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I spend so much time

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I spend so much time,
Thinking these things,
Writing on paper,
Then ripping it up,
And starting,
All over again.

I spend this time,
Wondering who I am,
To judge another,
When I am,
So imperfect.

Day to day,
Night to night,
I’m plagued by this guilt,
Of a crime not committed.

I spend all this time,
Saying “What if?”
And I don’t want to anymore.


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The demons suffer more than you,

More than you could have a clue,

They cry at night when no one’s near,

Yet do not shed a single tear.

The demons are always alone,

Always from the seeds you’ve sown,

The crops are plentiful, the harvest sparse,

But of the demons, no one cares.

They come at night unlike no other,

Forced to turn on their own brothers,

And when one tries to hope again,

It always becomes their sorry end.

Whatever happened to those outcast,

Were always regarded as in the past,

And sadness triumphs over all,

One demon left, as I recall.

That demon was that one who suffered,

Whom the darkness quickly smothered,

And when the demon went to pray,

 It turned to dust like night to day.

Death by Sleep

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I sleep, immersed in good beliefs,

Some dreams can be very brief,

But darkness lurks in all of them,

There’s no need to pretend.

I put my heart and soul and leap,

In this darkened death by sleep.

My breathing’s shallow as my heartbeat,

Eyes shine like a lamp-lit street,

A sadness like a tiny spark,

Lights these eyes in the dark.

I close my eyes, plunge into the deep,

Into this darkened death by sleep.

Sighs die on my lips before I can say,

A fairytale, a dream of day,

I close my eyes and cry some more,

A beautiful day, my heart still soars.

The teasing dawn slowly creeps,

Away with this, dark death by sleep!

The Day You Got Away

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My pain is stronger than you killed.  Than that terrible day.  I know now that you didn’t mean to hurt me, but it still hurts worse than anything else I’ve ever felt.  You escaped from me, and left me here, alone and seething.  Terrible thoughts flashed through my devastated mind, but even then I knew it wasn’t your fault.  I scolded myself for what could only be my fault, but that just made the pain worse.  I think that this pain will always be here, but it won’t be so terrible later in the empty shell that was my life.  I can’t sleep, for every time I try, the loneliness of my mind is ravaged by dreams of you, dreams so terrible that I can’t even explain them.  Every night in bed, I think of you, of the day you disappeared from my life, and I cry myself to sleep, only to wake up five minutes later, screaming.  Sometimes I really wish you would come back.  I tried writing a letter to you, but no words came out of my pen.  Eventually, I gave up, realising that you would never come back, that’s why you left me.  I can’t remember anymore, anything of that sorrowful day.  Of the day you got away.

I Sent My Heart Somewhere that Day

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I sent my heart somewhere that day,

Somewhere very far away,

I threw my heart away that day,

That day, the very same.

I willed my heart to go that day,

To make my feelings go, they say,

I told my heart to stay away,

That horrible, bashful day.

I haven’t a heart to this day,

Where in the flower fields I lay,

I lost my heart so long, that day,

Without feelings I stayed awake.

My heart disappeared, in a way,

From myself, feeling very grey,

My emotions went somewhere too, that day,

Now I don’t trust what they say.

When my heart went away that day,

A terrible lie they did say,

I don’t believe them, now I’m a ray,

Of beautiful sunshine throughout the dark grey.

I sent my heart away that day,

Oh, that wonderful fateful day!

My heart would never stay away,

Not till this very day.

Die Day

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Collapse on the ground,

Can’t move without a sound,

I try to fix things, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Close my tired eyes,

Mouth emits a sigh,

I try to piece the pieces, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Breath emanates from me,

My last, it may be,

I try to take things slowly, I really do,

But I can’t,

Because it’s die day today.

Each Day is a Gift

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“If each day is a gift, then I want to know where I can return Monday.”

— Unknown