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The Apocalypse

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They were approaching with fast, deadly efficiency.  They had us all trapped, behind a temporary barrier that could easily breached at any moment.  The area was dark, and full of gloom, almost like it was night time.  We were literally going to become dead meat.  Or meat for the dead.  Looking around, I saw that little yellow school bus that I had always looked upon fondly, but now despise as it happens to be blocking the only exit.  It’s a death trap.  I thought of our options.  We could either run, and be trampled underfoot and have our tiny brains eaten, as we frantically searched for a way out, or we could fight, and have our tiny brains eaten with renewed vigor as the zombies revelled in their victory.  That didn’t sound entirely promising.  We were entirely cornered by the deadly mob.  “We’ll go down with dignity.  We have to fight, or die,” I shout at the men and women who were beside me, looks of petrified terror painted on their faces.  They all nod curtly and draw their weapons.  “Ready?”  I ask, and everyone nods again.  I suppose it was an incredibly stupid question.  Of course they weren’t ready.  No one would be ready.  I understand entirely that we were about to charge a mob of zombies, head on, with nothing but our wits to help us, and we weren’t exactly using those to our advantage.  We do have knives, but that knowledge provides very little comfort.  We all charge, with our last battle cries echoing in the empty streets.  The last thing I see is a zombie’s backside being slashed.  That was when I was overtaken by an endless darkness, without anything in between, not even straying dreams or thoughts.

I awakened in a room so full of miscellaneous trash that I swear it should have exploded by then.  If not, then I suspect magic.  I haven’t the slightest idea of how I got there, or where I was, all I knew was that somewhere in between the zombies and the blacking  out, someone must have saved me.  I wonder who it was.  I don’t have to wonder for long, as she stands in the doorway, comfortably sizing me up, trying to figure out how easy it would be to dispatch me.  “Who are you?”  I ask slowly, and almost incomprehensibly.  “I am the leader of the army trying to dispatch the zombies.  We need more fighters, and you fit the bill.”  she says professionally and matter of factly.  I chewed nervously on my lip as I prepared for the apocalypse.

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You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own and you know what you know, and YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

– Dr Seuss