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The Broken’s Cry

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It was a dark and rainy night
The sky falling into ruins
Hopelessness befalling the broken
As they tried once more to feel something.
Screaming at the lowly skies
They whisper softly of sadness
Of loneliness
Of despair.
The broken are not the lonely
It’s something more than that
A sort of sadness
That can’t be felt
By unbroken souls.
They cry out
And scream
Their calls are but a whisper
To the ones who
Do not break.
Those lucky

A Silent Cry for Help

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You cry,
When no one’s home,
With no one to hear you silent pleas,
Your tears fall,
Without any hope.
Your dreams are but simply that, dreams.
How don’t they see,
How can they not know how you suffer?
But you smile,
A pretense,
It doesn’t really exist,
But no one knows really cares.


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This is just a poem to say,
I’m sorry for how I am today,
I will get better, soon, I think,
It might just take a few more blinks.

I wish I could tell you why,
Or how I feel like I’ll just cry,
And then all I have to say,
Is why I am acting this way.

But that will never happen, not now,
I don’t even quite know how,
How I will ever speak to you,
Of things that pain me through and through.

So basically all this states,
Is that I will have to wait,
For happiness that no longer sighs,
So all this poem really says is HI.

She Can’t Stop Pretending

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I smile the day away,
Crying myself to sleep,
When really I just need a way,
For a sleep so deep.

I’m wishing for something,
Some help, maybe,
My heart no longer sings,
I can no longer see,

Why I’m important at all,
Why I matter,
Why I can’t just be small,
Why, just why – which is really sadder?

I have an empty patch,
Right where my heart should be,
And an empty mind to match,
That monster is killing me.

I harm myself on the outside,
Even though I know,
The monster’s on the inside,
It’s heart as cold as snow.

I think I need some help right now,
Something I cannot ask from me,
I do not quite know how,
To keep you from saving me.

I don’t deserved to be saved, I don’t,
But you don’t realise that, do you?
If you want me to thank you, I won’t,
And I’ll never understand you.

I cannot stop hating me,
No matter how I try,
There’s nothing I would give to be,
Someone who never cries.

What am I?

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I smile all day,
And cry all night,
All through this pain,
Until first light.

And through the pain,
I somehow find,
A way through this shame,
When I’m so blind.

I cannot live through this,
And yet cannot die,
I cannot compromise,
I can only lie.

I lie about everything,
About who I am,
I lie about anything,
But who’d give a damn?

So what am I?
A good question to ask,
My life feels like a sigh,
My face is a mask.

Who or what, I can’t be sure,
I no longer know myself you see,
I have experienced pain I can no longer ignore,
I won’t ever know now, the real me.

Don’t Judge Me

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Don’t judge me,

You can’t judge me,

Not unless you,

Have experienced my pain,

My hurt,

My tears,

Endured with fake smiles,

Pretended for others,

Killed yourself inside,

Destroyed your soul,

Thought about things,




Losing everything,



Revenge on yourself.

So stop judging,

Start seeing,


And not who you think I am.

Because until you,

Have seen through my eyes,

Have seen through my soul,

You’ll see why I die,



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The silence whispers in my ear,

It whispers at the door,

It takes away all I hold dear,

Yet still, it wants much more.

Silence takes my heart away,

It takes away my mind,

Silence takes the passing day,

And leaves nothing behind.

Silence steals all that is left,

It is part of me,

Silence is too quick to be deft,

To quiet to even see.

Nothing will take the silence away,

No more silence, I plead,

For I know that the thoughts keep the silence at bay,

But the silence will let me bleed.

The silence is the loneliness,

The reason why I cry,

But it’s also a shoulder for my stress,

The thing I use to get by.