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The Grievances of Earth

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Sometimes I think of dying,
Of how awful it must be,
But then I think of the world’s sorrows
That I no longer wish to see.

The sadnesses of murder
Of rape, abuse and more,
The hunger in a child’s eyes,
The grieving of the poor

I see darkness and death,
And evils clear as day’s light,
I see hatred and disgust,
Not much worth the fight.

I think of depression,
That deep, dark cave,
A loneliness from which,
No one can be saved.

I think of tears cried on dead men’s graves,
Soldiers in a war,
The cold hard eyes of battle,
Those who lie on death’s door.

Violence unlike any other,
Killed because religion, race,
Beliefs, and colour,
People who won’t look past a face.

I think of all these terrible things,
The events that fall,
And then I think that dying,
Might not be so bad after all.

Dead Men

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 The tragedies heard again and again,

Over the Dead Men’s mournful moans,

For we are the bones of the Dead Men,

But the Dead Men are not their bones.

There are memories heard from time to time,

When the Dead no longer sing,

Their song of songs, as old as rhyme,

It’s a tune with a sad sort of ring.

You may have heard it once or twice,

Tis a quiet little tune,

Softer than soft and to be precise,

It makes the Dead Men Swoon

The cries of the Dead Men are no longer heard,

For wherever their bones may lie,

Their bodies may always belong to the earth,

But their souls shall belong to the sky.


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The freezing wind, it sweeps the land,

Leaving it cold and bare,

With nothing left but cold white sand,

And no more warmth to care.

Ice drips from the leaf-less trees,

And there’s a cold beauty here,

But all the ice-cold winter sees,

Is the empty land so dear.

No creatures frolic in the cold,

None dare to play now,

But only the most care-free and bold,

Dare to climb into the bough.

Snow, it’s called, blankets the earth,

Sucking out all warmth,

No trace left of the centre’s hearth,

No heat is now called forth.

This winter, it fills the land’s soul,

It covers all and everything,

Nothing I can condole,

What will this dying winter bring?

No More

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I am a monster.  Perhaps I feel sad, but I am a monster.  I can not deny that.  Every human in this world is one.  And I am lonely.  Lonelier than every monster on this planet.  Like I don’t belong, like I will always, and forever be alone.  Some tell me I am not a monster, but that is not true.  “Tell me,” I’d say, “if I’m not a monster, than why does no one come near me?”  They don’t answer, just shuffle silently away, leaving me to the suffer in my own company.  I wish I could breathe in this room that has become my coffin.  I can’t be happy.  For that to happen, I’d have to destroy a little more of this once beautiful Earth, and I don’t want to destroy.  No more.  I pollute this place simply by being alive.  I haven’t eaten in weeks.  I don’t even remember the last time I smiled.  I took one more shuddering breath, and collapsed.  This world is too much for me now.  No more!

Painless Life

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You cannot let me die,

No, not from this sorrowful life,

Where ups and downs do play their part,

From my life you will never depart.

You cannot let me be,

Who YOU want to see,

When nothing here at all makes sense,

Sometimes you can be so dense.

You cannot let the pain,

Wash away foolishness with rain,

Mistakes so easy for you to make,

They put all of our lies at stake.

You cannot let me know why,

Why you had to lie,

‘Bout the painless way of life,

A day of sadness, sorrow and strife.

You cannot let the sun go down,

To give the earth a golden crown,

As it sets, another day,

On a bed of ashes I lay.

You cannot let your loneliness leave,

Though it’s more than I believe,

That this heart holds many, many scars,

As many as the distant scars.

Fire on the River

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And I watched as the river burst into flame,

Sparks and water dancing, one and the same.

I watched as the fire cascaded the earth,

Fierier than the hottest hearth.

I watched as the hot light filled the darkest of nights,

One of the most fantastic of sights.

I watched the sparks erode away,

Oh why can’t something so beautiful stay?

I watched from my safe little place,

Than disappeared without leaving a trace.

The beautiful fires that filled the dark night,

Spilled a beautiful, colourful, lovely, hot light.