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Dancing in the Rain

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I can hear the rain falling,
It’s soft pitter-patter dancing
On the roof,
I can hear the storm,
Rolling in,
Over the crests of the stars,
I can see the world as it folds in on itself,
Allowing room for the storm,
Waiting for the destruction.
And in that moment,
The world is silent,
No creature daring to utter
A single,
All but one,
Who screams,
And throws her hands in the air,
As she dances in the rain.

What Is Beauty?

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Beauty is sadness,
Of imperfection,
The same old madness,
Going the same direction.

Beauty is costly,
You’re never enough,
To satisfy the softly,
Old cry of the heart.

Beauty is never skinny enough,
Pretty enough,
Good enough.

Beauty is never being


The Dream

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One day

I had a dream

of beauty

And sadness

Of hope

and of love.

One day

I had a dream

of reminders

of the past.

Twas a dream of a dream

not much more,

won’t add to much

only actions

Only words.

Words that will destroy

so many ugly things

bring hope






This dream is

what I am

Who I am

and what I will


The Mirror

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The mirror, it yells at me,
Every second of the day,
All I could ever see,
Was sadness, hate and shame.

The girl who stared so blankly back,
She hated me, my face, my body,
Then one day her mind went black,
That’s how she ended, I suppose.

Now the mirror whispers sad things,
Whispers them with force,
And every blow the mirror brings,
Breaks me into millions of little pieces.

And I broke.

She is

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She is beautiful,

Simple like a flower,

Open to new ideas,

Her petals reaching out.

She is confident,

Dripping with laughter,

Every moment,

Of every day.

She is perfect,

From her hair to her eyes,

Oh, those sparkling, sad eyes,

She is worth it.

She is beautiful,

My hope, my dreams, my heart,

She is everything,

She is who I want to be

She is not me.

The Truth about Beauty

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She is beautiful
Filled with hopes for the future
Beauty will kill her.


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the broken
and battered,
the bold,
And beautiful.

You are Beautiful

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You’re in an awful state of mind
You’ve even started to believe,
Those voices that say they are kind,
Yet they only make you grieve.

They’ve totally convinced you,
Of things unable to unthink,
Now you think that they are true,
But to see truth you need but to blink.

You need to see that it’s all okay,
I think someday you will see that,
Someday you’ll see as clear as day,
You are beautiful and that is that.

You are beautiful, is that clear?
You are not ugly, or stupid or fat,
You are you, I love you my dear,
For being precisely that.

You dream of being someone else,
Of being happy again,
But think again, for that dream is false,
When you have such wonderful friends.

Keep dreaming, stop doubting,
All the little things,
They are what I love about,
You, the one who always sings.

How to Be Beautiful

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Dear the girls,
Who ‘aren’t good enough’
Whose lives are so hard,
And things seem so tough.

Dear the girls,
Who try more than is fair,
Who give all that they’ve got,
And still no one cares.

Here are some tips,
To help you on your way,
And I know you’ll realise,
That your lives are okay.

Wear too much makeup,
And dress like a slut,
And act like you don’t care,
With your face in your butt,

Make sure you sound stupid,
Whenever you speak,
And don’t try to think at all,
Cos’ that’d make you weak.

How to be beautiful?
Some people may well ask,
Then don’t do these things,
And that line you’ll have passed.

You don’t need these things,
To make you seem pretty,
You just need to be confident,
And clever and witty.

This Place

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There were people in this town,

Now so dull and very bare,

And they always took for granted,

The kindness they found there.

The people from this place,

They are not anymore,

They have gone without a trace,

With their own hearts so torn.

There was some beauty here,

This place so full of life,

It was held so very dear,

By a terrible strife.

Now it’s beautiful again,

But at the same time is not,

The broken friendships had to mend,

All that they had forgot.