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I’m sorry I didn’t think to be,
All that you ever wanted from me,
I’m sorry for ruining you,
More than I could have a clue.

I’m sorry for making you cry,
And sorry if you wanna know why,
I’ve lost too much, been stretched too far,
It can’t be erased by a single scar.

I’m sorry for causing so much pain,
I’m sorry I went so utterly insane,
I’m sorry, okay, that’s all I can say,
But it won’t keep the demons away.

You told me to fight, you told me to kill,
Those demons inside with all my will,
So I took the gun, and took the pill,
And sent those demons over the hill.

I’m dying, slowly, when will it end?
On the rope and the fan, or the railway bend?
I’m sorry I had to be here,
I wasn’t meant to be, that’s clear.

So here’s my ending, my demise,
Gone before the sun will rise,
You’ll wake up, and then you’ll cry,
And then you may greatly wonder why.

The end is soon, the end is near,
I’m sorry that it’s already here,
So hear me out, hear my voice,
I’m sorry I didn’t have a choice.

Just End It

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I try to remember the things that I said,
To make so many hate me,
Including me,
The words won’t come back,
No matter how I scream,
They’ll stay there forever,
And ever it seems.

Make it stop, the pain I feel,
Let it go forever,
I cannot breathe no more,
It’s killing me.

It’s darkness, it’s demons,
Wash them all away,
Chase it all down with some liquor,
Maybe not,
Although I tried,
I cannot be brave enough,
I’ll always be weak,
Weaker than them.

Please, end this,
Even if I must myself,
Perhaps I’ll be better,
Maybe someday.

End this suffering

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Tear it apart,
My heart,
So I cannot feel.

This sadness inside,
I cannot hide,
For much longer,
At all.

Kill this side of me,
Just do it, please,
Leave nothing left but,

I’m begging you,
End this,
This mindless suffering,
I don’t want to feel anymore.

What Will You become?

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What will you become,

When smiles we now regret,

When tears are all we have,

Do you want a bet?

What will you become,

When nothing’s worth your while,

And all that we can do,

Isn’t just a smile?

What will you become,

When Death itself is close,

And all is lost so you,

Just take one more dose.

What will you become,

When a dose becomes a dozen,

When it takes more and more,

Becoming close to a thousand?

What will you become,

In the end of it all,

Will you be something big,

Or something very small?

In the end

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In the end it was the pretty face,

That shined the brightest of them all,

Though most unknown, that was not the case,

But the quiet one sitting small.

In the end it was the sparkling smile,

That dazzled prettier than most,

Though it only shone a little while,

It was enough that they could boast.

In the end it was the monster inside,

That hid when in their wake,

It hurt them when they could not hide,

Left them with no other sake.


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I feel like I’m ever falling, falling, falling,

Body can’t keep up with mind,

And my spirit it comes calling, calling, calling,

For a hope I’m left to find.

These tears that I’ve been crying, crying, crying,

They only slow me down,

Inside I think I’m sighing, sighing, sighing,

Yet my mouth makes not a sound.

A tear escapes its prison, prison, prison,

A very dry and desperate eye,

I am no longer a person, person, person,

Some say I should just die.

But determination takes over, over, over,

And I know I can’t give up,

Knowing I will never have a lover, lover lover,

Nor a hater that will sup.

I scream a little louder, louder, louder,

Hoping somebody will hear,

But all is just a doubter, doubter, doubter,

No one’s ears will my screams pierce.

I think that now the end’s here, end’s here, end’s here,

My life has stretched too far,

 No darkness there is left to fear, to fear, to fear,

Now I am just a scar.

Goodbye, the world I dreamed in, dreamed in, dreamed in,

Such a long, long time ago,

This dark world I screamed in, screamed in, screamed in,

Now I’m just a silent echo.