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Death is at the Door

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It whispers to the night creatures, it whistles to the wind,

It dances with the shadows, and mingles with my sins,

Then murmurs very quietly, “Let me in, let me in,”

But I do not give up yet, I still have my hopes,

I’ll lie here very quietly to see if I can cope.

But when you think it’s finished here, there’s nothing left to claim,

Death waits for the sunrise, then rings the door again.

Then a voice fills the air, only Death’s of course,

It speaks of other places, it’s voice very hoarse.

Nobody answers the door for a while,

Yet still Death waits, patient as a child,

Then I open the door, welcome Death in,

For no one appreciates the other sin.


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Listen to the trees rustling,

Listen, listen,

Hear every leaf rustling in the breeze.

Listen to the river gurgling,

Listen, listen,

Hear the water flowing over every stone.

Listen to the bluebirds singing,

Listen, listen,

Hear every different birds’ song.

Listen to the animals playing,

Listen, listen,

Hear the creatures playing every game.

So listen, listen, carefully now,

For what you hear is not what you know,

And if you listen, listen, carefully now,

The world around you will seem to flow.

In the Springtime

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I smell the cold, deadness of winter,

The bark on trees starts to splinter,

But I know deep inside my heart,

That in the springtime life will start.

The breeze through the trees, the wind in my hair,

I dream deeply of a place where,

I will never again feel the coldness,

A place where I couldn’t care less.

The flowers will bloom bringing colour,

To this dark world, devoid of valour,

The birds singing gaily without warning,

Of the rage that is secretly storming.

The meadows are full of bright green,

Where baby creatures wean,

Off their mothers,

Feeding hungrily, like many others.

Cloudless skies loom over us,

Over a place where we must,

Guard carefully and listen,

To the new life, arisen.

I smile over the beautiful blessings,

Of a God long forgotten resting,

I’m sad for a moment, lost,

In a memory different than most.

But secretly, in my heart of hearts, I know,

That in the springtime, soft winds will blow.

In a World of My Own

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Faraway, in a world of my own, there’s a place we’ll all be free.  In this world, everyone would be at peace and get along, like the flowers growing along the path.  In the winter, the snow would fall and blanket the earth and the flowers, like icing sugar on a cake.  There, the sky would always be blue, and no smoke or smog would smoulder the sky.  Birds would sing sweetly, a new song each morning, and creatures would go about their daily lives without being bothered by us humans.  We would protect the extremely endangered species, like the white rhinoceros and the giant panda.  No one would ever feel left out because we would all look out for each other.  If someone fell over, someone else would bend over to help them and ask, “Are you okay?” without thinking about it.  There would be no ‘kings’ or ‘queens’, because no one would commit crimes.  The land would not be ravaged by war, or famine, and if someone was lonely, another person would sit next to them and be their friend.  The grass there would be just as green as the ‘other side’, and whenever someone saw a piece of rubbish on the ground, they would pick it up and put it in the bin without hesitating.  There would be no factories, no polluting cars or roads, just beautiful green hills everywhere.


This world sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  Well guess what?  That little world is ours, just without all of the war, famine, loneliness, pollution, hate, fear, criminals and sadness.  That’s what our world would look like, at least, in my dream.


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I have a little dog,

with his little tail a waggin’,

Lets out a little growl,

Sounds like a little dragon.

By night he yowls and yowls and yowls,

By morn he prowls and prowls and prowls,

The garden searching for the cat.

Oh, that catty little rat,

Such a little brat.

An ear in the bush,

a tail in the tree,

Dog feels a rush,

And then tries to leap.


His chances were slim,

The cat too fast,

For the spell the dog cast.

Elephant Feet

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Hello little elephant,

Stomping its massive feet,

Your eyes full of wisdom,

Your feet full of exhaustion.



Here you come,

Shaking the earth,

With tired feet.

Your skin  is weathered,

From time in the sun,

Only occasionally your feet will run,





Why do you seem so sad?

Your wise eyes remind us,

Of your strong elephant feet.