bit of hope, a pinprick of light to burst through this terrifying cover of darkness.  These thoughts in my head aren’t mine.  They are not voices, just angry, hateful thoughts.  I don’t want to tell anyone, they will just worry.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’M LONELY!  Screams my mind.  I can’t help these thoughts.  They are happening more frequently now, but I must pretend I do not have them.  Must pretend everything is okay.  I don’t want anyone to worry about me.  I’m not worthy of their worry.  I take a deep breath, but it doesn’t help.  If anything, it makes everything ten times worse.  Tears won’t come, which makes me suffer more.  I’m lonely.  I must be suffering for a sin I have committed.  I don’t want to suffer.  I just want to tear myself apart.  It would probably be better for everyone.  I’m useless.  Useless.  Useless and lonely.  Help me.  Save me from myself.  That’s what I would say if I could.  But how could I tell anyone?  I’m weak.  So worthless.  I can’t describe the deepness of what I’m feeling, nor how terrifyingly real it is.  It is anger, fear, frustration, hate, sadness, self-pity, hopelessness, loneliness.  Depression?  Maybe so.  Maybe everything would be easier if I just ended.  But maybe that’s just selfish.  I must continue living, even if it is full of empty sadness, for those I love.  Maybe this is what it means when they say that love is the ultimate sacrifice?  But whatever it is, I’m lonely.

I Must be Brave

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I must be brave,

I must stand tall,

And try to save,

Courage of us all,

Without my smiles,

Shining in the dark,

We couldn’t walk for miles,

Without a mark.

I am a leader,

I must show strength,

I’m a defeater,

Of tears that taint,

My saddened laugh,

For all to hear,

I can’t be daft,

I can’t show fear.

I suffer silently,

All on my own,

They only hear my decree,

Not my sadness’s drone,

That which wails throughout the night,

Not letting up,

Till morning’s light.


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I feel like I’m ever falling, falling, falling,

Body can’t keep up with mind,

And my spirit it comes calling, calling, calling,

For a hope I’m left to find.

These tears that I’ve been crying, crying, crying,

They only slow me down,

Inside I think I’m sighing, sighing, sighing,

Yet my mouth makes not a sound.

A tear escapes its prison, prison, prison,

A very dry and desperate eye,

I am no longer a person, person, person,

Some say I should just die.

But determination takes over, over, over,

And I know I can’t give up,

Knowing I will never have a lover, lover lover,

Nor a hater that will sup.

I scream a little louder, louder, louder,

Hoping somebody will hear,

But all is just a doubter, doubter, doubter,

No one’s ears will my screams pierce.

I think that now the end’s here, end’s here, end’s here,

My life has stretched too far,

 No darkness there is left to fear, to fear, to fear,

Now I am just a scar.

Goodbye, the world I dreamed in, dreamed in, dreamed in,

Such a long, long time ago,

This dark world I screamed in, screamed in, screamed in,

Now I’m just a silent echo.


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The words leap off the page as I stare,

Replaced by pictures; a three dimensional lair,

Imagination grabs my mind,

Not letting go of it’s own kind.

I see the bad guys, their genius plans,

The good guys’ deadline, an hourglass of sands,

I see their world, just as they see,

The tiniest details, the flowers, and bees.

I hear their laughs and see their smiles,

I laugh along with them for a little while,

I hear the world bustling around,

Yet reality never makes as much as a sound.

Their fear is mine, striking my heart,

Striking straight through, like a poisoned dart,

I freeze, stop, stare the bad guys down,

And then I remember and feel such a clown.

For hear I am, alone in my home,

Fear goes away, my excitement has grown,

I look back to the page in front,

And in my mind I’m on a tree stump.

I Give Up

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My dry tears spill,

A pain so real,

It becomes hard to breathe,

I can’t give up,

Not yet.

Sadness overwhelms me,

Salty tears blur my once clear sight,

I try to smile despite myself,

I want to give up,

But not yet.

Shapeless fears encircle my mind,

Terror envelopes me,

My body is as rigid as death,

I need to give up,

But not yet.

Fear wins with no shame,

Fogging up my dying mind,

Pain soon becomes no longer,

I give up,


Fear’s Next Meal

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Unshed tears sting my eyes,

My heart is dead, life full of sighs,

Sadness penetrates my soul,

Filling it with a sorrowful mould.

Evil fills the cold, dark earth,

Smiles that were once full of mirth,

Laugh back sadly for not the first time,

Feelings are a horrible crime.

I myself am not the same,

As the very day I came,

I know today is like no other,

Why else would I dare to bother?

Tears come swiftly, now I see,

The people held so dear to me,

I also know the danger’s real,

I could be fear’s next meal.