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Words of Hope

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Words of hope, whispered to the heart,

These words make for beautiful art,

You cannot see them, but they are there,

Whispered silently to those who really care.

They make me smile when nothing is right,

They give me hope with all nature’s plight,

What is the magic of these beautiful words,

The way they soar through my heart like birds?

I listen to them quietly, they are music in my ears,

I whisper them so softly, so nobody hears,

If you listen even harder, to what I have to say,

You’ll hear those words, more and more with each passing day.

So pay more attention to these words I may mutter,

And ask yourself if you listened to a single word I uttered.

You Don’t Know

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You smile at me, but you don’t have a clue,

You don’t even know what I’ve been through.

All those years sitting quiet and smiling,

All the while, my sadness was piling.

When I was crying alone in my room,

You had no idea of my impending doom.

I always, always felt so alone,

Always listening to my mind’s sombre tone.

My sadness some day, will catch up to me,

Always at the door, without a key.

I’m trapped forever and ever, I cry,

But free as the birds that fly in the sky.

My sadness, it does not make sense,

My tears will always be this dense.

You never did see all those tears,

Not through all those heavy years.

But when I lost the battle I fought,

I didn’t know the pain I wrought.


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Listen to the trees rustling,

Listen, listen,

Hear every leaf rustling in the breeze.

Listen to the river gurgling,

Listen, listen,

Hear the water flowing over every stone.

Listen to the bluebirds singing,

Listen, listen,

Hear every different birds’ song.

Listen to the animals playing,

Listen, listen,

Hear the creatures playing every game.

So listen, listen, carefully now,

For what you hear is not what you know,

And if you listen, listen, carefully now,

The world around you will seem to flow.