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Beasts Called Humans

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Murderous, destructive, terrible things,
What a pity angels lost their wings,
To demons, beasts as I recall,
From heaven, so empty made them fall.

They killed and plummeted into life,
And took it all without the knife,
They created wars among the past,
And into Hell the rest were cast.

So full of hatred and covered in spite,
So deadly, and kill they might,
The destroy the angels in this world,
Among all deadly sinners were hurled.

They do not die, they just keep coming,
Without number, no need for running,
They take their prey and claim yet another life,
These beasts are such a terrible strife.

But worst of all, I really must say,
Is that with each passing day,
I wouldn’t care if I turned to sand,
As I’m one of these beasts called humans.


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Satomi closed her eyes, and wished with all her tiny heart, wished with everything she had, on a single star.  It wasn’t a particularly bright star, nor was it specifically memorable to many, but it was her star.  “Please, oh please, Akari.  Please let me be happy tomorrow,” she would wish.  Akari stayed there, night after night, and was her only friend.  Even when everyone else thought she was weird, she still had Akari, the beautiful, small star.  She thought of the meaning of the name that the owner of the orphanage gave her when she arrived on that cold stormy night – wise beauty.  It only partly suits her, she thinks.  She remembers from when she was very little, littler than she is now, how the women would always say, “Oh look at little Satomi, such a sombre child.  She doesn’t complain.  How her name suits her.”  Every time Satomi heard that she went off and cried, because she knew she wasn’t like all the other girls.  All the other girls laugh and play together.  They all get excited when the charity truck comes, and they all choose out new dolls.  All the other girls fight about little things like which doll is the best, but Satomi just sits in the corner and watches, her serious eyes blank and expressionless.  Satomi knows there is something wrong about her, but she doesn’t know why.  As she wishes so desperately on Akari, she is interrupted by Risa, one of the girls who shared a room with her.  “What are you doing?”  she asks, her eyes narrowing in suspicion.  Satomi doesn’t answer.  She just looks out the window, and silently prays to Akari.  “I said, what are you doing?”  She demands, louder this time.  Satomi looks at her, and says one word, “Prayer.”  Outraged, Risa grabs Satomi by the collar and shouts, “What the hell is wrong with you?  Why do you never talk?  You’re such a freak!  You must be some sort of demon!”  Satomi doesn’t react.  She doesn’t even cry.  Shocked at what she had just done, Risa lets go and Satomi falls to the floor.  “I- I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean-”  “I forgive you,” interrupts Satomi.  She looked out the window at Akari and whispered, “Tonight, Akari, I hope that I can join you, up there in the sky so full of stars.  I hope I can shine for others, the way you did for me.”  As she jumped from the window, and into the starry sky, her last words are uttered, barely loud enough to hear. Risa stares after her and cries, as Satomi’s last words echo in her mind: “Thank you for giving me enough courage to end this.”

The Last Dance

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The girl who saw the ghost lives here,
She cries  alone a lot,
She lives her life in awful fear,
Of all that she forgot.

The girl who remembers angels,
You may remember her,
She cannot stand all that befell,
Those strange and beautiful blurs.

The girl who took her life remains,
In this abandoned lot,
In order for her to remain sane,
She had to lose the lot.

She couldn’t stay, she couldn’t leave,
Not the best deal, she had,
Finally with courage and grief,
She was lost by her own hand.

That’s the story of the girl,
Who lost everything at once,
Everything to her bright red curls,
In her final grieving dance.

Make it Stop

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 Make it stop,
Make the rain inside my head,
Die out,
And don’t leave me out for dead.

Finish it,
And don’t leave me alone,
I don’t care,
As long as my life I own.

Don’t let me die,
Please stay with me forever,
Even when,
You’ve lost all reason to care.

Don’t leave me,
I need you most when I don’t say,
Just stay,
And maybe I will be okay.

Whispers of the Dark

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 Then the darkness spoke to me,
It whispered such terrible things,
I wish that darkness would leave me be,
And leave my heart to sing.

It whispered of such tragedies,
Like sadness and pain and worse,
As violent as the rolling seas,
It gets harder with every verse.

The darkness came with all it’s might,
It came with all it’s triumphant tunes,
This storm unlike no other, this is no slight,
I pray that darkness leaves soon.

It screams to my heart,
And hurts my head,
And leaves only shards,
And me, for dead.

The Devil’s Song

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As they take my mind apart,
They suck the heavens from my soul,
For now, as when the dead depart,
I will take each as sold.

I am the stealer of the things so dear,
You cannot escape my deathly wrath,
And when all those you miss are here,
I’ll clear all from my path.

They think they take the life of all,
Possess all, no doubt,
A parlor trick, they will recall,
Is what keeps me about.

I miss the deathly pallor of,
The blood so stolen away,
And in this awful stench I love,
The darkness will keep this at bay.

Dear that Person I met Today

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Dear That Person I met Today,

Is this a dream when you look at me, right into my eyes?  Like I’m not invisible?  Like I do exist?  It must be.  It can’t be anything but a dream, for those who see me must already be dead.  Are you dead?  Are you lonely?  I’m not.  I get to see people a lot.  But being dead isn’t easy, is it?  It’s not fun at all, especially when you talk to someone who can’t talk back.  I sometimes feel like I’m talking to walls.  Do you ever feel like that?  I suppose I do get lonely sometimes, but don’t we all?  Don’t we all feel so lonely, like we are not supposed to be here?  I guess the main difference is, I’m not.  I shouldn’t exist.  Some stupid person dreamed me up and now I’m stuck here forever in this world.  Maybe that person was you.  Was it?  Or don’t you know?  I have so many more questions, but somehow I know I cannot ask them, for you cannot answer, so, I suppose this is my goodbye to you.  This is my way of getting closure on this world, saying farewell.

So, farewell, I guess.

From, Me.