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I believe this sadness,
Has taken over me,
It’s some sort of badness,
And it’s killing me.

I believe it when it tells me,
I have to just give up,
I find I can no longer see,
Beauty beneath messed up.

It’s harder every day,
How do I even wake?
I can’t keep this darkness at bay,
Not even for others’ sake.

They smile stays on,
A glue so thick,
The tears upon,
A candle’s wick.

Hard to control it,
This sad fate,
This war can’t be won with wits,
Not when I’m the bait.

Different Worlds

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The world that I belong to,
And the one that you are in,
Are places one could not pursue,
Even in the darkest sin.
We live in different places,
In our heads and in our minds,
Totally different spaces,
And it isn’t only sometimes.
I cannot breathe in this world,
My head explodes as it tries to cope,
And in a dark corner I am curled,
Much too sad to even mope.
Tears burst from my eyes,
Now just empty cavities,
As the blueness that I cry,
Has bled from all I could be.
Now I cry no more tears,
There are no longer any there,
I try to shout, yet no one hears,
Or perhaps they do not care.

Inner thoughts

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Somewhere in these dreams of mine,
There is a sort of deadly kind,
Of memories of past and time,
Where deathly smiles are free to shine.

There is a darkness in the air,
No one else seems to care,
Only I know exactly where,
The line between unjust and fair.

The tears cried for many more,
My heart aches, thoroughly sore,
I hate this to the very core,
I cry as I stare back at the closed door.

Not much left to think about,
When no one hears my lonely shouts,
I am left to my self-doubt,
Alone, and honestly wanting out.

Sadnesses Inside of Me

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The dreams of the past,
Haunt my future,
Leaves me lonely,
A target for wolves.

They scratch at the door,
Wanting to be free,
I can’t escape,
Their dark embrace.

They die, slowly,
One by one,
And all hope leaves,
I must succumb.

To a darkness darker than time,
To a time of horror,
Of madness,
And worst of all to leave all sadness mine.

I cannot breathe,
I am prisoner to this sadness,
Hard to hold on,
To life much longer.

And yet I continue,
I can’t do much more,
Too much of a coward,
To end all of this.

This Angel Saved my Life

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Lost and lonely,
I searched,
For some sort of savior,
To rescue me.

I screamed louder,
No one came,
No one aided,
The lost, lonely one.

I asked for help,
You didn’t come running,
You couldn’t or wouldn’t,
I don’t know which.

Louder and louder I tried to scream,
It was the end,
But then something miraculous happened.

White light, brighter than the sun,
An angel appeared and saved me,
She whispered quietly, “It’ll be fine,”
And I took her hand and flew far away.

Escape, finally, someone came to my aid,
I was free from this burden, and all else,
For this angel, she saved me,
She saved me from my darkness.

The Darkness Here

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There’s darkness here,
It shines so bright,
So very near,
To Heaven’s light.

Darkness flows,
Into my soul,
The seeds it sows,
Are very cold.

I cannot breathe,
The darkness suffocates,
My soul just seethes,
For me it’s too late.

The darkness returns,
In a dark sort of way,
It starts to burn,
My smiles away.

Darkness, Love me, when No one else Will.

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This darkness,
This sweet, deadly darkness,
Is suffocating me,
I can’t breathe,

I’m surely going to die one day,
Because of this most horrid pain,
I regret many things, but out of all,
I regret even existing at all.

The darkness is taking my mind away,
I’m going mad, I think, today,
And this pain is way too much, you see,
Oh, how I hate being me.

I hate myself, and all my brokenness,
I hate not being  good enough,
I despise the things that make me sad,
Like my helplessness, and being mad.

How do I tell them I’m not OK,
That I want to die more and more with each day?
How do I explain just how I feel,
When they won’t listen to something so real.

They won’t understand how cold this darkness,
Or how much I wish to escape it,
They don’t understand me at all,
I don’t ever recall being so small.