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When the Sky Fell Down

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Then the sky fell into the emerald sea,
Made man and mermaid alike gasp in awe,
And all who witnessed such beautiful sight,
Would only suffer by the hand of a claw,
No sadness would be worth the fall,
No such awful pain beknown,
The terror of the deathly thrall.
So the sea and the sky became one,
United in the pitch blackness of the night,
Nothing could escape such blunder,
Not even the birds that took flight.
For under their wings, black feathers grew,
Till they flew no longer,
Yet as the darkness spread and flourished,
It could only grow even stronger.
A light, a single lantern, lit the night,
The night it was no more,
It shined brighter than any mere candle,
And that’s when the sky hit the floor.
It came down with a thud,
And no more pain could befall,
The day the sky fell down to the floor,
Oh, such a terrible thrall.

Mixed Emotions

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I remember I said long ago,
I wouldn’t ever fall from up high,
But how, back then could I know,
That I’d need this to get by?

I remember my promises to myself,
Such empty promises I can now see,
I fell, so far and without much help,
For something I can’t even be.

I know it seems so distant now,
I told myself never to dream this way,
All I need to know is HOW,
How I manage with each day.

Now dare I say, I think I’m in love,
Maybe, just maybe I am,
But how would I know? The word fits like a glove,
Something, I might just understand.

I feel happy and sad, both at the same time,
I don’t know which I’d prefer,
I can’t exactly start to whine,
Or whinge about how my life’s ‘over’.

So I think I’ll just keep quiet,
Say not a thing, I swear,
The inside of my mind is a riot,
I’m just glad I can keep on my hair.

Love No More

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Tears fall,

Salty memories,

She loves no more.


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 Wish granted,

Pain gone,

Love broken,


Broken hearts,

Sore eyes,

Cold night,

No more.

Promises Broken,

Heart dead,



New pain,

Dead weight,

Tears cried,


Better place,


No more tears,