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The Darkness Here

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There’s darkness here,
It shines so bright,
So very near,
To Heaven’s light.

Darkness flows,
Into my soul,
The seeds it sows,
Are very cold.

I cannot breathe,
The darkness suffocates,
My soul just seethes,
For me it’s too late.

The darkness returns,
In a dark sort of way,
It starts to burn,
My smiles away.


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Hurt lurks in the shadows,
Dark and unseen,
Behind a smile of lies,
It hides.

Hurt dwells in the memories,
Past and the present,
In a shell of anger,
It lives.

It hides in the eyes,
A lonely little tear,
Unable to be seen,
Unable to be feared.

It feeds on our sadness,
It thrives on despair,
But it’s quite invisible,
Like a strand of hair.

When you think it’s far away,
It returns to you again,
Hope banishes, but then hurt comes,
And destroys every now and then.

No more

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No more forgiveness,

No more pain,

No more pretending,

It’s just not the same,

But you know who I am,

And not who I have become,

You can see through the mask,

That would fool some.

No more anger,

No more sadness,

No one is lonely,

From this tired madness,

But you don’t see,

What I want to to,

And this part of me,

Just wants to be so blue.

No more fear,

Of what I have become,

No more hurt,

It just sounds so dumb,

For this wish of mine,

Is impossible, unreachable,

Signed with a sigh,

This pain so unpreachable.

I’m lonely 2

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I want to scream.  I want to say, “I’m lonely.”  But I must suffer alone, it seems.  My fingers rip at my skin, leaving it burning, prickling.  If only, oh, if only they would understand.  The fear I feel is not fear of the dark, but fear of the madness that lurks within.  I need a little bit of hope, a pinprick of light to burst through this terrifying cover of darkness.  These thoughts in my head aren’t mine.  They are not voices, just angry, hateful thoughts.  I don’t want to tell anyone, they will just worry.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’m lonely.  I’M LONELY!  Screams my mind.  I can’t help these thoughts.  They are happening more frequently now, but I must pretend I do not have them.  Must pretend everything is okay.  I don’t want anyone to worry about me.  I’m not worthy of their worry.  I take a deep breath, but it doesn’t help.  If anything, it makes everything ten times worse.  Tears won’t come, which makes me suffer more.  I’m lonely.  I must be suffering for a sin I have committed.  I don’t want to suffer.  I just want to tear myself apart.  It would probably be better for everyone.  I’m useless.  Useless.  Useless and lonely.  Help me.  Save me from myself.  That’s what I would say if I could.  But how could I tell anyone?  I’m weak.  So worthless.  I can’t describe the deepness of what I’m feeling, nor how terrifyingly real it is.  It is anger, fear, frustration, hate, sadness, self-pity, hopelessness, loneliness.  Depression?  Maybe so.  Maybe everything would be easier if I just ended.  But maybe that’s just selfish.  I must continue living, even if it is full of empty sadness, for those I love.  Maybe this is what it means when they say that love is the ultimate sacrifice?  But whatever it is, I’m lonely.


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A war is all around us,

A wall, that surrounds us,

I know that we must,

Try not to fuss,

For in this war around me,

An angry beast they feed,

I hurt and wish for it to stop,

But no-one in this war ends on top.

My pain is more, my sorrow worse,

Deepening in this horrible curse.

They’re everywhere, I tried to plead,

With this horrible war engulfing me.

Smiles are Painful

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I cry inside,

Smile cheerfully,



I feel betrayed,

Sob painfully,



I turn and scream,

“Why bother?”



I hope it’s not real,

But it is,