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Maybe Someday You’ll See Me

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No one sees this part of me,

This broken, shattered destiny,

And no one even wants to see,

My tears, or what’s left of me.

None dare to glance into my soul,

None would dare to be that bold,

And no one even tries to look,

Towards that writing hand that shook.

Blind to all my troubled endeavors,

Or broken hearts from those that severed,

My pretty dreams are all that remain,

They are all that keeps me sane.

But darkness does dwell here,

In this pitiful soul so dear,

To so many that do not know,

Who I am or where I’ll go.

Maybe I’ll just disappear,

To finally get away from here,

Someday, maybe, you will see,

Finally, finally, you’ll see me.

The Girl I Used to Be

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A smile only one could miss,

After such a terrible crisis,

How could someone be so blind,

When she was only being kind?

I miss her laughter; anyone would,

How she used to say she could,

I miss the lazy days in bed,

Instead of the ones that were filled with dread.

On her very last day she cried inside,

I think something inside her died,

I miss that girl I used to be,

The girl who once was, me.

Even You Can See the Springtime

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Even you can see the springtime,

Without the sun to shine,

Even you can see beyond the dark world,

Even through an abyss of dark swirls.

Even you, as twisted as you are,

Can see the world without the scars,

Even you can see another day,

Brighter than the lips can say.

Even you can see a hope of tomorrow,

A day without sadness, or sorrow,

Even you, as blind as you may be,

See the world as others may see.

Even you can see the flowers, dancing in the wind,

Pure flowers who’ve never sinned,

Even you, as oblivious as is possible,

In specks of dust sees something not so dull.

Though, it all seems to be true,

Even blind people see better than you.

A Beast Called Hate

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Tears blind my eyes,

Everyone can hear my cries.

No-one knows what’s in my head,

Except me.

They don’t understand.

Coals flicker inside me,

Hate, I can agree,

No-one knows how it’s fed,

Except the beast.

Inside of me.

I try to shout, “Just leave me be!”

But a strangled cry just comes out of me,

No-one knows what I’ve just said,

Except my heart.

I cannot breathe.

No-one gets it, no-one sees,

The great big beast consuming me.

I think again and it just might be,

A beast called Hate.

Fuelled by me.