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The girl who wasn’t there

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She watches when nobody’s home,
She sees all, with a sad little stare,
She cannot help but feel alone,
That girl who wasn’t there.

You don’t listen to her cries,
You don’t really care,
She turns her face towards the skies,
That girl who wasn’t there.

Her tears fall scarlet down her face,
It’s all too much to bear,
Stains her dress made of lace,
The poor girl who wasn’t there.

She isn’t there again today,
So don’t try to stare,
She is gone; she couldn’t stay,
That girl who wasn’t there.

I Don’t Know If You Really Care

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I wish that I could express in words,
Just how you make me feel,
Your words carry me into the sky like birds,
My wounds almost are healed.

This feeling is so strange right now,
It’s hard to say quite what,
But many things make me wonder how,
Things you may have forgot.

I’m glad when I’m around you,
But cry when I’m alone,
I don’t know why I feel so blue,
Or this feeling of falling down.

I’m falling, falling, falling away,
Into tiny little pieces,
It worsens with each passing day,
I can no longer count my own wishes.

I wish that I was good enough,
I wish that I could see,
If you really care enough,
To look for the real me.

God’s Toy

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You are my dream,

You are dead and alive,

In the moon’s faithful beam,

In the sun’s careless stride.

You are my light,

In the darkness prevailed,

In the bird that takes flight,

Under the clouds’ gentle veil.

You are my darkness,

When light’s not enough,

All my distress,

When things get too tough.

You are my smile,

When I have but none,

Just for that while,

When me, they all shun.

You are my life,

My care and joy,

You protect me from strife,

You are God’s little toy.

Call Me a Name

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Call me a name,

See how I care,

Seeing me cry is in fact very rare.

Call me stupid,

I know that you’d lie,

Just to try and see me cry.

To those of you who’d try to break me,

You’d be such a nuisance, you see.

You’ll never break me,

Never again,

Because I have someone who I call a friend.

Empty Sighs

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Empty sighs penetrate the air,

Full of mystery, heartlessness,

Yet full of care.

No-one knows how careless,

I feel.



Seeking regret,

Giving or taking,

Just another bet.

Just another person,

In just another day,

In just another world.

In just another way.

A Promise of Friendship

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I promise that:

I will be your friend no matter what,

I will love you a whole lot.

I will care for you in times of trouble,

Through floods and storms and household rubble.

I would risk my life to save yours,

I will know you to the very core.

I promise that:

I will never leave you alone,

I’ll go through your troubles too, despite my own.

I will be there for you,

Through black and blue.

I will let you shine,

Through mud and grime.

I will light your way,

Through darkest day.

I promise that:

I will love you more than anything,

I will be with you through thick and thin.

I will never hurt you,

I will stick with you like glue.

I will love you unlike any other,

Unlike any sister, mother, or brother.

I promise that:

I will let you be yourself,

And share with you all my wealth.

You’ll never be alone, you see,

I will never let you to be.

I promise this and many more,

For I love you to the very core.

I wish you luck in the years to come,

I wish you to prosper under the sun.

For all my friends, especially Louise.