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Blurred Horizons

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I can hear their screaming,
I can hear their pain,
And I know that sorrow,
Has come in again.

I can feel their hunger,
See their burning eyes,
I can feel pained memories,
Blurred behind the lines.

I can see their sadness,
Such a silent force,
I can hear them yelling,
Till their throats are hoarse.

And I can hear the loneliness,
Taken over by time,
A people so entirely alone,
Repeating a tired rhyme.

She is

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She is beautiful,

Simple like a flower,

Open to new ideas,

Her petals reaching out.

She is confident,

Dripping with laughter,

Every moment,

Of every day.

She is perfect,

From her hair to her eyes,

Oh, those sparkling, sad eyes,

She is worth it.

She is beautiful,

My hope, my dreams, my heart,

She is everything,

She is who I want to be

She is not me.


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Hurt lurks in the shadows,
Dark and unseen,
Behind a smile of lies,
It hides.

Hurt dwells in the memories,
Past and the present,
In a shell of anger,
It lives.

It hides in the eyes,
A lonely little tear,
Unable to be seen,
Unable to be feared.

It feeds on our sadness,
It thrives on despair,
But it’s quite invisible,
Like a strand of hair.

When you think it’s far away,
It returns to you again,
Hope banishes, but then hurt comes,
And destroys every now and then.

Don’t Judge Me

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Don’t judge me,

You can’t judge me,

Not unless you,

Have experienced my pain,

My hurt,

My tears,

Endured with fake smiles,

Pretended for others,

Killed yourself inside,

Destroyed your soul,

Thought about things,




Losing everything,



Revenge on yourself.

So stop judging,

Start seeing,


And not who you think I am.

Because until you,

Have seen through my eyes,

Have seen through my soul,

You’ll see why I die,


The Suffocation of Darkness

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My smile is lost in the darkest death,

I draw in a sad, deep breath,

I know that it can’t be the end,

Not yet, my dear friend.

Something brings me to solid ground,

I land before them with a soft thud sound,

Dreary eyes glare back at me,

So dreary they can hardly see.

I can’t breathe in this suffocation that is darkness,

The fireflies light the sky with their brightness,

No longer can I see,

The end, how could this be?

My life a jumble, a confusing mess,

A life I now like a whole lot less.

Die Day

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Collapse on the ground,

Can’t move without a sound,

I try to fix things, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Close my tired eyes,

Mouth emits a sigh,

I try to piece the pieces, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Breath emanates from me,

My last, it may be,

I try to take things slowly, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Tears Unshed

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Eyes are stinging from tears unshed,

Head full of lead,

Heart heavy with dread.

Bells sound from in the dark night,

There is not a sight,

Nothing feels right.

Lost in the light of a bright day,

There’s nothing to say,

It is not okay.

Tears fall from the mighty cheeks,

All that she seeks,

Door opens with a creak.

“Are you there?”  someone whispers,

Softly, like evening vespers,

Face close, maybe a whisker.

Tears sting once again,

Overwhelming pain, my friend,

There is no help that you can send,

‘Tis the end.